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The best bike money spent?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Sleddog, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. You read threw the parts and accessories thread and see people say it was ..The best money I have spent on a bike.

    So whats the best thing you have brought for the bike or accessories for you . etc..

    $25..And under.

    $50..And under.



    We counld go on for ever like $1000 ,pipes etc ,but just leave it to the cheap stuff .

    I'll start. :wink:

    $25.. Wet weather pants.

    $50 ..Tinted visor.

    $100..Expander tank bag.

    $200.. Quick release wind screen for a nake bike ,and hwy riding or touring.
  2. 25 - digital thermometer
    50 - adjustable brake and clutch levers
    100 - Led tail light
    200 - heated hand grips
  3. $15 neck warmer
    $20 Aldi long johns
    $70 winter gloves
    $120 tank bag
    $180 winter pants

    Oh I hate being cold!
  4. $150 for RST winter jacket
    $79 for aldi winter pants
    and while at aldi got free winter goves :LOL:
  5. $50 Hair tube from Hawg-Tied. No more knots (until I lost it somewhere at mum's place :roll: :oops: :LOL: )
  6. $50 :shock:

    They're a bit cheaper than that here.
  7. $15 - First tank of petrol :grin:
    $50 - Winter gloves (ebay)
    $130 - Heated Grips
    $200 - Draggins

    am needing to get myself a tankbag. Missed out on the deal at Aldi the other week.