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the bad luck continues...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by suzyq, May 22, 2006.

  1. gees ive got some bad karma at the moment...

    ok so most of you know i came off my little spada 5 weeks ago (id only had it a week :( ) and had to have a replacement humerus :shock: !
    yes the bike is being fixed but it will be months before i can ride again and ill have to do the whole pre-learner stuff again :? oh well!

    well, last week i broke my front tooth, its going to cost me $1200 to get a new crown on that tooth :oops: and then to top it all off this morning i get dumped by txt message! :eek: how much does that suck??

    so any single guys between 40 - 45 years, that like dogs (i have 3!) who dont mind having a one armed (its only temporary! lol) girlfriend whos into bikes, and is willing to risk the bad karma, get in touch! LOL

  2. Must have own bike, Please send photo of bike to .....

    Have to agree, it is a bit of a bad run there suzy. Hope the arm heals quickly and you get back out on the road, then all your troubles will seem to fade.

  3. Jeeeeeesus, that's not much of a run. Still, there's usually a positive to these periods of intense change. Keep an open mind and look for the silver lining.

    I'm tempted to make a joke about how you could knock the rest of your teeth out to attract a new boyfriend.... but I won't, that would be inappropriate.

    So all the best mate!
  4. A text message? How old was he 19? :eek:

    Susy sorry to hear your bad news, keep smiling at least you wont have to ride in the cold weather. :p
  5. Bugger suzyq, they reckon bad luck comes in threes so I reckon you should be right now. :) As for your boyfriend what an ass :shock:
  6. Go and buy a lottery ticket, your luck has to change soon. Just be ready for it o_O.
  7. matti-san - no the sad thing is he is 42! yes i would expect it from an 18 year old! oh well...
  8. Dumped by SMS, that's very low, sounds like you are better off without someone like that in your life.

    Well wishes for the physical recovery and hope you get on rubber again soon.

  9. At the end of the day, a breakup is a breakup. It's always going to be insulting. The fact that it was via text message just reflects on his cowardly nature and you should feel good about being rid of a fellow who doesn't have the guts to do the dirty work properly.

    Now if *I* was breaking up with you, I'd do it in STYLE. Loud, proud and public. Nice restaurant dinner, bottle of red, embarrass the waiters, written request for return of CDs.
  10. well it could have been worse right? he could have got you pregnant, then got a friend of his to send you an sms dumping you. Or you could have got gangrene and really be a one armed lady!

    Im really sorry to hear about the run of bad luck, but im sure the delightful sydney coffee boys would still buy your beautiful self a few drinks if you headed down there.

    ps my uncle lives in sydney, is single, likes dogs and is 43ish, and he used to ride bikes too ;) lol
  11. Getting dumped by text message isn't bad luck.

    Bad luck would be spending another week in the company of someone like that.
  12. :LOL: Eswen the 250cc Cupid
  13. No one knows this guy and your all paying out on him, hold on a sec; this guy may have very valid reasons for using the SMS break-up.
    The SMS break-up is the best way to go if you’ve been dating a bunny boiler type chick, that way- you, your house, your bike, your car, & offcourse your pet bunnies are safest.
    Another bonus of SMS is you can type out this message moments before being with another woman and thus avoid the permanent stain of having cheated on a girlfriend, as all women will hold this against you forever and a day and then some, less grief for all concerned.
    I say it’s more important of when notice of a break-up is given rather than how it is given.
  14. well frankly i think sms break ups suck! how gutless is it? oh dont worry, i replied by email and told him how gutless he was! the sad thing is i spent all weekend with him attending a family wedding! i drove to his place with one arm which i got 3 lectures from friends/family about!

    i will miss his ST1100 more than him i think! it was very comfy!
  15. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    yeh i'm sure they'll forgive you coz you sent an sms 1 minute before doing the deed
  16. That sounds like a lousy way to get dumped. I can do an eswen and put you in touch with somone who's also been recently dumped.

    There are some positives:
    He's won national awards for his beer and mead making :LOL:
    He's got lots of money :LOL:
    He's basically a very nice guy :LOL:

    The negatives:
    He lives in Canberra (only a minor negative)
    He's an accountant :cry:
    but the biggest negative is:

    He rides a Harley Fatboy :LOL:

  17. Very wise words my friend!

    Nah stuff the bloke low dog act.