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The amazing lyrebird

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jirf88, May 9, 2010.

  1. #1 jirf88, May 9, 2010
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    This is a 100% factual video. Everything contained within is totally, undoubtedly true and actually happened.

  2. Even Lyrebirds are influenced by American TV. ;)
  3. haahahahahah! NICE!

    showed it to my dad who's an avid david attenborough watcher (as am i) and he said "oh, i've watched this one before" ... "oh.. um... oh! hahahahaha!"
  4. what was the original video?
  5. just one of his normal INCREDIBLE doco's. google it.
  6. I know what lyrebirds are, once I sat and watched one for best part of an hour.

    Lyrebirds doing chainsaw impressions are well documented. As I understand it, the only thing lyrebirds can't imitate is the human voice, and for that reason I'm calling fake, particularly on the voice part.

    Either way, proper documentation of unnatural lyrebird noises are quite rare, real (video) recordings even more so. There is no way the audio of that video is real.
  7. I'm more worried about them running out under my front wheel on Macquarie Pass, as they do. The sounds I make when they do that.... :LOL:
  8. ^^^^wot 'e said.

    Although, in their defence, the ninja lyrebirds on Mac Pass are pretty clever. They hide in the bushes until they hear a bike coming then, at the last second, they rush across the road in front of it. I've been watching them do this for more years than I care to count and, in all that time, I have never seen a dead lyrebird that has been hit by a vehicle.

    So, unless they follow the ninja code and remove their fallen comrades from the field of battle, mimicing other sounds is not their only skill.
  9. Shhhh! You're ruining it!
  10. Last time we went camping we saw a Lyre Bird doing a perfect imitation of Tommy Raudonikis !!
  11. One thing about the GFC is it leave more people with too much time on their hands.
  12. No way! :)

    Yeah, it's a fakey... But a funny!
  13. haha loved the bassline from seinfield
  14. sorry, mistook what you said. thought you were saying that the clip was straight from one of his doco's.
  15. It was sssshhhhh!!!!