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the beige are trying to invade...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 87crisis, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. I'm all for this! The more of these the better!

    It just means i can lane split all the time now :D
  2. Definitely better to share the road with those than 4wd so I like it.
  3. Don't BMW have a similar enclosed scooter. I think the gyro is the only new thing here.

    Edit: ha the BMW one is also called the C1


    I dont really care one way or the other - call it a bike, scooter or whatever it makes no difference to me
  4. The first thing I noticed was the extreme cuteness of the girl in the picture, although she is indeed wearing beige and that outfit has to go!
    Once I wiped the drool off my face, I had a few other thoughts:

    - if it has these gyros keeping it upright, wouldn't they also make it difficult to lean into the corners? Would they affect the steering in other ways, like the torque effect on boxer BMWs?

    - how much energy would these gyros take to keep spinning, and how would that affect the range - this vehicle is unique among electric machines in that it requires energy just to be stationary...

    - how do you park this thing when you turn the power off then? Does it come with a centerstand?

    - what is the point, really? Bikes rarely fall over because the rider lost the balance - the issue is more often loss of traction with the road and this design doesn't actually help with that at all...
  5. innovation - I like that

    but did I not see something similar on TOP Gear ?

  6. There is nothing new about trying to make an enclosed two-wheeler, the innovative bit is the gyroscopes keeping the thing upright without the need for supporting wheel. The ones you linked to for example had retractable set of wheels that come out at low speed, like on a plane coming in for landing.
  7. Is here:
  8. I'd be interested in seeing how it handles wiht the gyrocopes. If it's parked for some time and the battery goes flat and the gyroscopes eventually spin down will it fall over?
  9. The dude is driving technology in gyros, in-wheel electric motors and control systems.
    It may just result in high-powered, long-range electric motorcycles that are actually worth owning.
    You people would probably have laughed at Mr Daimler too...
  10. Also, the two wheeled gyro car idea isn't new. The Russian Count-Car from 1914 -



    *I'm not sure if the name "Pyotr" is the right spelling - I had an idea it's "Pjotr", but anyway...
  11. Beige? That thing looks like it'd be a hell of a lot of fun.
    I'd much prefer a bike. but I'd rather one of these than a car anyday.
    And that's the point...I don't think they're targetting bike riders, but rather car drivers.
    And the more people in one of these instead of a car the better.
  12. It's as if a car had sex with an iPhone.

    I'll keep the wind blowing in my face over that.
  13. Obviously being enclosed means no ATGATT
  14. speaking of ATGATT, the bmw C1, when it was introduced many districts said you didn't have to wear a helmet because it was enclosed.

    Just a thought.

    I don't think this alleged vehicle will take off... and surely they don't leave the gyroscopes spinning when it's parked, that's just a ridiculous waste of energy.
  15. It doesn't (have to) lean; it drives like a car or quadbike except the gyro keeps it upright rather than relying on 'outrigger wheels' like a car/quad does. It's actually a modernised version of the 'gyrocar' concept which has cropped up from time to time ever since 1912 or so.

    Very little; Even the Gyro-X of the 1960s used very little power to spin the gyro flywheel, and I'd say with 60 years of technological advances this would need even less power due to less friction.

    Presumably, yes. The 1960s Gyro-X had little outrigger wheels which could be deployed for parking or for the first few minutes of driving while the flywheel spun up to self-balancing speed. It'd be pretty wasteful for this new concept to leave the gyro spinning while it's parked, especially when they could regenerate probably 70-80% of the energy currently stored in the flywheel by using the motor as a generator once it's parked on outriggers/centrestand.

    This one will drift/slide with something more akin to the stability of a 4-wheeler rather than highsiding/lowsiding like a bike. Yes, bikes can drift too, but cars don't (normally) highside and definitely do not lowside. The concept has some good advantages over a conventional car; reduced aerodynamic drag vs a car or a bike which means much better energy efficiency at highway speeds. Because it's a single-track vehicle (like a motorcycle) it could have much better comfort than a car on bumpy roads. And like a car (and unlike a motorcycle or scooter) it can't highside/lowside.
  16. teh internet connectivity bit also worries me... I mean, like drivers need more distractions while on the move!

    'Sorry officer I didn't see them as I was reading my emails/watching youtube/watching p0rn (delete as appropriate)'
  17. Umm, you are assuming that internet connectivity is for media serving, it can also be used to run diagnostics remotely and updates to software to get better mileage etc.

    There is a lot of luddism in this thread, its aimed at car drivers, I would much rather share the road with this. I would consider buying one as well for the commute as it is a pain sometimes when it is raining.
  18. Id be surprised if they didn't allow media streaming through a 3g connection... and say it's for passenger use.

    I have no doubt this would be better for congestion and easier to share a road with, but I'm wary of features they would put into this. Even though I dont drive a car at the moment, I would still class myself as a car driver and bike rider. I don't think all car drivers are luddites, I just feel there's a lack of training/education which needs addressing for most drivers.
  19. Seems pretty smart to me, not my cup of tea but there's a definate market out there for this sort of thing. I would rather share the road with these then falcons and 4wd.