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The Aprilia Scarabeo 250

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by EmSmith, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. #1 EmSmith, Jan 16, 2008
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    I found this video on Youtube that is just awesome. Aprilia really have built an amazing scoot!


  2. I don't know which version of the Scarabeo 250 that video features (can't view it at work), but the 2006 Scarabeo 250 is the best scooter ever made.
  3. The video states that it is the 2007 model but it is actually the 2006 as the tail light is different.
    I've never ridden the 2006 model, but from reviews I've read, it seems the 2007 version is much improved on what is already a great scoot.
    I'm in love with it anyway! :grin:
  4. I mean the non-"ie" one: the Scarabeo with the standard top box and 16" wheels front and back. Best scooter ever made, in my opinion. The new design is not as nice... but still better than any other scooter that isn't a Scarabeo.
  5. I test rode one of these last month. It felt SO right to sit on, I'm tall and not having to crouch down to see out the mirrors was great. Big wheels meant more input for twisties - love that. I would have bought the thing there and then except that up a short hill it only gave me 110km and on the flat 125... I reckon the 500 would be THE machine! Anyone got one?
  6. I would love to take my scoot to Tassie 2troo, and you would have a blast on it!
    I've taken the scoot up to the Dandenongs and the roads were just fun and conering was easy. I know that Tassie is alot more windier than that. I get dizzy going through Sideling Range in a car!
    I didn't think that there were many opportunities to go more than 110 km/h in Tassie!!!
    What with the constant windy roads, caravans that never go past 80, logging trucks etc, etc :wink:
    Having ridden the scoot on the highway many times, it is incredibly comfortable to ride on and it is happy sitting on the speed limit with a little extra if you need to overtake.

    I don't know about the 500, I wasn't able to ride it being a L Plater at the time, although that has changed now! The place where I purchased mine, the owner had ridden it to Phillip Island and back and said he loved it.
    Scooter Magazine didn't seem overly impressed with it, but they gave the 250 almost a perfect score.

    Me....I'm incredibly happy with the 250, it does everything I want it to and more. Can't wait to do some serious touring on it!
    I want to get it over there eventually :grin:
  7. Em, you are right about having enough to overtake... but here overtaking requires a bit more.. log trucks and all.
    But you must come on down, everyone who does says tassy roads are the best in the country! We can introduce our skoots and have a blast :LOL:
  8. My Dad does and he LOVES it! Actually, he raves about it!

    I've taken it for a spin a few times, it handles very well and has pretty insane acceleration for a scooter. Only issue was it's a bit slow to turn in, but that's probably only because I'm used to bikes. :LOL:
  9. Just wanted to add something about the economy of the Scarabeo 250.

    I filled up the tank on Saturday, went for a 65 km ride that day. Sunday I went to Geelong and back. Monday I did my ususal commute to work and back.
    Filled up this morning and I had done 251kms since I filled up on Saturday and the fuel light still hadn't come on! Cost.....$10.55. Bargain.

    I reckon that's pretty good, works out close to 3L/100km. Diesel cars can average about 5.3L/100km, depending what car you have. That's a nice comparison! Mind you the Diesel car would not have to stop as frequently as I would on a longer trip!
    Apparently the 500cc does 5L/100km. And that's pretty good too.

    The Scarabeo just keeps getting better and better.
  10. I have a 500 and they are simply great! Good handling good storage, good seat height etc etc.
  11. I picked up my new Scarabeo 250ie last friday (my first scoot!!) and have loved every minute of it. It's not easy for me to compare with any others as I don't have enough experience with anything else, but I can say that I can't think of any negatives so far.

    The ride is great, it's big enough for me (over 6 foot tall) yet doesn't seem too huge, cruises at 60 or 70 efforlessly, has great storage and is just loads of fun!