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The Best $65 you can spend - NSW National Parks Annual Pass

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Djamba, May 27, 2013.

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    Having spent the last 3 weekends riding through the national park near my house (Ku-Ring-Gai National Park) I am amazed at the awesome bits of road that are available for New (and experienced) riders. The daily charge is $11 for entry but this adds up quick when you consider that a full annual pass costs $65 and gets you into every national park in NSW.

    At first I felt that $11/$65PA was a bit steep but after seeing the quality of the roads (Especially on West Head Road - beautiful fresh smooth tarmac) it's worth every cent. I cannot recommend this pass or these roads enough for anyone wanting to either practice their corners, gears and breaking or just for a great ride with stunning views and available rest stops.

    So far I have only done West Head Road and Bobbin Head Road, both of which are great but I am always looking for new rides close to home or further afield. Sugestions welcome!
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  2. Alternatively, get up and on the road early.

    I've been told that they only "man" the toll booths from 9.00am.
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  3. $65 isnt to bad,are you sure.Its $195 into the snow for a car anual pass.One pass one vehical.You cannot swop them.Money hungry buggars.
  4. That doesn't sound right.. It used to be $40 for annual excl kos, $50 inc kos.
  5. You can get a second pass for bikes/cars registered at the same household address for half price too! great for me and my partner and our flatmate who all have bikes :)

    We recently had a picnic at Lane Cove National park and they wanted $7 PER BIKE... and there was three bikes plus the cars (which are the same price!) total rip off... I agree its totally worth an annual pass! We ended up parking the bikes outside the park and getting a lift in one of the cars!

    $65 for all standard NP's does sound right, I was looking recently on their website.
  6. As far as I can see its the $65 pass.The Snowy pass was more than doubled a couple of years back.They seach the car parks if you get through after the entrances are unmanned down the snow.Its a shame the we are passing through descent work at Kurringai,be a great back way to The Old Rd.Might even be worth the $65
  7. I think the $65 is a complete rip off, in that it's the same price cars pay.

    We can't take 5 or more people on a bike.