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The Best Way to Preston from the Eastern Suburbs

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mjt57, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Gotta take the missus to Preston to a place called "The Electric Factory" in Plenty Road.

    I've had a bit of a look at the Melways (I'm not familiar with any decent online mapping sites). I'd just like to know from you folks who may be familiar with that part of town, what would be the best way to get there off the Monash Freeway? Down Springvale Road to Eastern Freeway, perhaps, as a start?

  2. id say down springvale rd to eastern... thats what i always do.
  3. if you want to stay on the monash..continue on into the city then onto the city link over the bolte bridge and onto the tulla freeway...take the pascoe vale rd exit then back up onto the bell street ramp and on to preston that way.
    cuts out all the traffic.
  4. Thanks for that. I'll check it out.

  5. Springvale Rd
    Eastern Fwy
    Chandler Hwy
    Heidelberg Rd
    Westgarth St
    St. Georges Rd
  6. You will also need to get a Visa for that region and all ya vacination shots. Go too the Doc first before you set out on ya trip. And travel light, not much money, valuables. Take ya hub caps of ya tin top if ya 4 wheeling it. I think that covers it :wink:

    Cheers :cool:
  7. -Springvale Road (do NOT go any further west along Monash unless you intend to go through the tunnels and do the full Sh!ttylink circuit!)
    - Chandler Highway - cross over Heidelberg Rd and it becomes Grange Road
    - Turn left into Darebin Road
    - Turn Right into Station Street (becomes Albert road)
    - Cross Bell Street and Murray Road
    Turn either left or right at Plenty Road depending on where the place is located.
    By far the quickest IMHO.

    Of course, if the Railway gates are closed at Nunawading you may need to bring a sleeping bag :LOL:
  8. I like this route, sort of, coming from my way. Very direct and nice around Templestowe:
    If you can manage Springvale Rd off the Monash ;)
  9. Definitely the above route!

    Taking the Monash into the city is waaaaaay longer than you need...

    Vic's route is closer, but heads too far towards town before heading north again up St Georges.
  10. I agree that the monash into the city is longer..but its less hassles if you dont mind the extra distance.
  11. Gee and here i was thinking the best way was back up the monash onto the spur through the ranges up kinglake and then up through plenty road.
  12. That would probably be my prefered route. Unfortunately, carrying a set of heavy unpowered monitor speakers on the bike is out of the question...

    Anyway, looks like I have a few handy routes to look at.

    Might end up going into the City first to have lunch up in Lygon St, then head out to Preston from that way. Will see how things pan out.