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the big sports-tourers, which one?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dudsy, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. Ok it's time to get back on two wheels after about 6 months without two wheels. I require a bike which will see me comfortably commute to work 2-3 times weekly on rural highways (some built up areas as well) for about 160km round trip, as well as the occasional weekend fang and maybe even motogp(1000+k trip).

    My last bike was a 900 fireblade and i loved to ride it but it was too damn uncomfortable to ride for anything longer than an hour. So although i want to be comfortable i still want a bike which has plenty of go and also handles the tight stuff.

    I have narrowed it down to either a mid to late 90's ZZR1100 or CBR1100XX. I will be organizing a test ride of both of these bikes before i make a final decision but any feedback from people who have owned ether one or both of these bikes would be appreciated.

    Budgetary constraints see me off at about $8k

  2. You want something with weather protection and grunt across teh board.
    I prescribe one of these:
    Use it as your weekday hack, and with the $4.5k you have left over, buy a sports bike.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. early ZX12R???

    thought about maybe something like the cibby900 or zx9r or something and a set of clip ons? broadens your choices and brings in some older model bikes that fit within that budget or close to it.
  4. The Blackbird is a much nicer lighter feeling ride than the ZZR1100's are.

    More modern feeling design too.

    Nothing wrong with the Z's but they are an older 'feeling' bike...
  5. VFR750? Too small?

    A great bike (so ive heard) and plenty of grunt and go.
  6. Ah yes, the gtr1000.. the ugly ninja :grin:

    As someone said, try a vfr750 on for size.
  7. Steve i have read a few reviews on the blackbird where they claim that the bike is geared way too low from factory (done to achieve the golden 300kph) and the bike is sluggish in the mid range. What are your thoughts on this?

    Typhoon i think i would be embarrassed to wheel that old girl out of the shed.

    I will check out the VFR 750
  8. everyone I know who has a blackbird swears by them, I haven't ridden one only spoken to people who have. Quite a few guys here at work ride them for commuting and weekend escapes with lots of scratchies. My wife wants me to buy one as my next bike, so the chicks must like them :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :cool:
  9. Go ride a GTR and see what you think.
    They are NOT what they look like. Very sports oriented fork geometry, fairly light and flickable. More sporty riding position than you may think.
    Fantastic engine and transmission. If you've ever ridden a BMW, they are NOTHING like that!
    They are a heavy sports bike with a fairing, not a tourer with pretenses to a sports bike.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. what about a late 80's zx-10? They usually go for around $3.5-4.5k, which would be bit easier on the hip pocket.
  11. I'd suggest the VFR750 too. For your budget, you should be able to get the last of the carb models (the best) 1997 model.

    Comfortable touring and two-up, and heaps of grunt and great handling for fun!!! :)

    Have owned a couple of these and will again when funds permit!
  12. for $8K i would prob prefer the budgie over the zzr , should easily find an injected budgie for that sort of money but would be rather exxy running costs

    but FWIW i would prob look at an old divvy or something for the long commute , shaft drive, comfy , skinny cheap rubber , 3rd party insurance

    spend the balance on a weekend bike if you want to go that way
  13. Fuel injected Bird, and you will get an 01 in great condition for $8K
    Sluggish in the midrange?? Hahahahahaha
    This engine produces enough torque to pull your house down from 2000-11000RPM.

    Go ride one and then come back to tell us what you think, I reckon you will be very surprised.
  14. Bird's a better bike, the ZZR is cooler. Early Kwaks expensive for crash parts. Consider YZF1000- cheap and will out-sport either of the others. ZX9RC also brilliant as a tourer. I'd have one over the ZZR on touring ability alone, and the -9 is infinitely better in the twisties. They are seriously under-priced, too.
  15. The first of the VFR800s are getting down around $8000 now
  16. im just bringing up a point which was stated in a few reviews i read. Its probably a relative thing and is only noticeable when stepping off a blackbird onto another litre plus sports tourer.
  17. I wasn't having a stab at you mate, simply laughing at whoever said such a thing. Let me know how the test ride goes.
  18. well below $8K

    $8K seems to be the price for a non Vtec late, decent mileage tidy one

  19. I own an '01 ZZR1100. I believe the ZZR will suit your needs to a tee. When I do a ride, it's usually for at least 450kms at a time.

    I find the bike comfortable, performs well across all types of roads e.g. city, highway,on the flat and through the ranges. Very stable at high speeds, comfortable with pillion, comfortable for the pillion, servicing costs reasonable and depending on your age etc, very good insurance rates. Lots of room for luggage. A good honest bike. Lately I have seen quite a few examples with >40000kms on them.

    All the best with your choice.