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the big move questions... vic to wa...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by raffiki, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. i'v recently seen some sweet it jobs pop up over in perth and freo and thought 'i've always wanted to live over there for a while'... but what about the twisty bits?!

    the big pull for me and perth is the diving but since i now have another toy 'the bike' *giggle* =P~ i have to think about its well being too. i mean what kind of parent would i be taking the beast to a place where theres no twisty bits, that would be tantamount to child abuse :(

    is there anyone here who lives or has lived in perth/freo that could give me the pros and cons of big ol' wa?
  2. there's a nice roundabout somewhere in WA i'm sure of it.
  3. I lived in Perth for about 18 months a few years back and it wasn't a place I went "Wow, great biking area!". It's a nice place, pretty etc but I didn't recall any roads like the Spurs, GOR, GAR etc... I didn't have a bike over there so I wasn't looking either. Voyager would have a better idea, try asking him.
  4. Freo's a magic place. I'm not a water-person, but Freo's different.
    Perth seems a bit blunt to me, particularly the northern and eastern subs.

    Twisties? Guess they're still looking for high-enuff hills to built some...
    :D :D
    As a trade-off, you can change sprockets and chains every 10.000km, due to the abrasive nature of ever-present sand.
    Some nice touring south of Perth...Margaret River/Pemberton/Albany...timber country. Best get an Enduro, most worth-while places involve fairly lengthy dirt-roads (good stuff, but hell on a sporty).
    :) :)
  5. Surely if you head up the WA coast there would have to be some good roads wouldn't there? Or have they been cheap and built all the roads 2k inland and dead straight?
  6. Hey Raffiki,

    I am an ex Perthite myself. I still miss the place very much.

    It is not really good for road riding due to the lack of proper twisties and pretty average roads. The Pea Gravel is a killer!! It is quite good for dirt biking though. You have the hills to play in as well as some great dune riding north of Perth (Lancelin).

    If you are into diving or watersports, the place is unbelievable. It has some of the best surf, beaches and dive spots on earth. Freo is an awesome little place. A very good music scene as most big bands chose to skip playing over there, so the bands over there have a very do it yourself mentality. Think of a big Williamstown.

    One small problem is not much ever happens over there (especially in winter), so if you are not into making your own fun you may find the place a lot boring.

    I hope this confuses you a little more!! :p
  7. Did the Sydney to perth thing a few years ago and loved it.

    Back in Sydney now

    It's pretty flat. About the only place for a weekend sports bike ride is the hills. Very nice area, but it would get boring after a while.

    Maybe get a cruiser. I could see the merit in one in Perth.

    Also people have a defferent peception of distance over there. 1000km is a short drive. So I could see the merit in a BMW or simliar also.

    I lived at Scarborough. 10 minutes from the beach and minimal rent. Perthites considered it too fare out of town, but it's 10-20 min drive, depending on the traffic.

    the poeple have lots of idosyncracies, but still a great place.
  8. oh yeah, no learners on the fwy :LOL:
  9. all I'll say of WA... is that it's a LONG WAY from Victoria :p .... but maybe thatsa a good reason :p:p
  10. yeah my main reason for going is the ocean :D but since i now have a bike i... hmmm shit bike or water? decisions, decisions :evil:

    i sorta dont want to get another trail bike as i had one while living in the sticks, and i know if i get one now i'll probably end up in hospital :roll:

    bingo! i'll get a dune buggy ooooh and while i'm at it, a jet ski mwhahahahaha :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    so it seems the general consensus is go to wa, forgets abouts da sport bikes :(

    i'm used to that 1000km is a short drive thing after living in the nt :shock:

    thanks for the advice kiddies
  11. I found it good being a long way from relatives. The girlfreind less so.

    There are some things to be aware of.

    1. It's a lot slower over there. Thats good and bad. They even chat at the Makka's drive through.
    2. They tend to be a bit insular. Unless you know other people over there it can be a bit tough.
    3. There a more roundabouts in Perth. per capita then any other city.
    4. Nobody knows how to use a roundabout.
    5. There is not much crime, so the cops tend to pick on people for something to do. You always see teenage driveing modified cars pulled over, for no real reason.
    6. Food is relatively dear.
    7. There are lots of speed cameras.
    8. They post the next days speed camera locations on the news!
    9. The city is mentally split in three. North, South and Freemantle. For a relativley small area this is a bit weird.
    10. the people are self depricating and have trouble seeing what you see in Perth. Don't join in!

    Overall a great place, but I advise buying property in the east before you leave, if you can.
  12. Raf, WA is the greatest place on earth, bar none! :)

    But to help you out, the following might be useful

    1. Barbagallo raceway used to have civvie memberships. I've raced an SLR5000 around that track before, and there were bikes there on the same day.

    2. If you're into serious social action, forget it. If you're into getting outdoors and having an absolute ball, its the place to be.

    3. Jet skis are cheap, and last I looked, don't need a licence like they do in Victoria.

    4. Loads of touring to be had on the bike. If you're into twisty stuff, there are places you can go, but ALWAYS do a dry run first due to the gravel.

    THE BIGGEST reason for motorbiking in Perth is this two-part answer:

    9 months of perfect weather, and ALL the speed cameras face FORWARD (and are signposted to make them easier to spot).
  13. I looked at the thread title & thought our favourite Moderator was moving further west.

    Several members of the www.mcnews.com.au forum are WA based and I seem to remember a thread about their roads a few months back on mcnews.
  14. jesus it sounds like darwin :LOL: :LOL:

    voyager i am but the young apprentice you must guide me in your wise ways.

    and i think i'll checkout mcnews forums, cheers ;)
  15. yeah their speed cameras are farken stealthy! Their matt black tripods, planted at the side of the road, with cables running into the bushes where the car is. It's hard to spot them unless your really paying attention...
  16. are the speed cameras police or civi operated? ie can i just scream past them and not worry about a coppa jumping out of the bushes after me? :D

    i dont want to do a coconuts ;)
  17. There are still heaps of things I miss.

    There is no greater thing than a Sunday session at the Cott. Mid 30 degrees. You've just staggered up from the beach in your board shorts and thongs. Sun setting over the ocean. 8 buck jugs of beer carried around by girls in bikinis. Ass kicking funk band playing some grooves in the background. 8)

    Jumping off the 10 metre Blackwall Reach (Cliff) into the swan river and rockclimbing back up the wall to do it all over again.

    Driving 10-15 minutes from anywhere to swim at any beach 9 months of the year.

    My local the Como Hotel.

    I need a moment as I am getting a little misty. :p
  18. Taking a take away chook and a bottle of wine down to the grassed area of city beach on a friday arvo towatch the sun go down