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The best place for riding gear.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Praz, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm in the process of getting my Q-ride, doin a full three day course and will need to be buying my safety gear soonish...

    I'm gonna be getting a jacket and gloves and a helmet ofcourse.

    I'm gonna go for a shoei or arai as the helmet but wanted to know of what the best place for range and price for other gear was in Brisbane based on your opions? \

  2. Get pants too.

    Whatever you might think normal jeans, no matter how good, do not work.

    As for helmets, have you tried ones on yet or are you just going on brand name? If the latter try EVERYTHING and buy what fits best as long as it is a reputable brand and has the features you want.

    A good fitting Nolan will be more protection then a poorly fitting Shoei.
  3. try a bunch of helmets on, dont just look at the brands. you might find that neither the shoei or arai fit your scone properly, if thats the case then DONT buy them! it is very important to get the right fit.

    have a look at racemaster imports if you're interested in some more budget gear (still decent quality, just cheap :D )

    cant help you with a good shop in brissie tho, little bit out of my way so ive never shopped there :LOL:
  4. Don't forget boots. Boots are pretty important cause they could mean the difference between a world of hurts or slight bruising. Sneakers or laced shoes can lead to being tangled up in your pegs and dropping the bike on yourself.
  5. I understand that the lower limb is vunerable and a common injury in motorcycle accidents, so leg protection, in the form of trousers and boots is a good idea. :)
  6. save yourself the horendous load time of the useless flash website and go straight to the store
  7. thanks for the help people, much appreciated. My noggin is pretty regular shaped and I have tried few of the nicer branded ones on and they fit nice, i really appreciate and all the quality fittings, the snell certification does give a but of assurance to the helmet thou, must just be an engineer thing.. I thik i'll get a pair of draggin's too if the budget allows, will prolly have to skimp on the boots atm however if things go to planning some one piece leathers would be awsome, not so practicle for everyday but atleast i'll look cool if i fall off my bike :D
  8. Hey Coconuts, have you ever tried out their gear mate? Their two piece suits are as cheap as.....would mind getting one.
  9. A good jacket and a pair of draggins will cost less than a full set of leathers, and make it a darn sight easier for those *ahem* necessary breaks while riding! And you MUST get boots, repeat MUST!!! Your feet and your knees are almost always the FIRST thing that hits the ground; often you head never does!!! Look after the extremities and they'll look after you!
  10. Hey coco, like the scorpion racegear site, but I can't get their shop to load??
  11. So what about the cruiser riders ? I never seen any cruiser riders with a closed face helmet or all the safety gear. Is that a bad idea ?
    Just Im new and i bought a Honda vt250 and I need some accesories well all of them. But I dont want all the race stuff that everybody kind of pushes on me at the moment.
    I need boots and a jacket and a new helmet. Dont want it open faced though ?
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  13. Dude, for you I'd recommend a trip down Elizabeth St.... Check out Mar Leathers, failing that there's the HD shop. I don't recommend open faced helmets....ask Billy Idol why
  14. ta, foxy, still the same result, I've sent the folks an email to ask them what settings I need to change at this end, my machine is fairly tight on security.
  15. hornet, NFI what the deal is with the site at the moment, doesn't work from here now either :?

    the RACEMASTER gear is good if your on a budget foxy. its not up to the standards that some of the top brands set, but i'd say they're just as good as their closer price rivals like Rjays, AGV sports etc.

    i had a two piece suit and sold it cos i needed the money. recently bought a set of dainese leathers when i came into some money again but i got them cheap as chips cos i bought them 2nd hand from a mate. much prefer the dainese leathers, but they still cost me more than the RACEMASTER stuff even tho i got a ripper of a deal.
  16. Are they the same as 'race master imports' on ebay? http://stores.ebay.com.au/RACE-MASTER-IMPORTS

    the gear looks the same - except you can save $100 by buying direct from them (rather than through e-bay)

    Coconuts - you originally pointed race master imports website to me when they were in richmond, but then their site went away (just as I wanted to go visit them). Someone told me about race-master-imports on e-bay yesterday, and just today I get told about scorpion leathers...

    A bit more expensive, but many people on this site will vouch for the quality, are underdog leathers - a partner of netrider (10% off). 2 piece suit for ~$850.
  17. yeah, i havn't been in contact with craig for some time, it looks to me like he's gone and got himself a partner or something. he did used to be race master and thats what he was when i bought my old leathers from him (now gromits leathers). same manufacturer with a bit of an extended range it looks like.

    and i didn't actually pay attention to the prices when i glanced at his site, i just assumed he was selling for the same sorta prices. and if you notice on ebay, he normally has a bidding price and a buy it now price and never has more than a couple of each item on the go, the bidding start price is what he sells for when you contact him direct (or at least thats how it used to work)
  18. Jeez, a set of two piece leathers for $550!!!
    I'm sure this is the same company that used to do a lot of "BUY NOW" stuff on eBay; when I contacted them direct they said they'd customise as well, (for a little bit extra, of course)
    But that's got to be the bargain of the week, surely??
  19. like i said, good gear, great prices 8) $600 gets you a two piece suit and a matching set of gloves, hard to beat that unless you go second hand. good quality textile stuff will set you back more than that and protect you much less....

    dunno about customizing tho, i'm pretty sure i had a conversation with him about that where he told me its not worth the hassle for him.
  20. The Budget should be allowing for the right gear (Helmet, jacket, pants, gloves and boots) and then use what you have left over for a bike. Doing it the other way round is not how you should go about it. If you can't afford to get all the appropraite safety gear then you can't afford to buy a bike and start riding. ESPECIALLY considering you are a learner and more likely (unfortunately, but it's the cold hard truth) to come to grief then the average rider.

    Ask SANZY from these forums about his foot and leg and you'll see why it paramount you wear the right gear, and he HAD the right gear on. Scary to think what would have happend had he not had good boots on.