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The best type of thread... New Bike! Ducati Monster S4R

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mr_Ignorant, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Time for a new bike!!

    I feel like i have test ridden every bike ever made in the search for a new daily rider.

    After owning a Firestorm i'm addicted to v-twins. My final test ride was on board a Ducati Monster S4R, the first monster i have ridden. I really enjoyed it and i slapped the deposit down on the spot.

    After riding it around for a week i am now used to the wide bars and slightly leaned forward riding position. The more i ride it, the more i love it. The Monster S4R feels like a playful, energetic dog. Smooth instant power, quick response, feels very light, fantastic Brembo brakes all mean you find yourself belting around at any opportunity.

    The dry clutch hasn’t caused me any drama’s in traffic despite people saying it’s hell. The gearbox kicks into neutral just fine so no need to worry about overheating the clutch.

    I quickly racked up 1,000km in 5 days so i could get the Termi pipes put on. They sound brilliant and completes the Monster persona. Anyhoo, now for pics. Excuse the poor phone quality, I lost the charger for my camera so the mobile phone will have to do.

    The day i picked her up

    With Termi pipes installed

    Nice white stripe
  2. Whooo race stripe!!!

    Looks nice, too nice for you gimme!
  3. good lookin bike
    congrats and enjoy :grin:
  4. Oooh - very nice :cool:

    ...and good to see you have already started to let out your "inner hooligan" :p

    ps. There is a great site here: http://ducatimonsterforum.org/index.php?board=52.0 for tips, modifications and other general Monster stuff.
  5. Cheers for the link i'm checking it out now :grin:
  6. The only monster I'd ever own. Very nice.

    Be sure to get a guard for that oil cooler. It looks like it's just waiting to have a hole punched in it from a rock launched by your front wheel.
  7. S. W. E. E. T.

    Congrats to you. :grin:
  8. nice bike, love the pipes :wink:
  9. i fell in love with the monster 696 as my first upgrade from my RE

    i sat on one at the show.... and i wouldnt get off it lol... i just kept asking the sales chick lots of questions and kept the talk up.... haha she must of thought i was chatting her up.... but i had something much sexier between my legs already...

    chilli red with white racing stripes and termi horns?
    you'll be drooling for the rest of your life..
  10. Nice looking bike, good work!

    I'm amazed as to how they fit all that engine in there... :grin:
  11. Have you had anyone ask you if you shift be feeeeeel
  12. awesome looking things

    so youve got this and a mv..! thats quite a nice stable!
  13. I've found guards for both the radiator and oil cooler so those will be chucked on next month.

    The 'shift by feel' is the biggest w@nk ad on tv LOL. I think he means, continue revving until you hit the rev limiter and get thrown over the bars.

    halifax - I sold the MV not to long ago. For me the S4R makes more sense than the MV did. I was contemplating a 1098 but i couldn't see myself enjoying it long term as a daily rider. The Monster is daily rider material and sounds completely mental with the Termi's :cool:
  14. Gorgeous bike mate, enjoy it! :grin:
  15. Wow its beautiful, congrats!
  16. excuse my ignorance but i reckon the stock pipes look better :)

    nice bike though
  17. You heathen!

    Good choice in bike, should be a few more naked Italians getting around.

    If that website is the same as the DML forum, it is an excellent source of information.
  18. The DMF is basically a newer version of the DML...

    without all the ads and political crap that seem to have taken over the first one :roll:

    Mr Ignorant, make sure you check out the "OzMonsters" section. It's very active, and there's lots of Sydney Monsters there too.
  19. Fantastic bike !
    Lovely pipes and beautifully presented.
    Enjoy her !
    Safe, happy riding to you, Mr_Ignorant :)

  20. Yeah, noice.

    Mate at work just got one in the tricolor scheme, complete with gold frame/wheels/forks and carbon fibre everywhere. Somehow they make all those colours work together and look great.

    Goddam our 45 degree rear mudguard rule - that plate holder totally spoils the back end. How much for an eliminator and rear hugger?

    Anyhoo, from what I hear they go like the clappers, and you're not looking at it when your cranked over grinning from ear to ear!