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The best 'everything' bike.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Marx, May 11, 2005.

  1. (not sure if this has already been covered in previous posts).

    Thing about motorcycles nowadays, is that they come in such a broad range of configurations: dirtbikes, cruisers, sports bikes, tourers, trials, etc.some even have grown an extra wheel or two (trikes & quads, which are to a large extent multi-wheels m’cycles).

    But what would be the best bike – for everything?

    What would it be?

    What is the closest bike available now out there, that can do everything well?
  2. 1988 Honda VT250 Spada :D
  3. Nice one Pete psml!

    Marx - You'll get a lot of different opinions for this. Depends on what you're looking for & your situation (financial, needs & requirements, etc).

    You'll also find alot of biased opinions too.

    For instance, the CBR1000F is the best bike ever.

    Quite simple really :D
  4. Best bike ever

    Well, since Cycle Guide magazine in the YouEssofAY voted the VFR750 Honda best all-round bike 3 years in a row, and since I own one, I'd have to say the 95-97 VFR.
    But, then again, I wouldn't want to take it off road too often either!!!
    But ON the road???
    No question.
  5. I think the Beamer 1200GS won Two Wheels best bike this year didn't it? :p
  6. In the millenium awards in the UK Performance Bike magazine, the TDR250 won the accolade "Hooligan Bike of the Century". That'll do for me.
  7. Sorry to get picky, but how do you define "everything"?
    Twisties, touring, commuting, trackdays?
    The thing is, no one bike can be perfect at everything. What makes it good at one thing will make it worse at others.
    The best compromise?
    The only bike I know that can do all of the above at a high (but not excellent) level - BMW1200GS.
    And what's it best at? Surprisingly, twisties.
  8. i'd say the CT110 :D theres nothing you cant do on that..... well maybe speed, but thats all it cant do :LOL:
  9. the v-strom is quite a decent allrounder.
  10. Lugging camping gear and slabs?
    Comfy 2-up?
    Having enough poke for most situations (bar track-work)?
    Decent stoppers?
    Adjustable suspenders?
    Reasonable parts prices?
    Easily serviced?
    Plenty aftermarket parts available?
    Long-distance capability?
    Pain-free 600km+/ day muncher?
    Good engine-braking?
    Good commuter?
    Dirt capabilities?
    Above all...fun bends-carver?
    ...at near enough half-price of the BMW R1200GS?
    (you wanted a "best" ALLROUND-er", didntcha?)

    Here we go:
    And for a $10K new on-road (after haggling) price, this one's unbeatable:

    :D :D :D
  11. Kawasaki Gpx 250! They are cheap, they have reasonable get up and if you drop it off road the panels and parts are cheap to replace cause theres so many around. The seat is in a comfortable ALMOST cruiser position but you can get down and act like rossi if you wanna look like a dick
  12. I must admit, it almost makes me want a modern bike......
  13. Allrounder? Naw...
    Great looking rear-end though :LOL:
    Useless on gravel/2-up/ luggage etc etc
  14. Re: Best bike ever

    In my bias opinion VFR750 is the best bike for every thing...
  15. That's funny Coconuts - but very true.

  16. Arh, sorry I supoose I wasn’t too clear on this everyone, it’s not that I’m looking for a trade up to a bike like this, it’s just that I was wondering what everyone’s opinion of what is the best bike for everything.

    Yes, I do actually mean everything, as in everything that it possible on a motorbike – cruise, sports, dirt, two-up. etc. The most perfect compromise (if that was possible).

    For the record my opinion would be the:

    KTM Adventurer 950:

    Budget would have to be relatively attainable & I suppose we should only be referring to bikes out of the showroom, no modded exotica.

    Interesting that so many feel that some exclusively road-orented bikes fit this bill.
  17. For the record my opinion would be the:

    KTM Adventurer 950:

    I'd agree with that except you need a cast iron butt to ride it for more than 2hrs(on road) and not as good as a GS Adv for twisty tar or fuel range.