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The Art of Stacking

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Owen, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. Hey everyone, another annoying post from me. Just wondering, in a stack (i.e. your bike falling over, crashing etc) is it safer to roll or slide and is there much choice on which one to do :?:

  2. Its safer to just not stack in the 1st place :wink: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. unless you're a ninja, things will just happen - usually you don't get a lot of time to choreograph your routine (fall) :LOL:
  4. As gixxersrule stated, better not to crash, but when you stack quite often there isn't a lot of choice. What was recommended to me though is when you think you've stopped sliding count three seconds and then get up. The reality is that when you try and get up you still probably haven't come to a stop, so you try and get up and fall over on and this is apparently the time when limbs normally get broken.
  5. I think most of the posters have answered the question.
    Usually you will slide if the surface is smooth and there are no obstacles that will unsettle you and you keep your limbs close to you. As soon as you try and unsettle the slide you can end up rolling.
    Also you tend to roll on a highside, and slide on a lowside.
    Just make sure you wear the correct gear cos any fall associated with long slides on asphalt is baad mkay?
  6. You're better off lowsiding rather than highsiding. DAMHIK! :oops:
  7. Who gets a choice?? :shock: You don't get to decide but try to go with the flow when it happens. Never attempt to stand up until you have stopped moving. Also try not to follow instinct by trying to use your arms, legs or head to bring yourself to a stop. You'll only end up breaking them. Just let you gear do its job on the road and hope there's no WRB's around. :D
  8. As soon as you realise you have crashed the first thing to do is run to your bike and see if its ok. Worry about yourself later :D
  9. Now when I come off, I consciously roll over or get my body into a position to slide on my back ASAP. It just hurts too much to slide anywhere on your body :)
  10. Don't forget mat... that as you do that wait carefully for the stuffed (ankle, knee, leg, hip or back) to collapse underneath you so you look like even more of a total dick head. For extra points do it on a steep windy hill so you roll as well as fall (yes been there done this). Bonus points if you can actually stand up after this and get the bike running!

    If you have a long slide sometimes you'll see yourself sliding towards hard objects... this normally leads to mad scrabbling which turns into a roll as the mad scrabbling upsets the slide.

    Of course it doesn't actually effect much... but at least you can tell yourself you went down fighting against that white post :)
  11. Yeah, but all those famous MotoGP types I see on the TV are always doing that jump up during the slide and landing using the slide momentum to continue running.... or are they just all ninjas?
  12. i was squidding on a dirt bike on the islands in thailand years ago with the gf on the back. hit sand on the outside of a bend and lowsided off the road into a ditch.

    reaction one? check on her (she was fine) :D
    reaction two? check the bike (one broken mirror and some scratches) :)
    reaction three? realise i'm bleeding with gravel rash from mid thigh practically to my ankle :?
  13. First thing to do is get the hell away from your bike. Kick your bike away and watch where its goin, nothing worse than getting a trapt leg or having it crash into you after you have stopped sliding. Painful.
  14. I'd want to be getting my bearings, AND getting off the ground ASAP...

    "have I stopped?.....one........two......*hit by a car*"

    Things are different on a circuit with gravel traps and huge flat run-offs, no poles, trees, signs, traffic... They can probably afford to try and get up earlier.
  15. There's no art to crashing, anyone can do it; the REAL art is in STAYING UPRIGHT!