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The age old question... 600 or 1000cc?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Sancho123456, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. I know what you must be thinking, not this old chestnut again. But hear me out. I am in the market to buy something on two wheels and I am looking at either a 2011 CBR600RR ABS or a 2011-2012 CBR1000RR. My previous riding experience was mostly gained a few years ago riding a RVF400 i had for about 1-1.5 years. In this time I learnt some smart things, and done some of the silly things you shouldnt do. I never came off, never had any issues or accidents. Now Im older (27) & wiser and I have my full licence I am looking into buying one of those bikes mentioned.

    Having never ridden a 1000CC, rode a CBR600RR a few times just a quick spin nothing major. What should I be considering? Would it be too risky going straight to a 1000CC after so much time off a bike? I have heard the whole dont do a 250 to 1000, but is the step from a 400 to 1000 any different?

    Just looking for some honest opinions and suggestions about things I should consider before choosing which bike to buy.

  2. In terms of being too risky getting a 1000cc bike I don't really think there is an issue. I would however suggest a refresher course or something similar to allow you to get used to being back on a bike and a few helpful tips.

    I myself own a 2011 Fireblade after having only 1.5 years riding experience (had a GT650R for my learner period) and simply accept the dangers and risks involved with a litre bike and thus ride accordingly.

    The best advice that can I could give you is to have a thorough test ride of both bikes and see which you feel most comfortable on, I test rode both the CBR600RR and CBR1000RR and I can tell you both bikes are fantastic, I went with the 1000RR because I trusted myself with the power and it suited what I want to do on a bike.
  3. Has been covered 1million times on each forum, you'll probably get the thou anyway so only advice is ease yourself back into it and don't let the bike fool you into riding above your level. Your RVF had not much more than a third the power and wasnt that much lighter, the CBR1000 will feel like a rocketship. A test ride of both back to back will confirm which direction you want to go in.

    The real question is why you want another honda/CBR1000 :rofl:
  4. the pr0blem i can see is your going to need a bigger bank blance if you drop the 1000comparted to the 600
  5. Any supersport is not the best bike if you haven't been riding. There are plenty of good softer options.
  6. have you considered a GSXR750...............??
  7. go the thou - they are gentle enough if you treat them right.
  8. 400cc -> few years off -> 1000cc. What could go wrong? Turbo a S1000RR fo sho.
  9. Part of the issue is what riding you see yourself doing? If its a lot of high speed stuff and track days a full on sports is the way to go. If there is a lot of town riding, highway touring, you're probably better off with a sports tourer which is more tractable and user friendly. You can coast around at 60 in top gear and a twist gets you going. Much better to try different bikes out, if you can. Rode a Ninja 650 for a year before graduating to a Ninja 1000. Both bikes great, and they can move if you want 'em to.
  10. I made the huge jump from 600 to 750 :LOL:
  11. Get the cbr1000. Its a very smooth bike. Lots of power but very smooth. Test ride one..

    Also if you are gonna have a pillion at the back, 600cc loses lots of power
  12. cbr1000 would be my pick but it also depends on how comfortable you feel on the bike. the cbr was comfy enough for me, and ive ridden the gsxr750 which i found too bulky and too lean forward. i picked the yamaha r6 because i didnt really need power for a pillion and im comfy on it for long periods of time
  13. Go test ride both. I reckon in a lot of cases the superbikes are less fun to ride, because you have to be a bit of a beast to be able to really thrash them. Then again, they can wheelie in more gears. But with a 1000 you very rarely get to wrap on full throttle on a corner exit.
  14. I went straight from a 250 to a 1000 with only a years worth of riding exp. If you gonna end up with a 1000 anyway skip the 600 and save your money imo.
  15. An RVF400 isn't thing king of the block, neither is a cbr600, just choose which will suit you more, if you like thrashing the shit out of bikes and revving them, get the 600. If you will be doing track days get the 1000.

    If it's for commuting, why are you looking at a supersports?
  16. check out the 2011 - 2012 Gixxer 600's

    I'm loving my 600
  17. It's actually really easy to decide which bike to buy, I can never understand why people find it so hard.

    All you need to do is take them both for a ride, then buy the one you like the most.
  18. I asked some blokes at the track and they told me to get a 600cc first. The biggest issue they said with 1000cc is you have to constantly fight with the bike and throw it from one side, and if I'm honest I still have a bit of chicken strip on mine. I may go to a Gixxer 750 first as having extra power would be handy but 1000cc is definitely on hold. My thinking is once I can get my knee down scrapping the tarmac with no chicken strip then I shall reward myself with a 1000cc bike.
  19. Why is getting your knee down a prerequisite to getting a 1000cc bike? I don't understand.
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  20. ... and my thinking is "chicken strip" on track, "safety strip" on road.

    That margin (strip) is handy to have when have to tip in harder than anticipated (for whatever reason) when riding on the road.
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