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The Beautiful Sex/Gurlz in my Life

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Peleus, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. Any particular point to this Kishy?? lol

  2. Can certainly tell when you started going to the gym :shock:
    Are you still fully into it?
  3. boredom or boasting.....either way hey hey
  4. You look like a fella who could beat several shades of shit out of some one :LOL:

  6. i for one welcome your thread kishy :LOL:

    the flight attendant and gym trainer are fit as f%@#
  7. Kishy, what does your wife think of you posting all these pictures of your ex girlfriends?

    What's with this:

    Sorry, I didn't take pictures of every woman I've slept with. I've only had two meaningful relationships in my time, and I do have pictures of them, but I don't need to put them on here like you felt you had to, they wouldn't appreciate it either.

    You were bouncer at a club? I managed a big club for a while, so you would know exactly how beautiful the woman are that come through and the models, dancers and even the bar staff and some female dj's and celebs that come through are and the relations that spin off from that.

    Congratualtions, all those women are beautful. Thanks for the eye candy.

    Did you really used to be on Gladiators the TV show?

    This is my favourite:

    That comment of those promo girls being feral was a throwaway.[/quote]
  8. Put some more up! These chicks are hot.

    Nice blonde:

    DJ Kishy, mixing it up on the wheels of steel:
    http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f355/kjude/Old Kishy/kishy1.jpg

    You must of had some great coke in your time and plenty gangbangs.

    You are like a black version of The Hoff!! :cool: "The Kish". :LOL:

    http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f355/kjude/Old Kishy/75585b8c.jpg
  9. :goyou:

    i dont get it
  10. top thread, really gives people an idea of your life

    looks like you've led a wild life, and still landed a proud wife and mother

    congratulations :D

    as for me, i haven't had any serious GF's yet. but i'm 19 :p
    2 weeks is the longest i've been with a girl, and thats the way i like it :p (for now)

    thanks for sharin kish
  11. I don't see the point of this thread ....

    but i'll remember it next time Kishy gets up someone for posting stuff that's irrelevant to a bike site.. :)
  12. Bah, big pussy cat *meow* :p

    Bulk is great.. but first you have to catch me :p
  13. *chuckle* Great thread Kish....

    Mate, now about those late 80's early 90's hairstyles......:LOL:

  14. Dude! That was 2004, how did you not learn the first time (1996) :p :LOL:
  15. Old habits die hard mate :LOL:
  16. nice pics kishy bro :wink: send some laides my way sometime :LOL:
  17. ok male gigalo,
    u r envy to most here so dont stop posting the pics,if not share mate hehehehehe
  18. Kish, old son, you sure had/have the ability to attract some beautiful ladies. Now you make sure you look after the three little darlings God has given you, OK?

    And I don't remember Kish complaining about people posting non-motorcycle stuff??? I mean, we all do it.......
  19. geeez, this is the most random post! surely some other blokes have something to contribute, as blokes on bikes arn't we meant to have girls falling at our feet? :grin:

    good job kishy nice to mix things up a bit.