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The autumn wobbles and pilot roads:report

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by russ, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. finally finally finally went for a spin yesterday in glorious weather after enduring months of melbournes tortuous winter (and a flatspotted tyre after a trip to adelaide). I have to say the riding cobwebs are thick and cloying.

    two months ago i rode to Adelaide in the first 30 degree day of autumn, this resulted in a very flatspotted rear tyre. Since I'm heading up to brisbane on Saturday I had to opt for a road tyre and chose the Pilot road (pilot power on the front). The tyre was installed on wednesday morning and off I went ot the tourist road in dandenong. Naturally i was taking it easy as i rode into sassafras along Mountain hwy (tyre definitely wasn't scrubbed in), even so I was botching every entry and exit and I could barely remember the road. The bike was real skippy underneath me and i couldn't seem to get it settled. i think that was partially due to the different profile the pilot road has to the power (but mainly attributed to riding rustiness). I was suprised at my lack of coordination, or at least, suprised that I could forget what I was doing so quickly. towards the third run up the highway I was starting to get the old rythm back but still I'm far away from acceptable, *unfortunately* i'm just going to have to put in some practice. woe is me :LOL:

    I came away impressed with the roads, they hold grip well and from all appearances give adequate feedback. I certainly have a fair way to go before taking them to their limits and i do harbour secret doubts about the intelligence of putting pilot powers (front) and roads( rear) together.
    The chicken rings are standing at around the 10 mm mark (though I did hit the outside edge on one or two corners, the scrubbing is not complete) but of course mountain hwy is always good for that. I was reminded of someones comment on netrider (months ago)about the profile of the Pilot powers aiding the chicken ring status and after viewing the pilot roads (with the different profile) and the resultant scrubbing, I have to disagree. I found myself around 10-15degrees less confident in the bike. meaning i was not confident enough to tip the bike in to the corners and scrap the boots (well, ok maybe once or twice :D ) and the resulting wear on the tyre was identical to what was shown on the powers when I first rode on them.

    anywhoo I'm not overly sure why I bothered post this, I guess I really just wanted to say
    woo hooo! summer! :D :D :D
  2. Hey Russ,

    I have the same combo on my Sprint ST. Did it cos the rear Pilot Power picked up a nail and was in any case wearing too fast for me to afford another.

    The two models have different profiles so the turn-in is a little peculiar. But you get used to it and the combo can be hammered hard. No problem scraping my pegs.

    I like a (relatively) sticky tyre up front for those oh-oh moments coming too fast into a bend.

    Yep, summer sure is grand; wish it had been around yesterday ;-}