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The Beast is Buggered

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by WGM, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. After a typical day in the Melbourne office, jumped on the Beemer to head home on the South Eastern. Just as I was about to enter the tunnel, a woman in a Toyota Starlet turned in front of me.

    Barely had time to think "Shit I'm going to hit her" when I whacked her in the rear wheel. After a 2 second flight, I landed a little roughly.

    Good news is I am fine (full leathers and full face helment - with which I would be missing a jaw and some skin). A bit of bruising, swelling, sore ribs and a sore knee.

    I broke the akle on her car (Beemers revenge!!) but the bike is trashed. Fairing all side ways, tank twisted and leaking, foot peg off and other bits and bobs.

    I was amazed at the number of people who stopped to help, gave me numbers, called the cops and ambulance. It was fantastic. Good thing is the lady said it was her fault and she has since called with claim numbers and all the gear. Also one of our members who I met at a coffee night has given me a run down on how best to deal with insurance companies.

    Good news is I am fine. Bad news is the beast isn't. Took me a while to find her so back on the look out for a K1100 LT SE.

    Seems like me and train are going to have to become friends again!


  2. Bummer to hear about your Beemer, mate. Hope you heal up quick and get some new wheels with which to hit the road again, this time rubber-side-down. :grin:
  3. sorry to hear about your off, heal up quick and good luck with the search for a new bike.
  4. Crap!!!

    Crap crap crap!

    When you say tunnel, you mean city link yes? What the hell was someone "turning" in the entrance of the tunnel?????

    Mend quick mate. Let that new wife of your give you some newly married TLC. :grin:

    Rightio People, STOP CRASHING!
  5. I assume she was darting across to get off at Power st?

    Glad to hear you've bounced well and it's all going to be taken care of. Chalk it up to life experience!
  6. Because you are still allowed to. :LOL:

    Glad to hear it went well (apart from the incident).
  7. Sucks but any accident you walk away from and all that! So another beemer is it??
  8. Damn shame. You haven't had that bike long have you?
  9. [​IMG] is the go with all these f*cken cagers causing this recent spate
    of accidents in this place? [​IMG]

    Must be the hot weather one day & pissing rain the next [​IMG]

    Bloody hell [​IMG]

    Its a real bummer you now need to use pubic transport WGM. Its not
    much but all I can say is all the best with your recovery mate

  10. At least you got out rather unscathed. I know in your mind that you're only lamenting about your bike on.

    I feel your pain man.. been doing this for about a month now. You'll see these riders split past or take off from the lights and you turn and watch and cry a little on the inside. "Me too, me too!!!". :( There needs to be a term for this pain.
  11. Glad you are OK WGM, commiserations on the loss of a friend.

    Good idea blackjacket, any suggestions:

    Bikus interuptis

    Nothing really captures the emptyness you feel having lost a bike and seeing others riding out on a nice sunny day, heading for the windy hills. :cry: I admit it I'm an addict.
  12. isn't that an oxymoron?

    idiots cause crashes. real accidents are very rare
  13. [​IMG] No arguments on that amnesia. I stand corrected.
  14. Bad luck dude but on the good sideI know some one who wants to sell his 1100 bmw :grin: if your interested send me a pm and i will confirm model and price :wink:
  15. Sorry to hear about it but at least you are OK and nobody ran you over once you were on the ground!

    Big bugger about the Beast. A good one is hard to find...
  16. That would be all the part time cagers, who don't normally drive in peak hour traffic, taking the car to work instead of using public transport, because of the rain. :roll: I always watch out for the inexperienced drivers more on rainy days than any other time.
  17. Thanks everyone

    A bit stiff and sore but feeling very lucky. Unfortunately the new wife broke her arm 2 weeks ago playing basketball so it is the house of the cripples!!!

    Thanks for the good wishes. Started looking for a new beast so will see whats out there.

  18. Got the bike in April. Was very happy with it. But now have a chance to look at something else in the tourer range

    Definately a fan of the Beemer but will look around. Don't want to be blinded by obsession. May have a look at the reviews and see what others have said.

    Sent a PM - looking forward to the details

    I was heading down Power St away from the city to get to the Tunnel. Met another rider at City Rd when we both filtered to the front. Light went green and we went. He went first so I gave him some space.
    Power St towards the city was clogged and not moving much. A woman coming down the road turned to her right into Kavanagh St.
    The guy ahead just missed her around the front, I tried to go around the back and smacked into her rear wheel (broke the axle).
    i got launched over the car so just hit the road.

    As Loz says, life experience.

    Very grateful and appreciative of the support on the day and from the NetRider community.

    If nothing else, I will be practicing emergency stops and more countersteering on the new beast, whatever it may be.


  19. Most important thing is you're ok.

    Bummer about the Beemer.

    Hope everything goes smothly for you with the insurance crew.