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The Big One

Discussion in 'Older / Classic Bikes' started by 1WDrive, May 11, 2014.

  1. Maybe not a classic but still a 20 year old bike. I never new there was such a beast (until just recently) as it seems there were not too many sold. To me it looks like the middle ground between the new CB400 and the cb1300 naked bikes. I love the look of the cb400 and always thought if they made it in a 1000 I'd be on to it.
    The "super four" looks to me like it fits this bill. The reviews tell of a large, comfy, powerful bike and simple maint.
    Has any one got some first hand experience with these and if there aren't too many around how do you go for spare bits if you need them? Also, I couldn't find any sort of owners forum on them.

  2. I am assuming The Big One is the name of a Honda Bike??
  3. Pretty sure it was an early 90's CB1000?
  4. Yeah, That's it, the super 4. A 1992 to 1997 cb1000. Apparently has the "retuned" motor from the CBR1000f
  5. Were they all 1000's? I park next to one of these at Uni and it's definitely a 400 because the block has a stamp up towards the cylinder head of "399cm^3", but then under the seat is the CB400 badge accompanied by the words "Big One" or "Project Big One" - I'll grab a pic next time I see it.
  6. ^^^^ there's all ways something new to learn eh?
    But no the particular one I'm talking about is definatly 1000cc