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The agenda continues

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pro-pilot, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7175325.stm

    Sure. Another set-up a commin. Why not they are supposed to come in three's.

  2. i would have thought all radio traffic going on and off boats like that would be digitaly recorded (for quality and training purposes) And that if the threats were made they could play them back
  3. I would have thought any unidentified surface vessel gets the shit blown out of it well before it gets within 200metres of very, very, very expensive US navy ships.

    ... let alone ones broadcasting threats.
  4. It's just like Isreal and Palestine - You don't and can't know which side to believe... Who has less to lose from such a situation?
  5. Oi! Did ye spill ma f*ckin' pint?!
  6. Yes, errr... well it's a funny thing that. Speedboats threatening to blow up US navy ships.

    I was threatening to beat up my office building the other day, it didn't seem to mind too much though, perhaps I should have put on my angry face...
  7. Next time wheel up a wheelbarrow full of plastic explosives and ballbairings and see how it responds.
  8. Bush *can't* leave office until he's ensured that the US can never recover...
  9. With all the executive orders that he has passed over the last three years. There has been talk about what he can actually do to suspend the two term rule.
    The only conditions would be if there were martial law or if they invoke one of the new executive orders that allows the commander in chief to fully bypass congress.

    Scary stuff.
  10. Not possible and will be challenged as unconstitutional and found to be so.
    Bush's legacy is as dead as his presidency.
  11. Not if he can engeneer a fairly major conflict between now and then.
    i don't even think he would go that far. Though I also don't believe that 9/11 was a government plot. those that do may disagree with my assesment.
  12. Even with a major conflict Bush cannot suspend the elections or allow himself to stay longer than he is now.
    It's unconstitutional.
    The democratic process still takes precedence.
    Unless he pulls a military coup which is most extremely unlikely.
  13. Agree that it was not engineered by the US government. But it was allowed to happen 100%.

    I was in Europe at the time (Italy), and there was a series of warnings about an impending attack by terrorists within the US about a month before it happened. Still have the articles.

    Seems though they got thier trigger.
  14. ... agree, because if he did, then all the gun toting paranoid hair trigger Americans will rise against their raving lunatic government to wrest control back to the people - as is their god damn god given constitutional right! yeeehaaaw!
  15. This screams "False flag operation" to me Northwoods America was embarassed when the truth about Irans Nuclear program (Or lack thereof) came out. This is exactly what's needed to reinstate Iran as "The evil terrorist state" once again.