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The Alpine Way... suitable for new rider?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by capri727, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Could anyone please give me their opinion on the Alpine Way and it's suitability for a reasonably new rider.... I am considering joining a ride there (thredbo... khancobin...cabramurra) in a couple of weeks and I am a bit nervous. I always travel at my 'own pace', so that's not the problem. I just wonder if someone can give me an idea of the difficulty of the tougher sections. For comparison, I have been up Macquarie Pass once, and Jamberoo Pass twice, but didn't particularly enjoy either of them, although I managed. On the other hand, I love Cambewarra and Barrengarry and other more open areas, for those in my area who know them. Your thoughts please. :?

  2. I don't know of the road, but as long as the road is in good condition and its full 2 lane tarmac (not dirt or gravel) then it shouldn't be a problem.
  3. All roads are good for a new rider (unless they're dirt, as nightgash said).

    It's real twisty for quite some k's, which can be a little tiring, but you can always stop for a break.

    It's all tarmac, so there aren't any tough sections, unless you're riding stupid, in which case it's all tough.
    Just lots of twisties, which is all the fun, right?

    It's a great road. Do it. :grin:
  4. I still find some tarmac sections challenging.... steep hairpins mostly, like on Jamberoo (local members will know what I mean...) Just wondered how it compared to roads that I know, that's all.
  5. Then the north-western side of hotham will be challenging for you. About 15-20 mins of 15 and 25k corners. But the road quality is great and there is next to no traffic compared to say Mac Pass.

    The only way to get better is to ride more though, so I say do it. Some of the best road in Oz down there.
  6. You've been granted a licence that allows you to ride on all roads, right? Then, they all should be OK for you. How you treat them is up to you. But, if you're a new rider and are aware of your limitations, then, as others have suggested, you ride at your own pace.

    Where people get into trouble is when, in a group, they start racing each other, or trying to keep up. That's often a recipe for disaster.

    Maybe, on this group ride, there might be someone who's willing to ride with you. If not, then take it easy, enjoy the ride, the experience and the view.

    Remember, the time between the fastest rider and the slowest rider arriving at that pub is probably no more than the time it takes to strip off the gear, stretch, have a yak and wander in to order the first round.

    Anyway, remember that the first people there have to shout first!!!

    Good luck.
  7. There are a few of these but nothing too bad.
    Take it slow, go at youre own pace, and you will be fine. Road condition is excellent as mentioned,scenery is spectacular, and the riding is as good as it gets in Vic. I drive this road all winter with ice and snow and so far so good :grin:
  8. Think we're talking about different roads.
    The question was regarding the NSW Alpine Way through Thredbo, not the VIC Alpine Road through Hotham.

    The NSW road has a longer stretch of the tight twisty stuff than it's cousin, but nothing scary...
  9. Ahh, I just read "Alpine" and went crazy from there. Sorry Capri.

    Never done the Alpine Way myself.
  10. I agree that if its hairpins you are having problems with just slow down a lot more. The slower you go the less challenging it will be. Take your time and enjoy the ride :)
  11. Thanks nightgash... but if i went any slower i'd definitely fall off! :oops:
    I think i'll just have to try the road for myself and see. Thank you everyone for your replies.
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  13. I think that's the best thing to do capri. And just take your time, ride within your limits, don't try to be a big shot :wink: and you'll be right. :)

    Lovely road. Stop at Geehi reserve for a leg stretch if you can. Nice spot. :)

    Oh, and have fun!
  14. Its actually not that bad, theres not too many hairpins. The road is fairly narrow in places, but most of the narrow bits have fairly good visibility down the road so you can see any oncoming traffic. Just don't do it near dawn or dusk because there's kangeroos all over the place.
  15. Only one thing to add -stick to your side of the road. Don't even think about getting near the centre of the road -there's no centre line on quite a lot of it & most 4 wheel drives that use it seem to think that this means they are free to use as much of the road as they feel like :shock: I always finish that ride with plenty of grass/flowers etc hanging off my left hand mirror :) Think about it :wink:
  16. Thanks! I'll keep that in mind for sure. :)