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The best city to own a motorcycle in is ..........

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cheese, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. Melbourne

  2. Sydney

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  3. Gold Coast/Brisbane

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  4. Perth

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  5. Adelaide

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  6. Tassie

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  7. Somewhere else

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  1. Ok, I'm a newbie. Just found this forum a few days ago. I've spent two thirds of my life in Melbourne, but have been in Sydney the last few years and a stint up on the Gold Coast before that. Reading this forum makes me homesick for the city I consider home - Melbourne. Damn I love that city. And it seems to me that the motorbike scene is so much more alive in Melbourne than anywhere else I've been in Australia.

    Anyway, I'm not trying to troll and start a flamewar, but it's quite apparent that there's a large Victorian contingent to this forum. Lets see if the poll confirms my observation.
  2. Best city is probably Melbourne due to the free tolls on city link, footpath parking, lane splitting being a grey enough area that its not really illegal (depending on which cop you talk to) and quite active motorbike clubs (but I guess the speeding crackdown might go against it).

    Best State would be Tassie (Hobart is what you are trying to think of I would imagine.).
  3. Here's my thoughts on why Melbourne is a great city for Motorbikes and riders (matt232 beat me to a few of them):

    * lane splitting - it's a natural thing to do in Melbourne. Anywhere else, I get abused badly by motorists that aren't used to it.

    * footpath parking - I've been abused by pedestrians in Sydney for doing this

    * Tolls - motorcyclists have to pay for tolls in Sydney AND they must stop at the toll booth to pay, take gloves off, get out wallet and either flash a card or fork over cash - a real pita.

    * Black Spur/Reefton Spur - I gather the Old Pacific Highway is the equivalent up here, but it aint no match for the spurs. The gold coast does have some amazing hills just off the coast, but the surface quality is more than dodgy in a lot of areas.

    * Yarra Boulevard - I know it's a nasty piece of road that's full of cops and angry residents, but where else do you get huge sweepers with decreasing radiuses only 2km from the CBD?

    * Phillip Island - I've been to most of the tracks on the east coast, and you just can't beat the Island experience.

    * The weather - anyone who rides in Melbourne knows how to deal with the wet stuff - you can't escape it. Find a rainy day up north and the roads suddenly become devoid of two wheeled vehicles.

    * Rider training - I think it's long gone now, but when I did my learners, the Victorian state government subsidised a two day training course which only cost me $20.
  4. I ride mainly between Sydney and Wollongong; Wollongong is fine, Sydney's traffic was maxxed out about ten years ago and is awful.
    The best CITY in which to ride in Australia would have to be Canberra. Wide streets, heaps of corners and minimal traffic, plus the country roads round about are indescribable! If I didn't have to live here for work/family, Canberra would be the pick.
  5. Naah.... Big Citys suck. If I had my druthers it'd be Bairnesdale, Cooma, Orbost, Korumburra, Mansfield (is Bright a city?)

    But if it has to be a capital, then I guess Melbourne has the jump with parking, the MotoGP and pretty good roads nearby. Can we find a way to move the Putty Rd and the Adelaide hills?
  6. Best place to live and own a motorbike?

    Isle of Mann!

    No speed limits between the towns... good roads, and the best road racing in the world.

    Failing that... tassie has some of the best roads in Australia.

    The problem with both of those places is all you get is the motorcycling experience!

    Melbourne has probably the best 'mix' of motorcycling roads within a days ride, followed by sydney.

    Adelaide has better roads close, but there isn't as many or as much variety once you get out of the Adelaide hills it's boring.

    Brisbane isn't too bad with some good roads inside a days ride.

    Perth... well... great if you like flat(ish) roads and open sweepers.
  7. No disrespect mate but you obviously didn't get out of town. The roads between Perth and York via the foothills are spectacular. The Old Toodjay Road is like a shorter version of the GOR (but without the scenery).

    Personally I think the best place in the world to own a bike is wherever I am at the time. :D