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VIC The Age - Police crackdown nabs shocking number of driving offenders

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Ride Alot, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. What’s wrong with this news story?

    There is no mention of motorcycles and its most probably due to the very low number of infringements.

    We've been cheated as these operations always prove that motorcyclists are the most compliant road users.

    Police crackdown nabs shocking number of driving offenders
    Nick Toscano June 9, 2012 - 5:00PM

    More than 2000 driving offences have been detected on the first day of police’s public holiday crackdown in Victoria, signalling a worrying start to the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.

    Police began saturating major exit routes from Melbourne yesterday, where they set up roadblocks and used automatic number plate recognition technology to scan cars.

    The four-day campaign, Operation Aegis XII, is the state's biggest-ever road-policing operation, and has already nabbed 49 disqualified drivers and 86 unlicenced drivers statewide.

    In two separate incidents at Kensington, in Melbourne's inner north-west, police detected two vehicles where the registered owners both had suspended licences.

    One was a 26-year-old male learner driver with no experienced, licensed driver to accompany him, and the other, a 38-year-old male who had never held a driver’s licence.

    Police breath-tested more than 21,400 drivers across the state, detecting 47 who were over the legal limit.

    Other offences included 187 unregistered drivers, 54 seatbelt offences, 772 speeding offences and 128 mobile phone offences.

    Operation Aegis XII will run until midnight on Monday, June 11, targeting all roads users from heavy vehicles to cyclists, a Victoria Police spokeswoman said.

    The crackdown campaign was launched after predictions the 2012 road toll could eclipse the number of deaths last year.

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/p...g-offenders-20120609-202ow.html#ixzz1xHiPtDwz

    VicPol media release
  2. no mention of bikes could well be an indication of compliance, but it's far easier to tweak stats which haven't been made public.
  3. it's also the weather, not many riding when it's horrible and drizzly out there.
  4. Glad the drink driving numbers are low, it should be 0 but alas people still do try, also the unlicensed/unregistered drivers worries me a bit... especially the guy who has never held a license.

    one would assume they wouldn't have insurance either then?

    as for the bikes, as smee said the weather has been pretty shit.. and isn't it better that they aren't mentioning us? because any time a motorbike rider gets mentioned for doing something wrong.. everyone jumps on the bandwagon of how dangerous and blah blah blah we are, and there should be this and that.

    instead the rest of the people who use/abuse our roads get the bad press.
  5. maybe after the TAC ad everybody has slowed down:angel:
  6. Cops everywhere. Saw three (two mc) separate units in what would probably be only 3km stretch of roads from Cheltenham Rd, down over the railway line onto Princes Hwy in Dandenong today.
  7. I wouldn't be at all surprised if a large proportion of those unlicensed have done their license due to the overzealous policing of speed, they may be suspended but life doesn't stop, they still need to put food on the table and pay the bills so they still drive, you have to admit the law is an arse when it makes criminals out of ordinary people
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  8. I totally agree with bamm- bamm , ihave wondered for a while also how much it has contributes to people not stopping when asked. are there surveys out there with that infomation
  9. They were probably scanning front rego plates and bikes.....................
  10. Fair point.

    But still doesn't excuse unregistered and the bloke who never has held a license. Also public transport is available.. unless you drive for a living, if you drive for a living you should be more aware of your speeds and don't drink drive or drive on drugs etc.. so you don't have to risk losing your license.

    That is my opinion..

    Speeding is one thing i can understand, as we all do it.. its not hard to see where the cameras are, and the speed traps etc.. and ESPECIALLY on long weekends more police will be out and about. And i admit that a lot of the speed infringements people get are for only a little bit over.. and it is overzealous.

    But drink driving/drug driving, unregistered (usually coincides with uninsured), and people who are faffing around on their phones and not paying attention, which i see all the time.
    Deserve to get caught and suspended/fined etc..

    If you plan on drinking, get a taxi, have someone be the sober driver.. etc.. its not a hard law to follow.
  11. 47 of 21,400 that it makes it 0.22% drivers were caught over the limit, that's not very high. How far on average were they over limit I wonder? I reckon police resourses could be better spent elsewhere.
  12. A friend of mine lost his partner to illness, has 2 little bubs to raise, mortgage & trying to hold a job at the same time... shortly he starts a suspension period because of this type of policing. The repurcussions, stress & heartbreak are enormous, to continue to provide the basics for his kids means either break the law and eat or face losing everything.
  13. + 1 on this.

    It is pretty hard to lose you license on minor speeding alone. Unless you get it all in 1 hit you know how many lives you've got left. If you're down to 3 points and you're not driving to the letter of the law then you really have no sense of self preservation.
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  14. Seriously?

    1 in 500 doesn't seem that low to me, I interact with 1000's of cars every time I ride and to think that on statistical average there are a couple drunk drivers among them kind of sends shivers down my spine.

    Drunk drivers is one place they should be putting their resources.
  15. I think thats a bit of an over reaction. How many people were just at .05? how many were restricted licences and were between .01 and .05. Wouldnt exactly lump everyone they caught as being "drunk drivers". Dont get me wrong im not condoning driving/riding while pissed as a fart. It was a nice manipulation of a statistic to make a scenario seem a whole lot worse though,do you work for the TAC by any chance? lol :p
  16. Shit you found me out:bolt:.
    By suggesting resources be spent somewhere else other than catching drink driving I'll put my money where they would move it. I'd rathre that was spent on RBT.
  17. lol :p
    I wasnt disagreeing with you on that point fwiw,RBTs are a good thing.
  18. If you lose your licence through speeding - to do it in one hit you have been going a fair old pace and would have to accept that risk when you push the pedal down or twist the throttle. I really don't buy the "poor me" argument; if they are marginal infractions then you have been 'unlucky' on quite a few occasions before you get your licence pulled. Whether you agree with the justness of a penalty is irrelevant to the game of keeping yourself on the road legally.
  19. RBT’s are nothing but police harassment. Stopping law abiding innocent people going about their business is unacceptable.

    What is this Nazi Germany?
  20. P Platers that get caught drink driving are just stupid, you know full well the limit is 0, so if you have a massive night before, don't drive to work first thing in the morning as you'll still be over... don't drink and drive full stop.

    its not a hard law to follow, the same with full licensed drivers, especially if you rely on your license for work, you can pretty much guarantee anything over 2 standard drinks maybe 3 .. you'll be over.. why risk it?

    you can buy portable breath testers these days.. if you're not a hundred percent.. you see it all the time on RBT or highway patrol, where a blokes pissed as a nit, going "oh poor me if i blow over ill lose my job"... i have no sympathy for them.

    As i said there is plenty of other options besides driving.

    And if you're low on points you should be making even more of an effort to not speed, and don't even think of having a knockoff or several.

    At my last job, it was a normal end of service thing to have a couple of shots and a beer, i either passed and had a soft drink, or got a ride home with someone else that hadn't drank, and parked my bike in the locked hallway.

    I'm not going to risk losing my license because i "Think" ill be right to ride.. as for speeding.. i haven't been caught, and i don't speed all the time and in obvious places knowing full well there is cameras, and a police presence.
    If you got done on the same stretch of road 3 times.. maybe you should slow down..

    but each to their own, just don't whinge when you lose your license over something that can easily be prevented.