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The Age 'the Truck Basically Ate Him Up'

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nina, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/the-truck-basically-ate-him-up-20121112-297ds.html

    He wasn't on a motorbike, just on a bicycle. I still believe it belongs in this section of the forum.

    The guy used to share my office, still works in the same corridor as me. Cycles in to work every day, this morning he unfortunately didn't make it. He got hit by a truck on Exhibition Street. 'The rider got squeezed between the truck and a parked car and ‘‘the truck basically ate him up’’.'
    'The cyclist has injuries to his chest, abdomen and pelvis'
    He is right now in critical, but stable condition in the hospital.
    But what makes me mad is this:
    'The truck driver did not stop, but is not expected to be charged by police, who say it appears he was unaware he had run the man over.'
    The bold part is what makes this in my opinion worthy posting here.
  2. Bloody hell, that's nasty. Hope he survives. :(
  3. I think the important part you're missing from that article is
    "As he moved off at the lights he was sucked under the semi"

    Seems to me the rider is the one who put himself in that situation, so seems perfectly reasonable to me that the truck driver wouldn't be charged. I saw much the same thing, only involving a 4wd rather than a truck only a few weeks ago. In that instance it was definitely the cyclist choosing to go between the 4wd and a parked car that was the cause.
  4. "Sucked under the semi", by what exactly? A giant vacuum? Someone, perhaps both, fcuked up and he got run over. I wish people didn't try and dramatize shit like that, stick to facts.
  5. I don't know. That got me thinking as well. They don't explain exactly how the constellation was. Was he in front of the truck at the lights? Was he behind the truck and caught up?
    He basically cycles everywhere, so he knows what he's doing. Not like he's a kid who just got on his bike for the first time.

    It's just a crazy world and this makes me really sad.
  6. Ugh, that's right outside the building where I work. Hope he's ok.
  7. So can you tell us if its one of those intersections that puts the cyclists at the front of the cars at the red light?
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    Last edited: Nov 13, 2012
    I'm not actually in the office today so I can't check, but from memory there's no cycle box. I don't think that's what happened in this case though as the truck sandwiched the cyclist against a parked car, and the nearest parking space is a few metres back.
  9. I won't comment about the bike rider cause he's got enough on his plate right now.

    Truck... one one hand, moving trucks are shaking and rattling as it is, and it's quite possible that he didn't feel hitting the poor guy. On the other hand, driving through the city - he SHOULD check his mirrors all the time, and then some. Cops should reconsider.
  10. I feel for the truck driver. Basically if you can't see him in his mirrors he has no hope of seeing you.

    Also, given the size of the truck/trailer, I'm not surprised the driver didn't realise he'd run someone over.
  11. Where do mirrors come into it? He's on a straight road going in a straight line and managed to squish some poor bastard between him and a parked car. I'm not a fan of the lycra brigade but give me a break.
  12. A tyre catching the pedal and forcing it to the ground could have pulled the bike inward. That would've surprised him.

    Yeah, thanks for your valuable and qualified input, Mate.

    Plenty of talk about cycling advocates wanting better management of trucks, yet next to nothing in the article even suggesting that he might have placed himself in a dangerous position.

    Sorry to hear that someone you know was hurt, Nina, but try not to look for anywhere to hang the blame but on the rider himself until it's been looked into.

  13. Have you every driven a large truck? Do you have any idea whatsoever as to the lack of immediate forward or side vision they have.

    I'll say it slightly differently, if you can't see the driver, then he has no hope of seeing you. I am not at all surprised the truck driver was completely unaware of the rider being there at all.
  14. I wasn't there, I didn't see it, so I don't know how it happened.

    But it is a dead straight road, you need to be aware of what is happening around you in city traffic. Even more so when you are driving something big. Bicycles don't have high top speeds or massive accelerations either.
    I can imagine though how you would not notice actually hitting something with a truck. But you should have known beforehand that there is a bike there.

    I feel for his wife and hope he'll soon be in a condition that allows him visitors.

  15. Nina, don't get me wrong, I feel for the victims family and friends, but the rider also has be aware of what is happening around him and clearly wasn't. As unfortunate as it is, trucks have HUUGE blind spots and it is more than feasible that the driver had done everything he humanly could but still not see the bike rider.
  16. Hope he recovers with out permanent disability, he is clearly extremely lucky to get out of that alive.

    As for the truck not being charged im assuming they mean not being charged with a hit and run (its very common that trucks cause accidents, even with cars, with out stopping as they just dont feel it and get let off the hit and run), due to the fact the trucker would have had no idea, and he wouldnt have, i doubt the trucker knew the bike was even there, as b12mick said, if you cant see the guys face he cant see you, thats just reality its a semi trailer. I would be surprised if he didnt get charged with any offence, probably get nego causing gbh or something along those lines. Its a cyclist after all, people who run them down always get punished unlike the ones that hit bikes (because its our fault we are riding motorbikes vs them being selfless eco warriors putting themselves in harms way for the greater good of society and all)

    Anyway, if cyclists did not have so much attitude and feelings of entitlement, maybe he would have realised that filtering besides a semi is a potentially bad idea. Unless i can tell the traffic is not moving anywhere at all for a while, i wont filter past semi's and heavy vehicles, fcuk that.
  17. I'm not trying to argue for either 'side'. But I'd like to point out again, that said cyclist is a regular. On that bike, on that road, in that traffic. Plus he is a physicist. He knows that in order to be seen, he has to be able to see the driver's face in the mirrors.
    But again, I wasn't there. It could also have been entirely his fault, by placing himself in the driver's blind spot for too long.

    That's the thing with SMIDSY's: if you're not involved, it's often hard to see whether it was actually possible to see the smidsy'd person, or if it was practically impossible.

  18. MAYBE???? I'd say there's a better than even chance.
  19. And yet, still not a fact.
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