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The AMC Tassie trip

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by TonyE, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. OK – installment one of the Tassie AMC trip. Initial apologies for the crappy photos, I haven’t had time to edit them.

    I'll post a conference report elsewhere as well.

    This did not get off to a good startl… I loaded up the bike on the Monday morning and went to start it.
    No go. It felt like it wanted to start but wouldn’t. A quick call to the service guys at Southbank and some over the phone diagnostics but no success (possibly the hall sensor). For hours to leaving – a quick web search for car hire in Devonport and I ended up with a Golf TSI for a good price. Possibly a blessing in disguise in fact. Certainly the others appreciated a gear carrier and a beer truck.

    The initial boat load were going to be me, John K (who I was sharing a cabin with) , Peter Baulch and Brian Wood (MCCNSW). Peter’s booking was stuffed up however and he had to come over on the Tuesday night boat and meet us in Launceston for breakfast Wednesday morning.

    Then a quick unpack and repack and a rethink of what I was taking and all good. Victoria ran me down to the boat where the three of us caught up in the bar. Brian dumped his gear in our cabin since he had a sit up seat and we watched Melbourne receding into the distance from the bar.

    Smooth easy crossing and we were up at some ungodly hour the next morning for our 6.30 disembarkation. I was off the boat and had the car picked up and met Shaun and a friend of his from Launceston before the others were off the boat.


    The guys gearing up.


    The weather was starting to close in a bit as we took off south for the run to Launceston. Normally a short run of an hour or so, Shaun had an interesting route planned out down to Mole Creek National Park and via some nice roads to Longford.

    We had a quick stop to have a look at the murals in Sheffield (the whole town is full of some interesting murals and worth a quick stop)



    Unfortunately the rain set in and it bucketed down through some of the best bits.


    More to follow…
  2. Having to do tassie by car cause the bike don't work, I can relate to that. You should ask if you can swap with one of your mates for a day.
  3. When was this?
  4. week starting 20th August
  5. And onto the long delayed day two. (sorry about the delay, a week of medical shit does that)

    Arriving in Launceston, we stopped off for a tour of Boags Brewery.


    Here we have John K at Boags Brewery modeling the latest in hi-viz wear for the discerning rider.


    After the brewery we went on to stay at Archers Manor. A very pleasant place with a bar (the Universal Joint) that is full of all sorts of motorsports memorabilia. Shaun’s friend Alan (who rode with us from Devonport) owns the bar and parks his Katana inside. (Along with a NASCAR he used to race and quite a few other bikes). It’s an interesting place and worth a visit.

    We were joined there by Shaun’s sister and by Bertrand Cadart (Le Frog) , Mayor of Glamorgan Shire who rode with us down to Bichenot the next day on his official mayoral scooter (600cc Honda Silverwing)

    Sorry about the quality of the bar photos but they are very low light phone images.



    Next morning JK, Brian, Bertrand and I took off leaving Shaun to wait for Peter Baulch who was coming in on the ferry to Devonport. We rode through to Scottsdale where we had breakfast and waited for Shaun and Peter.

    The mayoral scooter - Note the flashing light for official occasions :)


    Then the five bikes and one car took off down a lovely piece of road to the Freycinet Peninsula and Bichenot.
  6. You can get coffee in bowls at this place (for those like me who are into that sort of thing). Coffee's pretty good, as is the food.
  7. Next step was straight down to south of Bichenot at Coles Bay and the Freycinet National park where Shaun had organised for us to go for a quad bike trip through the National Park.

    I'd never ridden a quad before and I was appreciative of the half hour training session before we took off across the Peninsula for our two hour ride. Hard work getting used to it but a hell of a lot of fun.

    The 300cc Yamahas had plenty of grunt and seemed to have the ability to get through the most unlikely places.


    Wineglass bay from Freycinet National park.


    It was back up to to Harvey Farm Lodge (our accommodation in Bicheno) after that. Shaun told us that the Bicheno tourism people would be providing dinner for us. A quick run into town for some of Mr Boags finest and we relaxed for a while.

    Come dinner time and we hit the jackpot. Glamorgan Shire prides itself on being motorcycle friendly and they certainly were. A superb dinner of local produce along with quite a few first-class local wines and we were well and truly relaxed.

    Le Frog (on the left) and the Tourism people


    The guy second from left is Andrew - owner of the local motorcycle museum (and also worth a visit if you get to Bicheno)

    They did something special for dessert...

  8. Next day it was up and about with a visit to the local motorcycle museum. A good and varied collection of bikes, old and not so old.

    The collection changes with what Andrew is currently restoring.


    Brian took advantage of the break to oil his chain


    We had a couple of photo shoots with local journos on the way. There were articles about the AMC conference in the Launceston and Hobart papers and we generated a good deal of local publicity.

    From the left:
    Brian Wood, John Karmouche, Peter Baulch, Shaun Lennard, Bertrand Cadart
  9. And on to Port Arthur where we met up with Malcolm (Wally) Campbell and Neal Brumby (Heavy Duty Magazine).

    We did the tourist thing at Port Arthur - boat trip and guided tour in the afternoon and back for the ghost walk that evening.

    Now this is the sort of back tyre you'd expect from a Superbikes Champion!!!

  10. Port Arthur by night...


    with resident ghost - Shaun (The Haunt) Lennard


    While the ghost tour and the other trips were fun, the highlight was sitting back in our motel room that evening listening to Mal Campbell reminisce about his racing days and some of the personalities involved. A very dry sense of humour and a decidedly self-effacing person, it was one of the most interesting and entertaining evenings I've had in a long time.
  11. Enjoyed reading the trip report and equally good pics :D

  12. Yesh..some good pics in there. I've been to Tas a few times in a car and have always loved it. One day - on the bike! :)
  13. I'll try and finish this off today...