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The Age: Sportbike rider pulls shotgun in road rage incident

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. A terrified mother of two has described having a shotgun pulled on her during a road rage incident on the Hume Highway yesterday.

    'Lucy' told Radio 3AW a motorbike rider pointed a gun at her after she accidentally cut him off on the highway near Cooper Street in Somerton, in Melbourne's outer north, about 5pm.


    3AW call: http://www.3aw.com.au/mothers-horror-road-rage/20081112-5msl.html

  2. i bet it was that taxi pointing guy
  3. So....

    A guy minding his own business riding home has his life threatened by unnecessary and unwarranted careless use of a deadly weapon (her car) and he responds by reminding her politely, in a controlled manner and without endangering anyone that being threatened by a deadly weapon is not a pleasant experience.

    Point well made sir! :beer:

    (Now can I get my one-eyed version of the story published by a newspaper?)
  4. A shotgun? where was he carrying that? I call bullshit.
  5. I wonder what *really* happened. Having a bub in the car doesn't excuse ones driving.
  6. that bit still has me confused.

    still scary if true. theres some fcukheads out there carying knives and guns
  7. Wait. A rider pulled in front of a car and "slammed his brakes on"? What's that going to achieve? Getting knocked off and hurt/killed most likely. Hard to believe that any bike rider would do this, even when angry.

    He then turns around brandishing a double barrel shottie? Where was he hiding this 1 meter long multi-kg weapon on a sportsbike? Plus turning around, which would mean slowing down as he has no hands on the throttle, how is this guy going to turn back, put this weapon down without dropping it, and start accelerating again before the car behind him bowls him over.

    It all sounds remarkably far-fetched.
  8. - the rider was just wearing a t shirt, so where did he keep the shotgun? In a shotgun holder on his bike ?????

    - "the rider stopped and just turned around with a shotgun" err ? he atleast has to stop, take out the shotgun from where ever he kept it...that takes time, i think. not a prompt "stop and turned around pointing a shotgun at me"

    errr...cant understand this... if the truck stopped behind her, how did she drove infront of it ? U turn in the middle of no where ?

    - The biker did 200kmph in a peak hour traffic within 10~15 seconds ? wow!

    - "The woman said she was driving home with her nine-month-old baby in the car when the rider of a sports bike began yelling at her after she failed to see him." - yeah yeah, as usual, the bikes are like 12cmX12cm in size along with the rider, how the hell would you notice a RED teeny weeny bike on the road, I am more keen on tuning my radio station instead, or checking the sms to find out where my girl friends are partying tonight.

    IMO, Lucy has perfect skills and talented to be one of the best Action flick script writers.
  9. ROFL. i wanted to comment on that, but then thought, that's the Age, typing/printing mistakes are their patented trademarks. :p
  10. I think I saw this on Mad Max
  11. lol, typical talkback radio callers.

    Did she see aliens in spaceships too - I mean immigrants in old camrys.
  12. Anyone keen to give 3AW a buzz and call shenanigans?
    Would be pretty funny to hear their response.

    And the fact it made it as a top story on The Age website is very sad.
  13. i love they way she puts "my baby" in as many times as she can. the guy stops right in front of her but she cant get its plates :? i call "A lie"
  14. i might call up and say, yeah, it was me, i didn't shoot the gun 'coz i realized i forgot to load ammo in it when i left home.....thats why I sped off towards my place to load the gun and come back, hoping to find her, and then shoot her. But a white van kept blocking my way !! damn !!
  15. farking lol.

    wow I thought I would be the only one in disbelief over this load of tripe, but I'm glad to see i'm not.

    I bet she mouthed the always classic "I didn't see you there" nothing gets me more riled up as an excuse. Like that excuses you from cutting me off at 80kms/hr.

    WONT SOMEBODY PLEEEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!! I'm going to call talkback and get overexcited and tell porkies...
  16. Perhaps he pulled his pants down and flashed her and she just thought she was looking at a shotgun because 'oh my god... do they come in large?'

    I do love how she managed to pull in front of the truck that was behind her to escape the bike that was in front of her, which subsequently passed her from behind.

  17. ROFL !!
    thats one hell of a shotgun.
    Either it was really big, or she has never seen a shotgun before, or his husband's tool is really small, that she mistook the rider's tool for a shotgun :p
  18. atleast he had a jacket to pull it out from...this guy was just wearing t shirt.

    i have a red sports bike too....and i squid around wearing just a t shirt also :|
  19. how did she know it was a sawn off shotty and she cant get a number plate?? how does a guy take off his eyes off the road with traffic and turn around and point, talk about ghostrider
  20. Its no wonder some car drivers have difficulties seeing bikers. They're heads are soo high in the clouds, crowded with fairy tale and mythical creatures, amazing and incomprehensible events, its a surprising they see anything. :LOL: