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The big test.. Insure My ride

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Iffracem, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. Had an off DETAILS HERE

    Now the claim. I must have the dubious honour of the first NR to claim with "Insure My Ride" :oops:

    Anyway, thought I might share the experiences as they happen, so others who are thinking of using the company can make a decision with the extra info of at least one persons experiences.

    So far...

    Took a coupla days to think about a whether I would claim, as the bike is one of those that parts are hard to find, it's definately repairable, and I don't want it written off just due to fairings etc. It's too good a beast.
    Also, didn't want my rating to drop.

    Ended up claiming last night via the web (simple process, big tick there) making sure that they knew that I only ditched the beast to avoid a more serious incident.

    Rang this morning to check up, and give more detail (other riders name and contacts etc). They new all about the claim straight away, no waiting, no passing me onto someone else. First thing asked "was I OK", and "was the other rider OK". Small things, but IMHO important, they seem to be interested, by knowing the details, and asking about our welfare.

    Two more big ticks.

    Also agreed (as much as the initial contact could) that it was a no-fault claim.

    So far good experiences, I'll post up events as they happen.

  2. Well done. Good idea. So far, so good.
    When I looked they didnt list my bike so I'll be checking again when the time comes.
  3. good one JJ
    Im sure a few of us will be curious & hoping it all goes well for you.
  4. Any wonder they knew, you're porobably their first claim :wink:

    Serisouly though, glad you're OK and look forward to how long it takes to fix the bike.
  5. Well, just finished that post, and they rang back!!
    Took some more details, asked a few questions about the conditions, road conditions etc, and said...

    "Here's the claim number, use any repairer of your choice, get them to pick up the bike, and tell them to ring us, we'll do the rest"

    "As soon the repairer rings, we'll get stuck in"

    "Also, leave the damaged safety gear with the bike, we'll replace that."

    "Sorry to say that it may well be a right off due to parts cost and availability, if so, you get first option on salvage"

    "If you need accommodation or transport back to your listed address (Tas), we'll cover that as well"

    Well, I'm a happy camper, the service so far is excellent!! :woot:
    Much much more pleasant and re-assuring than my last encounter with QBE.

    If the rest of the process goes this well, they've got my business 4 eva!!!

  6. sounds really good so far, perhaps I'll be changing insurance companies soon!
  7. wow that sounds like a great start :D
  8. So assuming the worst :wink: what bike ya gunna get!

    No seriuosly they sound pretty good so far, hope it all works out :grin:
  9. ha!

    Now I have two project bikes, the old GS850G I'm bringing up to Bris, If the cat is written off, then I'll buy it back and mod it back onto the road as a "single seater" commuter, If not then there's that sweet little srx600 cafe racer in the for sale forum, and I've been offered a very nice pre-vtec vfr800 for a sweet price down in Tas

    Spoilt for choice :LOL:
  10. Well done. Good idea. So far, so good.
    When I looked they didnt list my bike so I'll be checking again when the time comes . the rf900r is listed
  11. I might be cynical but they might have asked if you were OK so they could pass you on to a lawyer for a personal injury claim.

    I know what its like to have two project bikes. Its not much fun if you can't ride either of them. :cry:

    If you buy the VFR, I'll offer to deliver it. :grin:
  12. Well this is great to get some good feedback to date on the new kids, if they continue the way they have to date, I will be changing my 2 bikes over next time round, even if I have to pay a little extra, good service is hard to find.
  13. onya techno, thats talking like a lawyer :wink:

    actually, if I get the vfr, you've got a deal!!
  14. The proof is in the pudding, and I will be interested in how you feel after they offer you the payout if it goes to total loss, the value they place on it as salvage. Afterall they only offer market value policies from what I read on their site, and that alone was enough to turn me off them.
  15. buy you can insure the extras with the modification cover and there values are higher than red book
  16. Thanks for the write up. Sounds pretty good so far. Wonder how their prices compare to other insurance companies.
  17. The question is if they can keep up the service when the list of claims start bundling up.
  18. Have they given reason to doubt that they can?
  19. good points re: "when the list of claims start bundling up" and "after they offer you the payout if it goes to total loss, the value they place on it as salvage."

    I rang them again today, to let them know the repairer was supposed to have picked the bike up by 11:00 am, it took ages to get through to a human, but that's OK, as I don't like talking to machines. Judging by the wait, they have a fair few calls going on. The service was just as helpful as the first call, and very courteous. To the degree that they were going to call the repairer to make sure it all happened quickly (I'm in Tas on Monday, and would like to know if it's a write off or not before then). I haven't checked to see if they have, but on past performance, I've no reason to doubt it.

    So far still good.

    The loss payout, and salvage value will be the next test, but remember, they are in a business to make money, I don't expect them to throw cash at me, market value, plus the value of the "extra's" and a helmet/draggins is good enough.

    If they want too much, then it goes to auction and a second chance for me to get it cheaper.

    Hopefully next update soon.....
  20. quick note...

    Got a phone call 'bout 9:30 am today, from the assessor. He says it's a repairable write off, cos of cost of parts. ($6,500 and still counting)

    "do I want to claim the salvage?"

    "depends matey, what will they pay out on insurance, and what will they ask for the bike?"

    "Well, it's insured for $6,700, plus the extras, plus the safety gear. You get new helmet (with tinted visor) new draggins, less $400 excess, and we'll want approx 1,700 to 1,900 for salvage on the bike"

    :shock: :cool: :grin: :grin:

    so.. I get paid money, get to keep my beloved broken-but fixable-bike, AND get noo safety gear, less approx $2,300 and it stays rego'd in my name.

    :woot: :woot:

    Actual deal/details yet to be confirmed.. but so far this is what insurance should be like, I am a VERY happy customer.

    <insert big cheesy grin here>

    Final details next, then you can all use my (pleasant so far) experience to help you decide.