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The big important Question

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nobby, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. Can the doggies win the flag.......
    last and only time was 1954

    and be kind, I've heard all the Doggie jokes.

    yeah even that one.......

    Sons of the west,
    red white and blue
    we'll come out snarling
    Bulldogs through and through...
  2. The big important question is: Who cares? :p

  3. Not this year they cant. If they can make the finals that would be a good result.

    I'm more concerned with the Bomber's up and comers putting in a good result. Keppler Bradley was the AFL Rising Star for the first round, hopefully the other lads can follow his example.
  4. GO THE MIGHTY TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok, back to the hole now..... been too long since i seen them play a decent GAME let alone season :cry:
  5. I also feel the pain :cry:

    I can happily say that the last Tigers premiership happened in my lifetime but a fair few Netriders weren't even born then.

    :D :shock: :evil:
  6. I only really like watching AFL.. GO THE LIONS :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Lisa :twisted:
  7. I went to my first ever AFL game on the weekend. Richmond vs Geelong. I do not barrack for any team as I so don't understand AFL. Looks like a bunch of guys running around like chooks with their heads cut off. They must have greasy hands too cos they have trouble picking the ball up off the ground sometimes.....

    Yes, I am a NSW girl (originally) and therefore watch the rugby....

    I am however interested in learning the rules and "trying" to understand what the hell these blokes are trying to do. I do know the goal (6) and behind (1) thing. But why do they wave the flags at BOTH ends of hte ground?? Silly game.....

    Don't crucify me for loving my rugby. I am trying to figure out AFL..... :roll:
  8. What do you mean/
    The Dogs won last year.
    Are all you guys living in Mexico or something?
  9. Yep, Mexico..... AFL......
  10. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :evil: :evil:

    :LOL: meh, if you prefer watching a bunch of blokes with no necks play chicken with each other as fast as they can and then make no attempt to dodge each other, then thats fine with me. i see the fun in it for a little while (i mean we all watch car racing for the stacks) but the same run....crunch....run....crunch....run....crunch....run.....crunch thing for a whole game gets a bit boring. but i spose you wouldn't want to make it any more complex tho, theres no way a rugby player could get their head around dodging, let alone any major advances in gameplay.

    just watch some more games with some ppls that are right into it and avoid anything with eddie fuggen maguire and you'll pick it up just fine :D
  11. Ahh!

    AFL, that victorian game that victorians can't win, and when they lose they cry like babies.
    No wonder I got my bulldogs confused, the AFL dogs only get on TV up here once a year and nobody watches cause it's always such a whitewash.
    Actually that's pretty much true of any victorian team.

    I do agree with Coconuts middle name for the Moneyman commentator.
  12. Booooo?? :cry: I am TRYING!!!

    As for Eddie Fuggen Maguire - he shits me to tears. GET OVER IT SONNY JIM!!

    Now, as for the intellect of rugby players - some of them are quite intelligent. I only said some......

    The whole concept of the game is to go "through" the defensive line, not just run around the paddock in any direction wherever you want....

    At least my boys aren't trying to be pretty (like so many AFL boys are) :p

    Now, as I said, I am learning and trying to get into this sport of aerial ping ping and chasings....
  13. Booyakasha!!

  14. From someone whos played AFL, Rugby, league, and soccer extensively I can tell you Rugby is where its at. Better fun to play and once you understand the nuance's its also better to watch. Of course this is subjective. One mans trash is another mans treasure. I do like AFL, but Rugby is the greatest. Its the sport they play in heaven!!
  15. must be something i drank !

    I ride a STORM and follow

    but as for being a footy freak ? so not me.
  16. yeah, for all those ppls that had their necks removed in the middle ages :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: bwahahahahhahahahaha

    but i can say one thing for rugby, at least they're not PANSIES like those yankee football players :shock: "ooooh i better wear shoulder pads that i stole from tina turner in the 80s and nice big helmet to protect my pretty face" goddamn yankee sooks. geezuz, i reckon one of the aussie womens volleyball teams would rip a yank footy team to shreds :LOL:
  17. I luv you Cowboy!!! :D
  18. Shhhh.....I told you to keep our sordid affair quiet!!!

  19. When did it become sordid??? I must have slept through that moment....