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The Barry Way Conditions?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by bobthekelpy, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Has anyone recently done the Barry Way? Travel direction will be from Buchan to Jindabyne. Looking for any information on road conditions.

    Most likely be travelling Wednesday or Thursday next week. BOM has a little bit of light rain on the Tuesday, but not a lot. I'll be on road tyres (dropping pressures though) with about 30kg of gear.

    Any advice on road conditions and places of interest would be appreciated.
  2. I did it years ago on road tyres with constant drizzle,that fine dust turns to soap like crap.The last 90ks to Jindy was fully horrible.Front end slips every 30 seconds and that was crawling in 1st gear, no idea how we did not have an off.Something I wouldn't repeat on road rubber ,in the wet,its fine in the dry,.I dont want to put a dampener on it though,pun intended,all part of rich memories to talk about for years .Forgot to add, the camping along The Snowy is brilliant, we just wanted out because of the weather, Mckillops Bridge is flat out unbelievable,in the middle of nowhere,.
  3. We did it two easters ago. Was wet, did it on an r1200gs with dual purpose tyres. Two up with luggage, but got through ok. We nearly threw it down twice. Was steep and rough...if its dry you should get through it but take puncture repair gear.
  4. Here is a pic at Wallaces Gap?...it had rained the night before...also watch out for deer and horses

  5. No recent information but I would agree with Zim that it is slippery in the wet and gets very soft and sandy for a brief section as you cross the border. I doubt if you will have range issues on your bike but I believe there is no petrol at Seldom Seen any more. If you are going to see McKillops Bridge it is on the road between the Bonang and the Barry Way so you would need to head for Orbost come up the Bonang and the cut across.

    There are a couple of camp grounds on tributary streams and a couple of spots you can get down to the Snowy river itself mostly on the NSW side. Running Waters Camp site is one option.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I've been in two minds about this on road tyres.. I'm in no mad rush to do it, but it's been on the wish list for a while. Next set of tyres going on will be dual sport orientated, so may be best to wait until then, which will be after winter.
  7. I'd head to Orbost, then just take the Bonang to Delegate and on to Bombala then just out of Bombala take the Snowy River Way (sealed all the way) to Dalgety then I to Jindy.
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  8. When we did it we took 2 days and it ended up as 350k of dirt with a refuel at some one horse stop somewhere in the middle. The first day was great, it stated raining early on the second day. The weather changes very fast on the Alpine areas, we were coming home from the , Phillip Island GP a mate on an ex cop k BMW and myself on my 1976 3C Laverda.The mud traumatised my mate so much he avoided dirt for years after.
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  9. I did the 'Barry way' two weeks ago. i was on board a fully loaded DR650 with aset of road based tyres fitted, carrying about 40kg of gear.

    The day i did it, there was a big down pour the night before. I did it from Jindabyne end, headed south, turning off it on Limestone rd, to Benambra/Omeo.
    There were some small wash outs on the Jindabyne end, but the rest was pretty good.

    I ride this road a few times each year, as i love the scenery.

    Yes, it is a slippery road, but take your time and it is a very rewarding ride. make sure to take a look at McKillops bridge.

    Main hazards are, cars coming the other way, deer, or rider stupidity!
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  10. Well well... I was entertaining the idea of doing Barry way from Bruthen to Jindabyne in one day, on my Duke Ktm 390, alone, with minimal dirt experience and no camping gear (don't own any here in VIC)....

    Someone told me it was sealed... Glad I checked this thread!! I think I won't do it!! :eek:
  11. But it's a challenge in intrigued by...
    Anyone can tell me how many kms of dirt?
    How long does it reasonable take?
    And any photos of the tracks? Lol
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  13. Love the drool worthy photos!
    I just gotta find the write up, lol ;)
    By any chance Wanna do the ride again? :cool::p
  14. What U planning? and When? Are you going to do the Snowy Mountain Hwy Cooma to Tumut?
  15. Wheres me BoikeWheres me Boike , have open plans although wasn't thinking of going that far both at the moment.
    Anytime from 2nd week of May onwards... I have open calendar!
    Company is appreciated so anyone wanting to join, the merrier! :cool: