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The best commuter sports bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by christrails, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. lol

    I know that's wrong but I just want to here your guys' opinion about the most comfortable sport bike for commuting, or am I looking at the wrong type?

    This wont be my first bike just debating with people, so a 600cc(+) bike

    I'm still going to sumo my WR, but would like to know what other 600cc(+) bike would be good.

  2. Something naked with a solid V-Twin......
  3. And that would be? like the duke 690, Yamaha FZ8N? what are some others?

    Also what about the Street triple R? its triple cylinder
  4. Duke 690 is a single.

    FZ8N is an inline four (sleeved down and with a different crank) FZ1N

    Both of these would be fantastic commuters (y)

    I love twins though......on the road - torque is king.....

    Also look at the GSX750 (K5 GSXR motor with different gearing and a heavier fly-wheel to favour low end torque)

    Striples are almost the perfect bike

    Also checkout some of the Motards like the Hyper and the Dorso.....

    Or just get a Shiver like me :demon:
  5. Honda
    Hornet 600

    FZ6 FAZER*

    Ninja 650*
    Ninja 1000*



    Street Triple
    Speed Triple

    Off the top of my head. Faired models are asterisked . I assume that's what you really want when you mean "sport bike".
  6. Singles are fun, like my dirt bike :)

    I can't see myself using 1000cc on a daily basis. I would look at the 600 FZ but I don't like the aesthetics :S

    How are the inline four's on the road though? I suppose in this situation the striple would be the best of both worlds? I watch Oldmantriple on youtube and he loves his as a commuter except for when its raining heavy!

    I have to say the only gixxer that appeals to me is the 1000. The front end is sexy, however the 600 and 750's make me gag (it's just opinion don't flame XD)
  7. Yeah, faired models but I meant more along the lines of R6 and CBR600RR. But many people say they aren't good commuters?
  8. Also I looked at the shiver but it's around 14K brand new :S where as the FZ8N is 12K and the Striple is 12.5K. The duke is also 12K
  9. I've never ridden an r6 or CBR600RR given I'm still on restrictions. However I have tested them out for size. I find both bikes very aggressive. Hunched over the tank, uncomfortable spine/vertebrae angles, and weighted wrists. Doesn't seem an issue in the short term, yet on longer commutes I don't think you'd appreciate it. I just remembered, try the CBR600 F4i. It looks "racey" and "sports bike" like with the same "RR" performance but the pegs are lower, and clip ons higher (not 100% sure of this). Regardless, the seating position is far less aggressive in the F4i than RR.

    How much are looking to spend? I reckon you probably want a newer bike right? In that case the F4i isn't what you're looking for. It's 2001; although it goes up to 04, after 01 they added a banana seat. Not quite pretty and definitely not "sports bike" like.
  10. forgetisaidanything
  11. my avatar says it all
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    how long is your commute though? 50KM to work and then back?

    Yeah I've heard that the F4i is better than the rr for commuting but listen to this; eughhhh! sounds like gold for this! it's like a sports bike / striple rolled into one! [media=youtube]RIi4NyxlM_M[/media]
  13. I know the striple is good but I'd like to know the other options, I'm leaning more towards the striple R and the Yamaha FZ8N.
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    The link and your statement suggests you'd be very happy with the FZ8N. A bit more even than over the triumph. Go with your heart.

    You'd be better off with the FZ8N than the triple for parts. Japanese goodness is everywhere to be found on eBay. The triumph is a bit more unique. So naturally you'll spend a little more importing your parts.
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    no, about 7km. but i take the long way home as often as i can, which invloves numerous corners and a distance pretty much bang on 55km and i've NEVER felt pain from the bike.
    seriously i'm considering moving house just so i get to ride further

    no idea what desmond is on about with weighted wrists. learning to ride the thing properly eliminates the need to weight your wrists

    plenty of people use a bike as their only transport, and no they're not all cruiser riders
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  16. had the same options, i went with the striple r, no regrets
  17. Don't get me wrong everyone seems to love their striple's but I don't like to follow like sheep (not saying everyone who owns does).

    also what is the monster 796 like? It's a ducati and is a target for theft :(

    7km! I walk that! wow! thats nothing! haha don't do that!

    people say super sports tend to be bad for commuting?
  18. why might I ask? also how tall are you, weight etc?
  19. Just sat on those sports bikes at Peter Stevens last year. Never rode em. I imagine it'd be different now, with more exp.
  20. If it is just for the commute then light with low centre of gravity is your friend. Thin with low down power will also help when you have filtered to the front of the lights which is a must if you are using the bike to commute.

    Cheers Jeremy