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The Barefoot Squid

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spud Gun, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. I was in the car park of my local IGA when a see an Across come in and park up. I was coming out with my shopping and I actually stopped walking when I noticed that the rider was not just squidding (shorts, singlet), but was also barefoot. I have never seen a squid this squid like. This almost creates a new species of squid, the gigantic squid. I mean barefoot gear changes and braking? If gives a whole new meaning to toe scraper. Surely something is required to protect the soles of your feet from the pegs?

  2. A friend who I ride with who is a nurse on the Goldcoast is seeing more and more people with life threatening injurys to their feet (you can bleed to death very quickly if a major artery is opened up) What scares me though is when the authoritys decide that you must wear X and they draft laws to make it so. These moron's who think they are invicable could end up making it hard for the rest of us who do the right thing just because they can't spare 30 sec. to put some shoe's on. I think moronic squid may be the name.
  3. It's their choice, fcuking idiots if you ask me. :roll:
  4. I used to ride in thongs. I had an angled bit on the outside corner that had worn down from scraping the road. :shock:

    Then I came to my senses. Luckily it was before I had an accident otherwise I fear what injuries I could have sustained.
  5. Pegs wouldn't be as much of a problem I reckon as putting your foot down on hot tarmac everytime you stop.
  6. Hey why should people pay a lot money for Dermabrasion sessions, Asphalt is my preferred exfoliant.
  7. i rode behind a decked out crusier the other day with the guy squidding with thongs on, I thought that was pretty insane... barefeet?? :shock:
  8. yeah, yeah, same same, what good does telling people who generally don't squid about those who do???

    nothing to see here, move along.....
  9. You don't see the point in discussing it, maybe others do. I had never seen a barefoot squid, just wondering if anyone else had. Generally speaking, if I have nothing to add to a thread, I don't post in it.
  10. I can understand why you did post, but most 'tut-tut, look at the squid' posts denegerate very quickly into an orgy of self-congratulation as to how wise WE are for not doing it. I'm not saying you were doing that, but since most of us agree with you, and the squid in question is not about to read your opinion of him here, his behaviour is unlikely to change. Was not personally attacking you, OK??
  11. Right! Thats it! On the green after school! Seriously, I see your point, but I am not trying to lecture on the do's and dont's or anything like that. I really thought I had seen the extent of squiddiness that there was, but this shocked me and rasied (or is it lowered) the bar of squid attire. I just want to share and perhaps even chuckle at the stupidity of others.
  12. Have you ever tried changing gear bare-footed? Friggen hurts I can tell ya :grin:
  14. only if they're too hot... and the gear change doesnt hurt a bare foot if u stick it RIGHT up against it, so then u only have to gently move ur ankle
  15. Maybe he has gearbox problems and wanted more sesitivity. BTW it does hurt like hell after a while of chaging gears barefoot
  16. He was probably popping down the shops. Big deeeeal.
  17. Going to the shops was when I broke my collarbone and had the bike land on my foot (I had traveled a total of 500 metres) 18 years ago. It's usualy the short trips that bring you down
  18. I had only traveled about 100m, was doing 15-20kph according to police, and was summarily dispatched by a blind troglodyte in a 4WD. Results 3 spinal fractures, broken wrist, thumb, sternum and a couple of ribs thrown in for the hell of it. I was told the spinal fracture in my neck was just 1cm from the big 'goodnight been nice to know ya'.....so yeah it was a friggin "big deeeeal."
  19. never seen a shoeless squid.

    I just got that ball retracting feeling when I thought about doing it myself...

    crazy dude, each to there own!
  20. I sometimes look twice at people in shorts and t-shirt riding, but then people who wear full race leathers think I'm stupid for only wearing the usual jacket and jeans, and car drivers look at all of us including those full race leather riders and think - temporary australians...