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The Aussie Pride

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Le Squid, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. Driving through Maroochydore today and a fully loaded 4wd workute had stalled on an uphill at a stop sign. The two blokes in the car where trying to push it so the banking up traffic behind could get through. Out of about 9 cars 4 blokes ran down to help push the car =D>, to my surprise there was a mother (yummy too) with 3 kids clapping her hands and giving all of us the thumbs up and a wave.

    I know it doesn't seem like much but it's great to see people do this kind of thing.

    Any other story's like this out there!


    Edited: as per Smee ;-)
  2. I like to stop if I can help out. I took a lad for a fuel run to a servo recently cause he was out of juice. Also stopped to help an older gent who decided not to turn the corner on his bike. I had a big prang on the highway when I was younger and I was not in a good way, but some bloke stopped to help me out and hung around till I was all sorted. I always think if you can help you should stop.

    Best on I ever had was a pommy backpacker who had walked 200km south of townsville and had to be in brisbane for a plane next day. Poor guy had not a single cent to his name. Lucky for him I was heading back to brisbane. Offered to feed him and give him a place to sleep till the morn but he just wanted to get dropped off at the airport!
  3. Had an off duty cop help me out after a lowside; gave me a lift (bike wouldn't start) and hung around until a tow had been arranged. He was nice, and I only found out he was police when he sent me an email from his work address (pictures of the scene).
  4. So did you get a summons for neg. driving? :wink:
  5. Nope. I did say he was nice :D. Besides, all that paperwork and effort is probably too much work to think about when one isn't working ;).
  6. Fair enough. Just thought he might have given his colleagues a quick call before you got away :wink:.
  7. What's disturbing is why you found that mummy's kids yummy.
  8. bit of red wine . . . .
  9. Nah, it's white for long pig. Or cider.
  10. Could be interpreted that way I suppose...to some 8-[

    Fixed :beer: