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The best motorcycle/scenery photos I have seen.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jaqhama, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Now I spend a lot of time at work surfing bike sites and such on the Net, and I have to say that for sheer quality of photography and awesome scenery nothing can touch the website below.

    Whatever bike is in the photo is not the point. In most of the pics it could be any bike you care to name.

    For me these photos sum up what motorcycling is all about.

    There are hundreds of them, many in the USA, but many other countries as well, you will need a few hours to check the whole thread.

    I normally try to look at ten pages on each of my nightshifts.

    You will notice an awful lot of bikers in these pics use the BMW GS series bikes, but having ridden a Honda 600 Shadow cruiser in some of those exact same places in the USA, it's obvious to me that in general any bike could have been used.

    Every time I go to this site it makes me want to load up the camping gear and head off to a place I have never seen before.

    I hope you guys and gals enjoy the pics and get some ideas for your next destination.

    The photos start to get really excellent about pages 4 to 5 onwards. :grin:

  2. wow some good shots there
    i laughed at the one where the bike is stuck in the mud
    hahaha :LOL: :LOL:
    wonder how he got it out...
  3. There are over 120 pages of pics here Troy, they just get better and better as you go along.

    In a posting a little further on from the KLR stuck in the mud I think the guy links you to his site where you can see more pics and get the whole story?

    A lot of the pics have links at the bottom where you can go and view even more photos, it's endless.

    I normally open them in another window and look after I finish a page.

    When I see the beautiful places in these photos it reminds me why I love motorcycling.

    I've done a lot of the USA and Europe but plan on more trips in the near future.

    I am looking at buying a new bike soon also...thinking of the 650 V-Strom or the KTM 640 Adventure.

    What are you doing next year Troy?
  4. probably getting a bigger bike maybe a 1000 k7 pr somthing like that lol
    i dont think ill be getting one of those um bmw or ktm bikes as i dont like to go traveling like that and plus i love speed to much
    :grin: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. It seems to be a rather popular site:

    "Online: 898 (418 adventurers and 480 lurkers)"

    Meanwhile, back at Netrider:

    "In total there are 33 users online :: 17 Registered, 0 Hidden and 16 Guests"

  6. That's from one of the posts on the third page, what a little beast! Plus the photo in the post under that one is simply phwah!

    A William Gibson fan eh?
  7. Brilliant thread Jaq. Thanks for posting it. Will fill in the rainy days off when I can't be bothered getting wet on the bike. There really are some talented rider/photographers around.
  8. Hey Dante,

    Your going to HAVE to travel to this spot sometime during your life time. Not only does it share your name, it would be an unbelievable motorcycling trip also.



    P.S. These photos are FANTASTIC!!
  9. :LOL: I saw the one with Dante early last night, was wondering if he would find it himself. :LOL:

    Some of the pics are just inceredible aren't they? Even some of the scenery ones with no bikes in.

    The Neo guy says he uses a Canon S 70 and his girl uses a Canon S 45 if that helps anyone.
    He also says he uses maximum resolution.
    Means nowt to me I admit, I shall inquire of Lin, she is a camera snapper person. :LOL: (Lois Lane in disguise, if it moves she'll take a pic of it, even if it doesn't move actually. :LOL: )

    Enjoy the pics all.
  10. hey all,

    well i only found this site a few days ago and i have to say i love it.

    some of the photos and links are amazing... and my mum still wonders why i want to ride the world.

    (so i have now inundated her email with some pics hehehe)

  11. Those photos are awesome.

    Now i cant wait to get back up to Darwin and on my KLX to go adventuring like these dudes. The VFR doesn't handle trails so well.
  12. Fair go, though, Clive, they have a population of 280 million and we have about 1/14th of that....
  13. By the places that the photos are coming from and the location of their members i would say the population is around 6 billion. ie the WORLD!
  14. wow!! I'm thinking perhaps we should have a thred like this... or even a competiotin of some sorts... I'm very interested in photography though I have not have had a good camera for the past 5 years (since my old minolta died)
  15. I concur, i have a couple of good ones i could post.

    Could one of the mods make it a sticky in the touring section. That would be sweet.

    Also increase the standard of ones own photos such as the ones of this beast.
  16. You're right Conny, a lot of people assume ADV is just a site for Americans, while in reality there are posts, photos and articles/stories from riders in dozens of different countries.
    It's a site for everyone.
    But I must say the USA is a beautiful country to ride across (if you avoid the flat, boring roads and landscapes of the mid-west).

    For anyone interested in world motorcycling touring/adventuring visit the site below.
    Horizons Unlimited is the biggest Internet site on the planet for world riders. They have information about riding and travelling in just about every country you can think of, right down to visa and medical information.
    Also many stories and photos there as well.
  17. Hey, don't misunderstand my comment about relative country size, please; those photos are amazing in any context.

    At the risk of boring those who've already seen it, this http://www.hornet600.danteswebhosting.com/Picture 010.jpg may not be of the same standard, but it is mine, and taken right in the glorious Reefton area; thanks again Dave!
  18. Thats the idea hornet! If we cant get a new thread made, maybe we can get this one split by posting our own photos in it. Come all, post your glorious image for all to see.
    Here is a couple from my collection.
    This one is near Bells Beach.
    This one is on the Yarra Blvd overpass over the Eastern Freeway. It was taken by The Jabbo.