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the best back protector

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by alwayseric, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. as in another thread, i mentioned i would not do track thing. but i am cautious, so i am thinking of a back protector

    it seems every owner of a* leather jacket uses a* protector. however, i do remember the BEST back protector is not from a* nor dainese, but another brand. a UK brand, i think. it is above 100 pounds, and is not sold everywhere. i found a uk website sold it.

    but i forgot the brand name. do anyone remember?
  2. you are probably thinking of forcefield
    don't know if they are the best
    many brands claim to be the best
    i find the forcefield stuff bulky and annoying myself
  3. yes, that is the one i meant to say!!!=D>
  4. Get a Knox contour back protector instead from SPTG at $149 USD. The best back protectors I've seen - it is much better than my forceshield. It is much lighter, more solid and is shaped better so it's more comfortable and less restrictive when moving your neck around to see around you etc.
  5. but i am not sure if it is neccesary considering i only occasionally ride in the city (before i get unlimited rider license)
  6. Way off topic, but: So you're saying that once you get your unrestricted license, you are going to ride in areas apart from the city and ride more often? Why wait until then?
  7. Knox contour is the best by far, i have one, but to be honest because of its ridged nature you really need to be wearing full leathers for it to be comfortable, especially if you have an upright style motorcycle, i.e. anything besides Supersports.

    Edit: I wouldn't bother wearing anything besides the knox, i remember seeing toadcats forceshield, its crap compared to the knox.
  8. it does look impressive. and their pricing on it makes it significantly cheaper than anything else as good. the vid is sales pitch, but still informative.
    it looks like it would get hot and uncomfortable to me though. i don't think i could be bothered wearing it.

  9. Well it'd be worse than nothing in terms of heat but most of it is foam so it won't trap as much as others would which if they're anything like my FS are much much worse.. I can't stress how light the contour is.. From feel I'd.say no more than 50% the weight of my FS
  10. I was looking around for one and couldn't find much info online that covers back protectors. Went down to the shops to see what that had and the good ones that I saw was the Forcefield Pro Sub 4 and a Dainese one with the alumimium honey comb design. Both were CE level 2. Dainese was lighter and thinner but more plastic, Forcefield is a lot thicker but from their website quote "The worlds first Motorcycle back protector to transmit less than 4kn when subjected to the CE test EN1621-2:2003 (Level 2)" http://www.forcefieldbodyarmour.com/product/pro-sub-4-back-protector/2339 so that kind of sold it for me.

    My Forcefield is thick, gets warm on sunny days and not much airflow even with mesh jacket and sometimes it rides up a bit. Its like two peice of foam stuck together with holes for ventilation. The Forcefield can be reused from a fall whereas the Dainese honeycomb is a use once only like a helmet. I don't mind the Forcefield. I am use to it now. I think its more a personal thing, you need to try it on and see if you feel comfortable with it.

    Later I discovered the brand Knox (and the contour) and while it looks good and well shaped and has postive response from riders, I can't seem to find it in Aus. But its not like I am looking for another back protector any time soon to replace my Forcefield.

    But if wearing leather, I would choose the thin type protector designed for the jackets, ie Dainese leather jacket with the upgraded Dainese back protector that fits into the back pocket. Leathers are generally tight fit. My textile jacket is a little loose. Even though my textile has the pocket for back protector I decided to get one that straps to my back which doesn't move much and can be worn under another jacket.

    Hope this has been of some help.
  11. I wear the alpinestars bionic one as the back is smooth and its easier to get my leathers on over it. Its level 2
  12. i have an a* bionic one also. the vest one that has the chest plate at the front. i find it's very slim, but too rigid, as to be an annoyance under leather gear at least. i will wear it under looser clothing. i know it's rated level 2, but it just dose'nt look or feel it.
    i've got quite a few different back protectors and the a* one dose'nt compare to some.

    i have a fox one sewn into a mesh jacket that covers kidneys , shoulder blades and tailbone , plus it's jointed at mid waist. that one shits all over the a* one.

    all my other jackets just have 20 dollar knox inserts in them. very lightweight and rated level 2

    there is a misconception that back protectors are intended to prevent hyperextension of the spine. is not their purpose, nor would any be effective unless they were bolted to your spine.
    their purpose is only to distribute the force of an impact over a larger surface area.
    landing flat on your back is not too hard a feat to achieve on a bike. if there happens to be a rock or uneven surface beneath your spine on impact, not so great.

    i'm probably going with the klim one next time or a sas-tec variety that i can insert into a jacket. then i can roll and store the jacket easilly. problem is, that stuff is heavy
  13. I have a forcefield pro and i think its great. Its comfortable, and once you have used it a couple of times you dont even remember you have it on, although you feel naked when you dont.

    I cant personally compare it to other back protectors with regards to comfort, weight etc. as the only other one i have used was a small insert into my jackets (which is small and doesnt offer the same protection).

    It claims to be the only back protector on the market with sub 4kN force transmission (where the current standard is 8kN for the class 2 back protectors).

    Here is a link to some tests done to compare the different back protectors:

  14. what if i want to wear on under my soon-to-be-bought leather jacket? an insert or full protector? a*'s or knox or fs?
  15. remove the standard pad that's in the jacket
    wear the back protector instead.
    fit will be about the same.
    i do hope you try on the jacket you intend to buy, before purchasing online. likely would be a mistake not to.
  16. i tried last time. size 48 for tech r-1 or gp pro, 46 with those without hump. love indy, but fitting is very poor.
  17. Knox are way more adjustable to get just the right fit.
    So very comfortable
    Low profile so as not to tighten the jacket too much
    You can feel the air flow in summer
    Covers your cocyx area.
  18. i placed an order with motormummy for a gp-r. then emailed them to hold the order for me, 'cos i forgot to order protectors. damn it, it looks like i wont get the knox from them.