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The best laid plans...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Blaise, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. Well, today I thought I simply going to MCAS and get myself a pair of RJAYs leather pants that were on sale... the expected $270 purchase was soon blown completely out of the water when my girlfriend decided to join me for as she put it, "a browse". What I ended purchasing (err. lay-buying) was as follows:

    1 x RJAYs "All Seasons" Textile Jacket (men),
    1 x DriRider "Jewel" Textile Jacket (ladies),
    2 x pr RJAYs "Daytona" Leather Pants (1 x men, 1 x ladies) Why does the ladies version have hip padding where the men's version doesn't?,
    1 x pr Sidi "B2" Boots (for the littl' woman),
    1 x pr Alpinestars "GP Plus" Leather Gloves (men),
    1 x pr Joe Rocket "GPX" Leather Gloves (ladies),
    1 x pr RJAYs "Vector" rain pants,
    1 x Oxford reflective vest (she insisted on having one), and
    2 x RJAYs Neck Warmers.

    Add to this 2 x Shoei XR1000 helmets waiting at the bike shop we ordered our rides from (and still to pay for) and it's going to be a very expensive July! That'll teach me for informing her where I was going :-({|= Apart from a pair of rain pants, I hope she doesn't think up anything else she needs any time soon!

  2. RJAYs Neck Warmers

    good choice, those things are bloody brilliant

    tell the mrs u want a new bike to :grin:

    edit, just read u also bought 2 new bikes :shock:
  3. No need to ask for a new bike... we pick up a GS500FK9 and a Intruder 250LC (both new) around the 17th of July.

    I suppose we've got good protective gear now (well, when I pay it off)... the price is soon hopefully forgotten if the quality is there.
  4. Recession? What recession?! :p I wish my lady was as supportive of riding as yours is, a bit of riding kit seems a small price to pay!
  5. put it this way, you can now say you did take her shopping and you enjoyed it.

    ever been to a major shopping centre and shes lookign through every single clothes shop?
  6. :shock: um... yeah go the metallic thingy for the whatsamajig... wait did you actually ask something?

    But really, if you got the bikes to go riding with each other then why not go shopping with each other? Sounds like win/win to me.

    Strange about the hip padding - I guess women would be more likely to hit that part more than guys? Pardon the innuendo that may have caused.
  7. It's plausible but i think there has to be another reason. When i fell off my bike at 70, tucked and rolled, the most damage that occured to myself was my hip. If i had boobs and longer hair i don't think there would be any difference to my injuries sustained. I wouldn't think there is any significant difference to hip injuries sustained by females and males.
  8. that...would've been an awesome shopping trip
  9. Maybe women's hips are deemed to be more important then men's (sorry men's). Also, in general we women's have hips that stand out a bit further than our male friends. :wink:
  10. I've actually seen mens leathers with hip padding. I think it may be a case of fashion over form, most men probably wouldn't want to appear as having big hips. Sad but true, most things we buy are made this way, and it's us as the general public that drive it.

    Glad you enjoyed the shopping, if not the financial hangover. :(