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The best of Victoria

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Unconnected, Apr 2, 2013.

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    So, first off the bat i want to say to anyone reading this, who also read my write up of my brisbane trip i took last august, which in my opinion was one of the best bits of writing ive ever done (thats probably not saying a whole lot) that this report wont be nearly as suspensful or interesting, more of just a report. this is mostly because nothing really went wrong and i was not leading the ride or really making decisions on the route, i was with three mates, (RSV4 Factory, RVF400 and a CBR600, yeah i know, all perfect touring machines) so i had less chances to just go and do random interesting shit, we were focused on the ride, the roads, the corners. Also, there wont be a huge amount of photos, because i left my dam CF card at home, and instead had a tankbag (which i would not have needed) full of gear (3kg) that was just dead weight, but i got some contour footage of which might make an appearance after some editing.

    So onto the ride.

    here is the full route we took on google maps, i dont know the name of many of the roads as i was not leading, so you will just have to follow on and see where i say shit was good and figure it out

    Day 1
    We left sydney on thursday night at 7pm, in the pouring rain, i was rushed and stressed with my last day of uni finishing 30 mins before the ride was set to leave, and not having the balls to wear a race suit to a lecture, needed to go change and load up the viffer then go to the meet. So after an extremely stressful time, i finally made it to the servo, in soaked leathers with nearly soaked luggage, i went and bought some garbage bags, made some improv luggage rain covers (and tried to make a poncho, that failed, my wets were too much effort and we were already late, so i said f it lets go)

    so the plan was to make it to broulee on the south coast in about 4 hours, just to slab it down and hit the sack ready for the next day. Well the rain, holiday traffic and fear of nightsticks up rectums from highway dragged this out to a long, cold, wet and dark 6 hour ride, with the only conciliation prize being an extremely underdressed and decent looking blonde chick at the nowra caltex at 11pm on a wet thursday, where she was going or had been, we could not understand, but it was a morale booster.

    The rain which was meant to be an hour long kept taunting us the whole way down, stopping for long enough to dry the leathers out, then bam, more rain, thankfully it was a warmish night, so we were ok, but dam i wish i had chucked my wets on as i left home. (it JUST started to sprinkle as i turned out of my house, oh well.) my main issue is my terrible 1980s headlights which are worse than a candle in a draft. Everyone else was chilling with xenons, but we stayed close mostly and i was alright.

    Anyway, we rolled into broulee, woke everybody up in the town, (i thought my viffer was loud but holy shit the factory would have woken the dead) and turned in. Ready for the next days ride to orbost.

    Day 2
    Despite me assuming a 6am on the bike start the next morning (just something i normally do when touring) we rose at a lazy 8 and left at 9, by the time we got to the first servo, i realized i had left my phone back at the house, not good, group morale was lower than when we saw the line at the norwa maccas the night before, which was very long. But it was a decent ride past some lake of some sort into moruya, saw a cop hassling everyone, but thankfully he left us alone.

    so we filled up and hopped on the bikes, heading for orbost victoria. Some insider knowledge from one of our group members took us on some great routes through some amazing coastline, i have heard that the far south coast of NSW is the best coast in the state, and i would say thats correct, the water is just bluer some how. was a great run, you can check the maps for the road names, as i said i was not leading so i didnt know many of the smaller roads. After warming up the tires we headed over to mount mrytle, which was a truely stunning road, traffic free (in fact everything was traffic free besides the motorways, i can remember 3 times i was held up by cars in the corners) and some great scenery with nice ferns and rainforesty type stuff going down, the surface too, was pretty nice.

    we eventually came into bega, this excited me a great deal, i was in the town that makes the cheese! not special cheese, just normal cheese, that was the best part, no shit any knob can make expensive cheese on his dairy farm, but to go to the epicenter of national cheese production for just boggo stock cheese, that was special....i was excited. Sadly my companions did not see things the same way, and snubbed my idea of visiting the factory with great veracity, saying that bega is shit cheese and why the hell would i want to go there, i hope someone on here gets why its cool to visit the place where normal cheese is made. Anyway, we filled up and headed to bombala, i remember the roads pretty pretty nice here too, its hard to remember them all, but it was a great ride.

    We got into bombala, which was pretty much dead, we found a pub that was open and were greated by a typical pom chef, who told us he could only do fish as it was good friday, never knowing if he was pulling our leg or being legit (hey we were happy to find something to eat) we went for the fish, besides our mate on the factory, who was seemingly doing a "best chicken snitty" tour, and only eating snittys for lunch and dinner the entire trip, after a bit of convincing, snitty was on the cards. So after i made a fool out of myself trying to get earl grey tea with milk and sugar in front of a pom (all i wanted was warm liquid by this stage, shit knows what tea is what, i just know the end result, which is a beige milky drink) we sat down for our actually dam good good friday lunch, enjoying some great fresh fish and awesome chips, my mates nitty even came covered in bacon, though he rejected this idea, i guess he thinks a snitty should stand on its own (WTF?? BACON IS THE BEST) but hey, i scored some free bacon so i was happy.

    After weighing up the merits of going down the monaro, which i figured would be cop central, we decided to just run the bonang south to orbost. And wow, what a road, just insanity that this place exists, the mind numbing consistent corners that just do not stop ever, the lack of any kind of straight for a bit of a breather and a stretch (yeah you can pull over, i know, anyway). It just keeps going and going and going. The surface was good by NSW standards, but the dirt was a bit intense and just a bit, oh god really?? especially because i was at this point, absolutely knackered, body position is very important on my bike, you cant just sit there like a modern sportbike and go as hard as you want in with your body in the one spot, you need to get your legs working and get your position right for every bend if you want to make a decent pace, my knees were dead by the mid point. But after the obligatory poses with the famous sign, we split up and took it at our own pace and i took it as easy as i would let myself (which was still pretty hard :p)


    we pulled into orbost at about 5pm, into the great bike friendly orbost central hotel, the owner was nice enough to let us, and any other biker guests park in his personal backyard behind the hotel and keep them shut up over night. I was very annoyed, after reading up on Victorian beer drinking etiquette that this pub did not offer pints, and didnt even have VB on tap, but oh well, VB is shit anyway, but i like to keep it local when im visiting interstate...even if it means drinking 4x or vb :p. After many carltons however, i was satisfactorily pissed, and crashed in my decent room, at a very good price of 30 bucks.

    And i think thats where im going to end it for tonight. Turns out i did go into more of an acedote rather than a road report, so i hope you enjoyed, stay tuned for part two when i can be bothered. :)
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  2. more piccys!!
  3. yeah mate i wish i had more, i have a few on my phone and a lot of video footage from my contour, but sadly my camera was out of action during the trip so i didnt take many. One of the guys we were riding with had a camera, so i will try to get some photos off him in the near future. But yeah, it really annoyed me, forgot my fcuking memory card. ARGH head desk, is an understatement.
  4. There fixed for you. :p
  5. So the next day, we woke up pretty late (9), geared up and headed over to the bakery by the servo to grab some kind of breakfast, little was open, but the bacon and egg pie was tops. With Mr Aprillia parking nicely on the footpath, we enjoyed our breakfast while planning the route for the day. We decided we would head up to tumut though Omeo, mitta mitta, tallangata, then over mt graynar? and over the river into NSW.

    It was going to be a long ride and everyone was pretty sore from the days before, but the roads were calling and we left the friendly town of orbost and headed out on the main highway to get to the start of the Great alpine road, or, in parts, one of the best roads i have ever ridden. Starting with the wide sweepers leading up the hill, we eventually came over into a section that ran beside a large river, it looked like something out of america or europe, rare is it that we have anything besides a twisty road with a million trees being the only view. This was very nice, and the surface = perfect with great long distance views in many places, allowing you to see for at least the next few corners, who was coming the other way.

    So after we pulled into Omeo and got some fuel, it was onto Tallangatta where we were going to stop for lunch. Wow, the road out of there, heading towards falls creek (i dont know what its called, but follow the map) is a absolute joy on a smaller cc bike like mine and my mates RVF, so tight, so windy, mostly second and first gear corners. But shit, you dont want to mess it up because its a long way down off the edges of most of the corners. Traffic was light but due to the road often the drivers were being pushed out of their abilities due to their ineptitude, so take any chance to get around them. Also gravel on apexes seemed more common than usual, but none in our group had much of an issue.

    But yeah, the first section, before the dirt, was stunning, but very tiring chucking the bike around and being in first, hard work for me, hard work for the bike. You cannot relax on this road. After the 20k or so dirt section, (where i was laughing at the guy on the guzzie stelvio who went the other way, past 4 knobs on super sports in leathers trying not to wipe out on the bike killer of dirt road) we came across some great corners, with awesome camber for the lefts especially, just dig in and let the bike pull you round as it the tires are mashed into the road by the extra angle of the bend. Was awesome, then on the lower sections, after we had come off the mountain, besides a fair bit of leftover stones from tarring the road (cheers for sweeping that up Vicroads) the great scenary, flowing river and general awe of the place made for a great ride.

    I was so knackered by the time i got into Tallangatta, that i started to ride on the wrong side of the road down main street, without even noticing for a solid 5 mins. It was made even more funny by the fact that the mate who was behind me is used to riding in canada, and so he was not sure if he was wrong, or if i was. A van coming for me head on soon solved this conundrum. A long and actually pretty shit lunch from some takeaway joint in town gave us the energy we needed to keep on going up to tumut. A great ride, at a high speed, past this big dam lake :)P) following its shoreline, eventually brought us up and over mt graynar, a great twisty road with good tarmac and some really fun corners, we also saw our first copper of the trip here, at the junction onto the road, he was in a nissan patrol however, so he left us alone, probably because we would have just made a run for the border.

    After mt graynar, the roads opened up and we blasted towards NSW and Tumut, some great corners, and a dam big lump in the middle of the road which gave my bike some insane deathwobbles later, and we had arrived at the commercial hotel. A great spot with really good rooms (tv, fridge, private bathroom, queen bed, aircon for summer) 65$! bike parking was not so good, but we were able to move them under the awning for the bottleo so they would be on cctv at least.

    The next day, it was back to sydney, one of our group left early, the three of us left decided to find some twisties, however, at this point, i noticed that my chain was looser than a dirtbike, like so loose it had sideways play and was slapping around all over the place. after a quick blast on some twisties, i made the call to seperate from my mates and slab it home from yass, the constant throttle on the highway kept it tight enough so that it didnt catastropically fail, and we made it home safe..kinda (go check out, 'defected for absolute bullshit" in laws/pols to read about what happened when i just just a few kays from home.

    Was a great ride, and i will definitely be back to vic sometime to ride more of your awesome roades. Im going to work on getting some footage uploaded to youtube of some of the ride. sadly no pictures :( but hey, video is fun.
  6. Good read and an even better place to ride,BTW was there no room left to adjust the chain.Hope you had some tools I have a crib sheet for long rides,camping and riding etc.Stops you forgetting a torch on camping trips,do it once and not to be repeated F up.
  7. I had a cresent wrench that i could have used to loosen the cam pinch bolts and tighten the chain, there was adjustability but i really needed a proper socket set to do the job right, i decided it was best to leave it rather than crack the pinch bolts, then not be able to get them back on tight enough, which would result in a snapped chain i guess.

    I tightened it before i left, but its on its way out, its tight again now.
  8. That post is better than the Brissy one. Top write up. I have other things to ask but codeine is winning atm, so when I work out what they were, I'll add them.
  9. Does your bike have an eccentric adjuster at the front of the wheel near the swing arm pivot?Or a snail cam adjuster or the typical bolt and locknut,once the wheel is aliened move the adjuster equally either side and Bobs your uncle,super easy and important.Really important to have a reasonable tool kit on a big ride,about the size of a can of coke.In a pouch,An 8mm,10,12,13,ring openender.Combination screwdriver,pocket knife alan key set,a knife,cable ties,a 10inch shifter,needle nose vicegrips.Assorted nuts and bolts etc etc.Saves your arse in the middle of no where,also spare clutch cable.Tyre plugs if your bike is tubeless and a pump or CO2 canisters or a can of Finneleak,a sometimes fix for tubes.Anyway now you have found the Vic high country I expect you will be back,its good riding.
  10. My bike has a unique method of chain adjustment, different to any other honda, its pretty simple but basically two pinch bolts make the round part of the hub slacken open a bit (un pinch?) then you can rotate a round inner hub sort of deal, which shifts it to the left or the right depending on what you want to do. I really should have taken a socket set, but i mean a chain adjustment is something i dont really seem to need to do that much, so i figured set it before i leave, should be right. I think the probably 100k or so of hardcore dirt roads probably contributed to it.

    I do come fairly prepared, along with the honda toolkit (25 years original), i carry a tyre repair kit, zip ties, duct tape, screw drivers, crescent wrench, i guess the only thing i could have brought would have been the socket set, clearly i needed such.

    cheers lilly, looking forward to your questions in the future.
  11. Great write-up Unconnected. Your description of the road from Omeo to Falls Creek sounds pretty much like my experience, though when I did it we turned off left before the dirt section. A great road but slightly terrifying and very exhausting.

    Sounds like you missed one of my favourite roads in the Orbost area - instead of heading back onto the A1 to get to the Great Alpine Road, you can go the back way via Buchan for a narrow twisting ribbon of tarmac through the forest.
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    I think I know what your refering to,does it raise and lower the wheel a bit as well.Sounds a bit like some endurance race bikes had.Some 70s model Ducatis had a similar setup but built into the swingarm pivot,you adjusted it with a big key like gadget,it worked on the whole swingarm where I expect yours works on each side to the wheel at the rear of each swingarm leg,the Ducati system was painful to use.Yep its suprising what a couple of thousand ks will do to a chain and tyres.
  13. Why did you go for one piece leathers rather than more traditional/comfortable touring gear?

    Also, I was going west while you were heading south. The rain had mostly stopped by katoomba but was cold up there around or below 15c I reckon, and once down the other side of the mountains the fog started...
  14. Well my leathers are two piece so quite comfortable, i decided to wear that instead of kevlars and my leather jacket mostly because i knew the others on the trip would wear full leathers, and we would be riding more for the roads and the corners, less for scenery. with thermals it was fine, i chucked on my wets for the ride home as it was kind of raining and that kept everything nice and warm.
  15. Zim, bike is a single sided swingarm, so probably more like the duc's than you think. Got a few more photos,

    Here is us at a servo in omeo, guy pumped our gas! first time ive ever seen that in australia, and a long time since i saw it happen over in NZ.

    Here is the end of omeo road, great road.

    and here is the mighty viffer

  16. Sweet write up dude, looks like you had a great time!
  17. Thanks for a great write up mate.
  18. heres a few more photos off my mates camera;

    A cool one i think, looks like im just gearing up to attack the twisties in front of me, however i am actually getting off the bike, to have a, where the fcuk are we moment? followed by a, holy fcuk my chain is looser than a two dollar hooker moment.

    and here is one of the team on the first morning at broulee, just before we left for orbost.

  19. Was wondering from your description, Is the Omeo- Mitta Mitta section of the road being tarred, or is that just north of Mitta Mitta?
  20. Shite that route looks fun. Super jealous.