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THE Ashes

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. Now if you're not a cricket fan, the football/lacrosse/sky-diving/etc thread is over there --------->

    If you ARE a cricket fan, this thread is here for us to discuss, disect and ruminate on the Australian team's efforts to wrest back what is rightfully ours, the little urn.

    I think the team is a good one; just like Queenslanders with the State of Origin, the great majority of Australian players who are given the green baggy cap, rise to the occasion, and often above it.

    Jeff Thompson's spiteful spray about Ponting is just that; spite. I doubt any other cricketer could have captained the team to two World Cups and more wins than you could count if you started now. He give the young blokes a great target to aim at, and I'm sure they will blossom under his leadership.

    1-249 at stumps is pretty impressive; if both Katich and Ponting push on to near double-centuries, and the rest chip in with 50 or so each, the English could be looking at a 600+ Australian first innings.
  2. I thought the ashes were ours already.

    I don't think it will be as easy on day 3, simply because they will need to up the scoring rate a little in order to force a result. It sounds like there might be some showers on the weekend.

    Plus a lethal spell from Flintoff with the new ball could see Aus in a bit of bother still.

    I reckon if they can get about 100 odd runs for the loss of 1 or 2 wickets in the morning session, then they should up the ante in the afternoon sessions.

    Anyway, I've been looking forward to this for a while now. :grin:
  3. Prez, you're right about the scoring rate I think. I still see this match as one that really only England can win, or end in a draw. Now, if we had Warnie.....

    I'd also like to say, hooray for Katich. He's really come into his own over the last 12-18 months.

    Happy to see other bowlers get a go instead of Brett Lee, but not happy to see him injured.
  4. Thank god they batted well, because the bowling to get those last 3 wickets was comical, I know you can't replace a mc grath or warne but you can bowl a good line and length not straying all over the pitch at test level surely, they should have picked clarke
  5. He's an excellent bowler, could get up to mcgrath level. Who do you think you would pick him over?
  6. probably siddle, a run rate of 4.5 an over doesnt build enough pressure, clarke before he got injured was probably becoming our number 1 bowler with lee's decline and mc grath and warnes retirement, maybe they thought he is short of a gallop, but he will bowl tight and where they dont want it, that builds pressure and allows a johnson or lee to just concentrate on trying to blast through them
  7. See, I like Siddle also. Agreed those figures aren't flattering, but he has been a very effective bowler. He can break through when batsmen seem settled and he bowls with good purpose. Lee has gone off the boil, sure he's fast, but his line and length isn't so good and he doesn't get much movement. His temper usually breaks any momentum he may gather.
  8. siddle and hilfenhuas are both developing still and will only get better the more they play, i would have chosen either over lee who has been a passenger the last few series he has played so am agreed there.
    Lee did get a few wicketsin the warm up match but seems to lack his pace over longer test matches almost as if he is worried about burnout and injury, unfortunately for him pace seems to be his only weapon as you said not great on line and length or movement in the air, when he slows down he is easy pickings
  9. Lee is a strike bowler and should only get 4-5 overs to rattle their cage, that is my opinion on how he should be used. Clark is a work horse and without him we don't really have anyone to keep the pressure on from one end while you mix it up at the other. Mcgrath could do that and take wickets too.
  10. Surprised they didn't pick Clark also, he's a great bowler. As for the batting, shame that Huges got out after he somewhat looked 'settled'. Ponting is a run machine!

    Hope Hauritz (sp?) takes a bag, so much criticism on him.

    Weather might come into play, its meant to rain.
  11. i like siddle. he did well in SA. hilfenhaus also, but i think clarke would of been a better choice, for, as said, tying down one end.

    good on katich, he's really made the most of his opportunity :)
  12. Ponting and Katich looked good last night i thought. Good to see Siddle in the team too, but a shame for S. Clarke to miss out.
  13. Some of the quotes from the Brit press on news.com.au are hilarious....
  14. well, 3 quick wickets, two new batsmen.

    Should be interesting now.
  15. ponting just out for 150 doh!
  16. It is back to about even but not time to panic yet.
  17. I think Australia are out in front atm, purely because of the strength of their batting lineup.

    Go Monty, great 'fluky' wicket lol.

    Not having Clarke as some people have said is incredibly weird, he is probably Australia's best bowler over the last couple of years...

    Some eople really have to give Hauritz a break, just reading some of the comments made about him, apparently even the former prime minister has commented on him. I feel for the guy, hes trying his guts out and did really well in the first innings...

    By the way GO ENGLAND!!!! :twisted:
  18. I'm gonna be a little biatch right now.

    It's CLARK not CLARKE

    Clark the bowler, Clarke the batsman. :p

    Anyway, I would also put Australia just a bit in front, but they will need to get a decent lead since they are batting last, say about 100ish.

    Also, McGill should not present the SBS coverage, he looks like he's trying way too hard. Maybe he will relax a little more as the series goes on, but at the moment it just hurts to watch him.
  19. :oops: :LOL:
    So now i know....

    You know i was just talking to my brother about MacGill, my bro still thinks its better than having the sbs soccer presenter doing the head coverage roll.

    I think hes still doing better than Damien Martyn presenting. He seems a bit tight so to speak lol.

    By the way i hope monty bags a 5/for, not going to happen the way he's bowling now though :mad: .
  20. Yea 70-80 lead would be minimum I would think, if we are going to win.