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the best first bike to buy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by szed, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. hi everyone i am new to the motorcycle scene. i am looking at getting a bike to learn on as i am currently waiting to get my learners. so i have been looking on the net and mags to try and narrow the search down, but every day i find my self, going around in circles. the bikes i have been looking at are ; hyosung 250, gs500f, vtr250.
    i want a bike that will not be to small due to me being 6feet1 and 100kgs, so i want a bike that can get me out of sticky circumstances.i want a bit more power so that i can learn progressively and one day when im ready i can get my dreambike triumph daytona 675, i will not have to learn how to ride on it.

    thanking you so much all suggestions welcome;

    are the hyosungs so unreliable?? ialways here my friend of a firend but never the first person. i dont know just something i noticed.

  2. Hyo's have a bad rep, but if a problem arises, most will be covered by warranty, right? Just throwing in my two cents :p
    As for the height thing, wish i could help but im vertically challenged at under 5ft so have only researched the opposite way, so I'll leave that one to the taller members of this fine forum!

  3. yes hyo's do have a bad rep but i had my hyo 2007 250r for almost 2 years and it never gave me a single problem except for a broken clutch cable. it was my daily work horse too covering 12,000 kms. the hyos are improving. slowly but they are improving.

    and it is one of the more comfortable bikes for the taller blokes. Im 180cm and it was perfect fit for me unlike the kwaka zx2r cbr250RRRRRR. but if you are concerned about reliability then HONDA is the way to go. VTR250 or the CB400. you can also give the CBR125 a go?? LOL. Plenty of bikes out there just got to look! :)

    Oh yeah. Im living your dream right now on the daytona.!. its friggin AWESOME BIKE.

    well good luck with your bike hunt.

  4. remmeber you can have any bike under LAMS.
  5. the hyo will look after you only if you look after the hyo.

    Still get a super motard!
  6. T,FTFY.

    Clicky linky.
  7. im gonna throw another bike into the mix here, and i am not biased in any way by the fact that i ride one... :---)

    The Kwaka Ninja 250 (GPX250/GPX250R depending on the year you get).
    I am 6'1" and only 78kg, and it has a great riding position, my legs arent cramped and fit nicely into the tank grooves. They have been around for 20 years without a change to the engine (well, actually, they made a few changes to the 08 model), only fairing redesigns every few years. as a result they cost bugger all to get parts for and pretty much everyone knows how to work on them. AND the same service manual works for each one (and its available on the net :cool: )

    I rode the VTR250 on Qride and the GPX feels similar to me to ride, except you get a bit less wind attacking you at speed. The GPX has a bit more power than the VTR (i made my skyline driving friend cry by showing him that my GPX that cost me 3500 has more HP/tonne than his turboed skyline, barely, but it proved my point)

    Dont get the Hyosung if you plan to show your face on this forum again, seriously, i have seen what happens to hyosung riders... its not pretty... :LOL: :p


    EDIT* wow that last bit sounded really harsh. what i meant was, if you get the hyosung, make sure you can deal with people having a bit of a go at you on here.
  8. lobsta, as if you would ride a gpx 250...... loser

    they are great, i couldnt be happier
  9. It's a long read but this may help you a bit.

    Best thing as stated somewhere in that thread is, just to go out and sit on as many as possible.
  10. :WStupid: (whoops, too slow, i mean 2 stupids ago)
    plus, they are one of the few bikes that get off unscathed on here... just ask the Hyosung, CBR125, Harley, Virago, [pretty much every other type of cruiser], Hyosung (again), Suzuki ( :LOL: :p ), [any Chinese brand], [any other non-Japanese, non-European brand] and Hyosung (one more time) riders...
  11. Your choice is not limited like for the shorter People... you will fit on any bike the problem is comfort. The bikes I would be looking at are GT250, GT650L, GT650SL, GS500, GS500F and perhaps a CB400. All these bikes are "larger" but the most important thing is their upright seating position which will make you feel in control. As you intend on getting a sports bike as your future bike than perhaps try GT250R and GT650RL or even some of the older crutch rockets like FZR250, CBR250R, CBR250RR and ZXR250..
  12. I have a Hyo GT250R and its never given me any problems. Still got 1 year warranty too

  13. i guess it all depends on what your after. if you want a bike for only a few years to offload it to someone else then a hyo would be fine i guess.

    other brands have proven themselves to be reliable over many years, hyo is yet to do that partly because of the relative newness and partly because some people just havent had good experiences with them.

    it really depends on your criteria. i'd only bag someone out for getting a hyo if their aim was to get a reliable bike. if someone got a hyo because they wanted something that was a bit larger that they could then unrestrict once off lams, then thats fair enough and i wouldn't be so harsh on them when it started causing problems. ;)
  14. What's the budget? New or 2nd hand? What sort of riding will you be doing?

    I'm 6'2 100kg and the gs500 was my ideal but the budget wouldn't stretch. I wanted the upright riding position, no fairing while I'm learning, reliability and something that would do 100kph on the freeway.

    Ended up with a honda cb250 which fits the bill for the moment.

    Good luck, don't restrict yourself to a new bike and remember the riding gear will take some out of your budget as well.
  15. Thank You to to all the above people GREATLY THANKFULL

    The amount of money which I intend to spend, has not been figured out. it is kind of all relative. i got passed in my wrx 08 today by a hyo 650 and it looked sweet. i was thinking of buying something new but was not sure on if i was going to drop the bike and stuff. so then i was thinking of something a bit older around the 4k mark to learn on but also something that will be good for me to learn on as i will be updating as soon as i can.

    i dont see the justice in buying a bike for 5k like a cbr250 which has a new paint job and is like over ten yrs old, then if i am going to spend this amount i might aswell get the new gs500 for another 2k.

    but the hyoso650 sounds good i guess and i will be looking at all the other bikes that have been mentioned.

    please keep the responses coming in as any insight is invaluable especially to a novice. thanking you all again for your time and thoughts

    `as you can tell have no idea on what to get`
  16. How about a 2nd hand GS500 (naked). Simple, economical, easy to maintain, enough performance to go beyond Ps and you can pick up a good low ks one for 4-5k.
  17. yeah well that is what i was thinking also a gs500 i think they have enough power to get you around and they look pretty cool also. would they be easy to do your p test on???
  18. Szed - Just go down to a bike shop, sit on all of the LAM's approved bikes and then go and buy the most comfortable one privately. You should be able to pick up a early 2000-2003 model Jap bike that is 250cc for a decent price especially as it is currently still cold which puts off other buyers! My house mate house a GPX i have a VTR, they are both nice to ride and we both picked them up cheap second hand and just do the maintenance ourselves the extra couple of thousand you save now can be put towards a nicer bike later on, and you wont be afraid of doing maintence on a second hand bike as there is no warrenty to void so you can learn all the basics easily.
  19. has anyone have any opinions on the kawasaki er-5 ???