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The best/worst of splitting - including pedestrians!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by gegvasco, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. #1 gegvasco, Nov 4, 2006
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  2. that's some crazy riding. Love the bit where you'd think he has to stop behind the bus... but he just squeezes through.
  3. Thats a great watch :D
  4. Crazy stuff....consequences are for sissies
  5. Awesome bike control skills and awareness of whats around them but a bunch of wankers...wonder if they will release a video where they clean up a pedestrian or when they get nailed by a car when they run a red light...

  6. They should, it'd be entertaining :wink:
  7. +10 on them getting nailed...
  8. Very True!

    Hey MattyB how is the bike coming along...getting there or what?
  9. You wont have to wait long....

    "Direct from NYC, coming to a city street near you". I live/commute in and around the centre of Sydney CBD and I see some of this stuff every day. And I mean EVERY day! Not to that extreme but not far off. Both in the car and on the bike I have almost collected these idiots a couple of times thanks to them running red lights and swerving in and out of moving traffic. Yet they want to be considered equal road users. F%^& that. Start showing some respect/consideration for the rights of other road users and I might think about it.
  10. I havnt seen these guys in the CBD.....but the ones in this clip are CRAZY!!! how do they not get cleaned up!! cool to watch em but I would be pissedd off if I was one of those pedestrians.

    Would be worth pretending to be blind and poking my white cane in their spokes as they cut through the crossing.......then as they lay on the road moaning I would say "shit sorry I didnt see you there" :demon: All good except chances are when I go to work that afternoon I would be the one cleaning out their gravel rash! :?

    I was planning to go on a GRO ride to Bundanoon tomorrow through the Nasho and seacliffe bridge, but the Sydney to Gong ride is on....I rthink it will be more the reverse tomorrow.....motorbikes dodging through tredleys........ :LOL: lets see who wins?
  11. Treat them as you would any other parasite...oh for a bigger 4x4 :grin:
  12. :shock: "Rendezvous" with pedals :shock:
  13. nuttas, cool to watch, but as said its a death waiting to happen.
  14. I loved it. In fact i'm going to fix up my bicycle again, thanks for the vid.
  15. The couriers in melbourne CBD do some crazy shit. I've seen them go full pelt between two trams. Never seen them go right through a red light but then our traffic moves a lot faster than in NYC...
  16. 2:34secs when the guys hanging on to the car :shock:

    Seen those guys getting around when i was in NY, that city is so hectic if they waited their turn all the time they wouldnt have the advantage over the cars. They also dont get paid very much, normally they are working for a postage company of sorts and get paid per delivery.
    I say if youv'e got the skills and the balls why not use em :wink:
  17. Its all fun and games until they get T-boned by running a red light or T-bone a pedestrian.