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The Australian Aversion To Late-Night Businesses, -or- Why Is There No 24 Hour Pharmacy In Melbourne

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grue, May 22, 2010.

  1. I'm housesitting for my dad and have a mild cat allergy that is only noticeable when I'm around his cat for more than about 8 hours at a stretch. So I figure "Hey, I'll go get some allergy meds, just enough to last through the week".

    No, I guess not because it's after midnight, and the only 24 hour pharmacy is in Mill fracking Park. What the crap? I have a really hard time believing that a city of almost four million people can't support a 24 hour pharmacy somewhere near the actual city.

  2. wouldn't a convenience store have some of the more common stuff?
  3. Apparently the nanny state has broken that. Anything worth buying for allergies has to be sold at pharmacies/chemists from what I can tell :-s
  4. that sucks. I've got a pretty local 24 hour chemist which has come in handy previously.
  5. oh, i got a guy.
    he's always contactable late at night.
    his name's Rip, you want his pager number?
  6. The 1st problem with 24 hour business is getting people to work night shift, the second problem is getting them to work it at a wage that allows a profit.

    I'm betting that most pharmacists wouldn't want night shift anyway...
  7. im pretty sure coles has telfast
  8. Risk V's Reward

    We had a 24 hour pharmacy near us for a while, got help up eleventy seven times in the 1st 12 months so they just went back to 9 til 9 trading...
  9. It has always been like that - it is called the Poisons Act. Many years ago, you couldn't even buy aspirin anywhere but a pharmacy and antihistamines (allergy medications) were prescription only. Things have become progressively more relaxed over the years.

    Nothing to do with nanny state.

    Oh yes, and as Bluefreak says, late night pharmacies figure prominently in the robbery/attempted robbery statistics.

  10. I'd say that's 100% nanny state, frankly.
  11. No the Poisons Act has more to do with medicine safety and avoiding untoward side effects and interactions.

    However, there is also a bit of a "closed shop" element. Pharmacies have lobbied very hard to limit certain things to "pharmacy only" which could quite safely be sold at your local Coles.

    However, I would not put antihistamines in that class, sorry.
  12. If you think Melbourne's bad, try moving to Perth where everything shuts no later than 5.30 pm.

    Oh for the days when you could buy laudanum over the counter.

    Who cares if Coles have Telfast. The bloody stuff doesn't work.
  13. Do they still exist outside emergency services ??
  14. On the topic of Chemists (and medical centres :p). We moved to Geelong last month to be closer to family since we have our daughter and it's been *PAINFUL* trying to find a GP for my ongoing shoulder stuff. It's been VERY routine but constant due to the pain from the nerve damage but after calling 20-30 places, only 2 were suitable as most just closed books to new patients full stop! I found out from one centre that 9 doctors have left the Geelong area in the past 12 months or so.

    At least I will definitely have a new GP to see 'local', I've still been needing to go to Melbourne to get my monthly pain scripts until I can either get the local (3-5 minute drive) GP I want to be able to either say yes or no; he has been waiting on my medical history that was lost in the mail [literally] for 3 weeks when sent. If he says no, the nearest place is in Geelong centre which takes about 15 minutes to drive and $1.90/hr parking which from our recent experience is the most expensive "normal' street parking. One positive, Geelong is dirt cheap per hr compared to inner Melbourne and it's only a 3-5 minute walk to get free parking to walk into the shopping centre. I recall there was a 9-9 chemist in inner Geelong ~10 years ago when I lived here, no need for them *yet*. Time to do more research with regards to chemists.

    I guess as others have shown, pretty much anywhere you live, somewhere in Oz is worse off.. So, let's find the WORST area for chemists, err besides my parents place. No petrol station for 15-20km from their place at all and 1-2 chemists that most likely close before 6-7PM. It's a place for retirees mostly + summer holiday makers, "Indented Head". AWESOME place for "doing nothing", just don't expect to get to a chemist or petrol place (and back) within 1 hour!
  15. Hospital emergency room can dispense anti-histamine.

    You go in, you hand over your Medicare card, you say 'allergic to XYZ and having trouble breathing' - they give you drugs, you smile and say thanks, and silently wish you got the hot nurse instead of Nurse Ratchett.

  16. Please don't do that. You will tie up already scarce resources, because if you walk in and say that you are having trouble breathing you will be admitted into a bed and seen by a doctor. They will not just hand over an antihistamine on your say so (or at least they shouldn't because that would be medical negligence).

    What Grue should have done since he already knows he is allergic to cats and knew he was going to be housesitting his dad's place, was stock up on antihistamines during the course of normal shopping.
  17. Ditto! Always have lots spare.

    I always make sure I carry around Paracetamol, and always have a first aid kit on my bike.
  18. I heard it was the robbery thing as well.
  19. I'm not covered by medicare :/

    Anyway that's squandering resources and wasting someone else's money unjustly.
  20. Well, this cat thing is a pretty recent revelation… it's oddly inconsistent, sometimes I have issues, sometimes I don't. I do normally have a package over here for this reason, but dad moved and I'm not sure where he put it :-s