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The Atkinson Issue

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jirf88, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. So folks, who else out there enjoys the odd video game?

    I certainly do. WWII FPS games are one of my favourite kinds, actually. For me, it's always been somewhat... relaxing. Trench warfare from the comfort of your own home, to the calming sounds of Rachmaninoff...

    ANYWAY that's not the issue.

    There is a lobby group who is stirring trouble with the classifications board. They are saying that currently the 15+ rating for games is too lax. And I for one totally agree. Games such as COD: Modern Warfare and World at War are incredibly graphic. Not something that I would want my hypothetical under 15yo child playing.

    Does this mean that I want these games banned? Not at all. It means that I support an 18+ rating for video games. Unfortunately for me, we don't have one. Thanks in no small part to the Attorney General (thanks CamHornet) of South Australia. You see, to get one instated, all states must agree that we need one in Australia. Mr Atkinson however is of the opinion that everyone who plays video games is a mass murderer in the making. Every time the topic is brought up he screams "THINK OF THE CHILDREN" and blocks the move. To this day I am left wondering if he is aware that there is an R18+ rating for film and television...

    Hence the Atkinson issue. He doesn't want an R18+ rating, but then complains when violent games are released under 15+.

    So the question is, do YOU support an R18+ rating for video games?

    There are plenty more on this issue, but this is the most recent
  2. I do, but only if it will not restrict the importation of new releases, only if the games are sold with no modification, and only if the classification system streamlines the release of new games (as opposed to them getting lost in red tape)

    Technology has advanced far beyond the pong days, and game classification has not kept up with the improvement in game technology and increase in adult content.

    I think that release dates in oz are often delayed (or cancelled) because new games can't be classified under the current classification system.
  3. There are two elements to this really.
    One is about Censorship (Which I am fundamentally opposed to)
    The second is about Consumer Awareness and companies having to be honest about there products (Which I wholly Support)
    For movies (And games) a thorough and proper classification process forces compliance to providing awareness.
    People don’t stop maturing at 15, and there is definitely content they (and/or there guardians) should be aware of when buying media products, as such yes a rating system going beyond 15+ makes a $hit load of sense to me.
  4. Atkinson not only blocked the last vote on introducing an R rating for video games, he subsequently blocked the creation of a committee to investigate PROPOSING an addition of an R rating for video games.

    One of co-workers is somewhat political (environmental nutcase really) and he's had an opportunity to speak one on one with Atkinson.
    Apparently Atkinson is very much the sort of man where if you brought up the fact that there's an R rating for movies and controlled substances like cigarettes and alcohol can be bought quite easily, he'd happily take the position that those should be banned too.

    This guy is a loon who thinks he has a moral justification to enforce his standards on everyone, regardless of their beliefs.
  5. Just give me a sniper rifle and a bubble-shield.
  6. He's actually the Attorney-General, but I share your sentiments.

    One day he'll be booted out and we'll receive an "R" category for games, but not yet... ](*,)
  7. Ha. Thanks CamHornet. Do I get points for being close?
  8. What's the point? If you stop kids from buying violent games in store, they are just going to buy them online ie. ebay.
  9. This bloke needs to be taken care of.

    If it wasn't for clueless knobs like him they would be releasing Left 4 Dead 2 in Australia. I demand the right to look at violent videogames! Viva la classification revolutione!
  10. it is being released, and by all accounts(mine and everyone else's) the Australian Version is shite, the way it has been censored.
  11. My friend and I completed House of the Dead: Overkill with goregasms from start to end. Cutting zombies in half or their legs off with the mini gun and watching them crawl towards you is always a source of amusement as is the noise when you get them square with a head shot. We gave up on Call of Duty: World at War. Despite that, I won't be getting a shot gun and blowing peoples' heads off any time soon. Sure, I may have gone on the footpath to run over pedestrians with the taxi in Die Hard years ago on the PS just to hear him say "sorry pal", "you won't do that again" and to see how many times I could hit the corpse and bounce it forward just to hit it again but I'm not reckless with my car in real life. I laughed my head off when one of my friends beat up, shot the driver then car jacked in Grand Theft Auto. I don't even contemplate doing such things. They are just games FFS.

    I agree with restricting sales of these games to certain age groups but it is just like cigarettes and alcohol - those under age can and do get their hands on them regardless of controls.

    The reasons they put forward for a lot of these graphic games are bs. If they must cover for the lowest common denominator then we wouldn't have electricity for fear of someone being electrocuted nor would we have motorised transport so that there wouldn't be any fatalities that way. I think it goes too far at times. Look at movies like Hostel. They have been released yet I don't agree with movies showing people getting hunted and mutilated as a sport. My ex made me watch it with her and suffice to say I won't watch another one like that again. I know it is only a movie but I wouldn't put it past things like that actually happening in real life unlike zombie killings.
  12. I have been outnerded in nerdformation!

    Do you know if you can get the gory version on the net? Does steam sell you the crappiffied version? I usually like getting copies of games but L4D is simple enough to make an exception.
  13. You'll never stop minors from getting their hands on things they shouldn't have, but that isn't the issue here. Were talking about allowing adults access to adult material, not stopping children from accessing adult material.
  14. I think some people just have a hard time getting their head around the fact that adults play video games.

    It's traditionally viewed as a childhood pastime but for those of us who were raised on the stuff are so accustomed to them that they've become a part of our culture.
  15. Gamer Party To Run Against Atkinson At Next Election

  16. Wow. Good luck to 'em.
  17. They won't sell it to you here. However you may be able to have it 'gifted' to your account either from someone you know (UK, NZ etc) or from an automated service which will probably spring up.
    This will probably affect multiplayer compatibility, so you may not be able to play on low ping aussie servers.

    Suffice to say, I'm not buying the censored version. I might get the uncensored version if I'm able to add it to my account.
  18. Count me in that group. I occasionally pull out Vice City but after half an hour I'm sick of it. I just see video games as antisocial and unhealthy. Infinitely more fun can be had outdoors with friends then you will ever have locked in your room playing World of Warcraft
  19. So by that logic people who read books are antisocial? Solitude is not an unhealthy thing provided that its balanced with sociable activities.

    I, for one, practically spend my childhood indoors. While alot of my mates were out playing baseball, I was at home reading or playing Doom. I didn't enjoy baseball/other sports because try as I may, I was terrible at them. Half way through yr 10 I found out that the reason I sucked so badly was because I am short sighted, with astigmatism and depth perception issues. Now that these have been remedied, I could very well take up a sport if I wanted to. But I enjoy reading and playing doom.

    Video games are just another pass time, and are no less antisocial or unhealthy than any other activity that one can take on by ones self. Such as going for a nice long spin by yourself on your motorbike...
  20. Somebody hasn't been exposed to Super Smash Brothers on Wii! :rofl:

    Getting a bunch of buddies together and beating each other up virtually or blowing each others heads off is a world of fun! Each to their own though, I still get out into the real world, I ride my moto and pushie and have lots of buddies through that, I do MMA and am mates with lots of my training partners. You can play video games and still live an active life, you'll never be as l33t as the Lvl 80 pwnking in WoW but on the plus side you retain a life and still get to cause some virtual havoc.

    No shame in enjoying games, I love going into fantasy land in Oblivion and kicking some bandit tail or teaming up with some mates in L4D and getting picked off by zombies. It doesn't have to be anti-social, often there is just a different culture attached to it. Even the big WoW nerds are often very active on forums and whilst they have not real world life, their online lives are very social. This can certainly work as a plus if you're the overweight guy who's quite socially awkward. I actually know a girl who met most of her boyfriends through playing WoW.... and yes, she never heard the end of it :rofl: