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The BEST online game EVER

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pringa8, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. For all you engineers, physicists or if you just loved Mousetrap when you were a kid

    Basic idea is to get the ball to the flag using gravity, momentum, ramps, pendulums, it'll keep you going for hours!


  2. So, with our three posts, that should be the end of all productivity. :)
  3. GS any clues on level 13??
  4. All done, gets very easy once you work out a few basic bugs in the game.

    Lvl 13 took me a while and I didnt do it very neatly. Lots of ramps.
  5. Level 13, hinged lever through the block above the ball!
  6. Level 13 got me there for a bit, didn't figure out hinges til later on, built all sorts of contraptions!!! Just jammed a sh!tload of balls up the hill, kinda like water pressure and used a see-saw like thing to push each ball higher!
  7. :cry: I've tried all teh diff ways to do lev 13... its just not happening... :(
  8. Yeah level 13 took me the longest!

    I put a hinge in that purple box, and made like a propeller acting as a gate, made a sh!tload of balls filling up the space, and send massive balls down a ramp on the top to shove all the balls up!
  9. Long on one side, short on the other, big ball with lots of pace.... and the red ball goes 0 to 100 in 0.2s.

  10. Ahhh, i did it the convoluted way! Best thing about this game, heaps of ways to do it!!! Love it!

  11. And you did that AFTER googling for "magic pen cheats"???? :LOL:
  12. My new bike :grin:

  13. hahaha, I'll pay that.
  14. Currently stuck on Level 10
  15. Level 10 is a hard one. I can't seem to get it with less than 8 elements.

    I got through to the end the other night and I think the "scores" board has been hacked! lol... top score was -1...

    Love the new bike! :LOL:

    GShundy, that's insane!! Love it.
  16. OK, now I'm stuck on 16

    Gimme a hint - is the obvious way the best way? A yes or no answer is fine
  17. Hm, yes? Depends what's obvious.

    I did it with 1 object.
  18. Wow - challenging