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The big trip about to begin

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by TarmacSamurai, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. So me and Mrs Samurai are onto the bike and away for a two and half week trip next Thursday. We'll be doing around 5,000km or so around NSW and VIC. Here's the general itinerary:

    Sydney to Murrumbateman - to see a good mate.

    Murrumbateman to Thredbo - we'll be in Thredbo for a few days to enjoy the walking and the riding around.

    Thredbo to Eden - again, staying a few days, enjoy the beaches, etc.

    Eden to Melbourne - visit some more friends.

    Melbourne to Johanna - along the Great Ocean Road of course. Then a few days to enjoy the Otways.

    Johanna to Halls Gap (Grampians) - more bushwalking and general appreciating of nature.

    Halls Gap heading north towards Mildura and then across the Hay Plains for the last few days and up over the Blue Mountains to get back home for Xmas Eve.

    The few days after the Grampians are a bit unplanned. I want to ride across the Hay Plains, because it's there, but we'll just hop from one motel to another making our way home.

    So, a trip I'm really looking forward to - giving the new XJR its first really serious outing.

    Now the route itself is not changeable, due to booked accommodation and plans to see friends etc. However, if anyone has any suggestions of things to do in the places listed, or absolute must-ride roads between them, I'm keen to hear suggestions.
  2. Good Luck, safe riding and let us all know how the trip went...

    can't wait till the kids grow up and we can do that sort of thing!
  3. Good luck on your trip, TS! :grin: :grin:

    Find a way to do it while they're young enough to be yanked out of school. My aunt and uncle took their boys around Australia for 12 months in a bus. Best learning experience your kids will ever get.

    You've got three kids, right? Grab a Trike for you and two of 'em and put Paul on his 'bird with the last kid. Too easy!
  4. Sounds like a job for.......Cap'n Sidecar!!
  5. Kids are already in school, that's why I got my bike license! :grin:

    Have a family from our swim school who leave next week for anywhere they please!! Eleven metres of bus, 8 metres of trailer, Mum, Dad and 2 kids.

    Have a fantastic trip TarmacSamurai
  6. thredbo-jindabyne-cooma-nimmitabel-bombala-cathcart-wyndham-south pambula-eden.
    bombala to south pambula includes mt darragh (mt darragh rd) which has some unfknblvble sections and the scenery is gorgeous. fuel at all those towns except nimmitabel, but there is a fantastic pie shop there :)
    click for trip map
    unfortunately, going through maffra includes a 40km unsealed section, which is terribly dusty. i always go that way, but not everyone treats their road bikes this way :LOL:
  7. Thanks for the tip! I wasn't sure whether to go via Bega or Bombala, so I'll try your route and see how it goes. I'll skip the 40kms of dirt road - two of us on the bike plus luggage would make that pretty harsh!

    Any more tips very welcome!
  8. Sound so great, wish I was going tooooo!!!! :grin: .
    I hope all goes safe and well, and keep us updated.

    Cheers Lou
  9. Will do. I'll try to post updates and pics as time allows. If I can't be arsed to log in while I'm away I'll make a nice post-trip post to show off.

  10. We're off in the morning. Woohoo! See you guys in a few weeks.
  11. Just a quick update from a net cafe in Jindabyen - I'll post a full diary with photos when I get back.

    We rode from Sydney to Murrumbateman on day 1 and then up to Thredbo via Khancoban the next day. We narrowly avoided a massive storm at Gundagai, then had good weather up the Alpine Way.

    Been enjoying the roads between Thredbo and Adaminaby immensely and had a good walk over towards Kosciusko yesterday. Heading a scenic route (see above) down to Eden tomorrow.

    I tell ya, I could stay up here for weeks - these mountain roads are awesome!
  12. interested to know how you went, the mountain was foggy as all hell today, with misty rain. i was working in nimmitabel, it was terrible weather!
  13. You ain't kidding! Cold as a witch's tit too, speshly over Nimmitabel. What damn fool told me to go that route!? :shock:


    It was actually a really nice ride - not raining as such, just riding through very dense cloud. The road was pretty good, but it would have been a lot better going up in the dry rather than going down in the wet! And what's with all these logging trucks driving like they're on a fecking track day? They're bloody terrifying things. There was one that decided to make an S bend into a straight line and nearly wiped us. Ho hum.

    Anyway, we made it safely to Eden and have been staying here a few days and enjoying some nice rides around the area. Beautiful part of the country.

    We're off on a long ride tomorrow - 560km or so to Melbourne to visit friends.

  14. Hi TarmacSamurai's

    Great to see everything is going great, I remember Eden being really beautiful.

    Hope you have a safe trip to Melbourne, the Cann River Pub serves up a great meal too and cheap.

    Keep in contact and stay safe!! :grin:

    Cheers Lou
  15. i'm looking forward to hearing about your trip especially the great ocean road and the grampians
  16. Made it safely to Melbourne. Man, long rides are so much nicer on the new bike! I'll post up full details of the trip with photos when I get back, so don't hold out too much hope for details in the near future.

  17. Nice one TarmacSamurai. Those are really some awesome places to travel through.

    Looking forward to the detailed report and the piccies!

    Butz. :beer:

    Got up this morning at our mate's place in Melbourne, all excited to be riding the Great Ocean Road again today and it's pissing down! Why?! By all the gods, why today!?

    Ah, it'll pass I'm sure. We'll be staying in the Otways for a couple of days, so even if we get wet going there we'll have a few days to ride up and down the GOR and make the most of it!

    Probably be away from net access for a while now, so no doubt update you all again in a few days.
  19. Well, the rain stopped in Werribee and stayed dry for the Great Ocean Road. Marvellous! Had a great few days in the Otways, up and down the GOR a few times. If you go that way, however, don't bother stopping at the Otway Fly. What a gimmick - and twenty bucks entry! Outrageous.

    In the Grampians now and loving the C222 to Horsham.

    Heading off tomorrow for the long ride home via Mildura and West Wyalong. Ish. I'm very sad to be heading back, but all good things, etc. Still got a few good riding days ahead, and well over a thousand kms before we're back. Over 1,500 probably, but I haven't bothered to work it out.