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The Ballad of the Stupendous Six

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by 69SIM, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. cjvfrcjvfr marked part of the Jindabyne Netrider meetup by penning a cool bit of prose and as I started to sort through quite a few hours of ride video I found that the dusk/twilight/night part of our ride had been recorded (surprising considering the camera was d1cking about most of the day).

    So I threw together this short video with as much of the video that was recorded before the battery died.

    Enjoy! :)

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  2. I love your work 69SIM69SIM
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  3. bravo!

    I saw that wallaby just after you left the servo - was there any others? spot the macropod competition???
  4. Excellent 69SIM69SIM (y) a day/night the Stupendous Six will never forget.
  5. Excellent!! What are the extra lights you turned on????
  6. Thanks mate :)

    cjvfr and sibi saw quite a few I think as they was up the front. By the time the rest of us came along they were all scared away :)

    Hehe indeed!

    I have some 10W spots. One (the right side) was supposed to be a flood but they didn't have any so I ended up with two spots.
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  7. Quite the fitting piece of music, 69SIM69SIM

    Watching your footage, coupled to that melody and that prose brings a lump to my throat and almost a tear to the eye.
    What an adventure. I'm lucky to have been a part of it.

    Thank you very much for putting this together, mate.
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  8. Thanks Mick, it was a great ride back, just what we needed :)
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  9. nice one mate (y)
  10. Cheers, I think Hollywood is safe though hehe
  11. That was brilliant
  12. Awesome footage. Well put together ...
  13. There are few things scarier than getting back to base, or home, along dark country roads. Doubly so when you are shepherding a group of riders, even more so when there's been an incident and plans have gone out the window. The film doesn't show the stress of watching behind every shadow to see if there's a kangaroo or wombat there, and the seemingly never-ending feeling of "are we there yet?" The stress showed on everybody's face when they finally rolled in.
    Praise must go to the cool, experienced head of the ride, Chris, and the TEC!
    And to our fabulous film-maker, of course!
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  14. Thanks :D

    I totally agree, you take in the scenery when you can but mostly you're scanning the edge of the road and keeping an eye on headlights in your mirrors and tail lights in front of you. Chris and Mick were fantastic in their role and even I had a go at TEC'ing at one point whilst Mick road ahead, your senses get put on alert. Thanks for the kind words Paul, the camera did most of the work (when it batteries weren't dying on me - new battery time me thinks).
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  15. Well done, excellent narrating and filming. May I ask what camera you were using, also what program did you use to narrate and add music and last but not lest, what format is the video in?
  16. I'm using a Drift Ghost-S. It's pretty good, though I've been having some issues with the batteries, so I am going to buy some new ones, they normally last me 3hrs at 1080 @ 30fps but have been dying after an hour. The camera has a low light setting but I didn't turn it on for this video, so the lighting you see isn't bad for a standard daylight setting. The camera is mounted on the right hand side of my helmet but I also have mounted points on the bike but I keep forgetting to use them.

    I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro for the editing, it does everything you see on the video including the text and inserting the audio. It's pretty powerful and because the mic I use causes a bit of high frequency interference, Premiere Pro has a low pass filter to remove it from the video. The music is free to use licensed stuff that I grab off the internet.

    The format is your standard 1080p @ 30fps using the H.264 codec. When I convert it into YouTube it's the same format though I do a 2 pass conversion to try and get the quality up.

    Thanks for the comments :)
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  17. I push the button and forget it, my method KISS :).
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