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Featured The architects behind the Greun Transfer hate motorcyclists

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smileedude, May 1, 2015.

  1. "Babe, Can you get some milk on the way home?"
    "Sure thing, see you soon".
    So I pull into the new East Village shopping centre. "This wont take long". Of course the supermarket is at the other end so you have to walk past every single shop to get your one thing. By the time I get to Coles in all heavy winter gear and stiff boots not designed for walking more than 50m I'm breaking out in a fierce sweat like Ive just been running a marathon. As I enter Coles I think "where's the milk." Oh yeah back corner. Then as I pass the rows of quinoa and organic spelt bread it dawns on me how delibrate the shopping centre is set up to make you walk past everything to get the most commonly bought single item.

    Absolute bastardry.
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  2. Happy Friday!
    I hope there's beer and not just milk for your evening beverage.
    Though, perhaps a lovely cup of cocoa will calm you
  3. Double post oops.
    Suggestion for next time... corner shop or servo.
  4. There was half a bottle of wine in a single glass waiting for me when I walked through the door.
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  5. You only figured this out now? Go stand in the corner ;)
  6. Dudetee - Babe, can you be my shopping biatch because I wrote off the car? I'll give you the dregs of the pish I'm drinking if you do.
    Dude - Yes dear.
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  7. Just because I do all the shopping and cooking doesn't make me any less of a man.

    If I didnt she wouldnt kill the spiders for me.
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  8. You're my hero. Are we still on for crochet club next Saturday?
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  9. Well I usually shop at east lakes which was designed well before architects turned evil.
  10. Architects are not so much evil as useless but with a massively inflated sense of their own importance/ability.

    Construction projects go something like:

    Architect draws pretty picture for client.

    Engineers develop ulcers and nervous tics attempting to make the design work in a manner acceptable to the architect.

    Project manager develops ulcers, nervous tic and a serious heart condition trying to bring the project home somewhere within sight of budget.

    Project finally completed and unveiled. Architect receives plaudits and cover of Time magazine. Engineers and project manager locked back in their cubicles and subjected to cruel and unusual punishments until they can adequately explain massive cost overruns.

    As you can tell, I don't like architects much :D.
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  11. So.... Next time beat the system. Buy a goat and get your own milk. Smileedudette will love bonding with the new usable pet, and it can feed in the local parks.
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  12. Camel milk... haven't you heard? It's the new trend in town. Gotta keep up with the times people!
  13. You really went to a shopping centre for a bottle of milk? Dude!

    The feeling is mutual: they don't want me to buy just one thing when I"m there and I don't want to go there to just buy one thing. Seems to work OK.
  14. Eastlakes is fcuked. The shopping centre is no exception.
    The way I've always heard it is; architect designs shit. Engineer tells architect why it wont work and fixes it. Project manager laughs at the engineers design that meets all the so called standards and says that aint gonna fcukin happen, we'll do it how it's always been done. Then the chippies knock off at 2 to go to the pub and either sweep the shit left over into the corner or down the nearest hole.
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  15. I give it 2 -3 years before Zetland reaches it and steamrolls over the top of it. Seems to be a new development getting closer ecery day.
  16. It will be closer to 5. Or more.
  17. The biggest fight in a project is not between builders, consultants & architects - there's usually pretty good feelings there, although everyone has to fight for their thing. Governments and clients are easily the greatest impediment to getting anything good built.

    Back on topic... Santa's not real either!
  18. Buy a fcukin' big bag of powdered milk next time. If nothing else, you'll learn to drink your coffee black (as it should be)
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  19. That's a pretty crappy rant needs more cursing....2/10
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  20. I like my coffee like I like my slaves...