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The Age newspaper .. ban motorcycles? poll

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, May 16, 2005.

  1. The Age is running a poll, in light of the recent speeding motorcycles in Melbourne. Get you vote in now...

  2. quick poll:

    is this the dumbest, most reactionist poll ever put up by the paper?

    a: yes
    b: probably
    c: yes
    d: yes
    e: ban the age altogether
  3. Well what can I say!. The Age is getting older by the day, no idea about what Victorians/Australians would like to get results about in a poll.

    Maybe the next poll will be about the tolls on Citylink for bikes. Opps shouldn't have suggested that, maybe the MRAA have already arranged it!!!!!

    I know why I don't read this trash.
  4. The results at hand

    51% say the problem is with a few rogue riders. Fair call, in this case what more needs doing than what is already being done.

    However, the people think that Banning motorbikes (9%) is of more value than Educating car drivers (8%)

    This just in though, newspaper polls dont mean sh1t!
  5. I voted, now up to 10% for a good banning 8)

    [joke warning]
  6. Update - educating drivers is now 9%, banning bikes is 7%.

    Get your votes in, people!
  7. Stupid and purile? Yes!

    Makes you want to slap the 'tard that let it run? With both hands.

    Where's the "ban all cars" rhetoric after the weekend blitz caught all those car hoons?
  8. Road toll
    What should be done about speeding motorbikes?

    Nothing, the problem is a few rogue riders - 53%

    Install mandatory speed inhibitors - 12%

    Limit the use of more powerful bikes - 15%

    Educate car drivers to be more aware - 11%

    Ban motorbikes altogether - 6%

    Total Votes: 144

    Well i voted gota get the rogue riders of the road !

    Vote 1 all VFRS to be crushed ( there doing it to themselfs anyway )
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. It'd be nice to see "educate car drivers" at no 1 or no 2 in the list, don't you think?
  10. who's been listening to john laws and allen jones this morning?
  11. No, it has no relevance to the question/issue being polled.
  12. Maybe I'm the sole dissenter here, but I didn't think that the Age's poll was unfair? It gave all possible options regarding what can be a serious problem, both in terms of safety and PR for motorcyclists.

    Like it or not, there are people out there who'd love nothing more than to see bikes banned. And if you want to run a balanced poll, that question needs to be asked. Otherwise, it's meaningless.

    As to whether such polls are not really accurate, maybe, maybe not. It depends on the question being asked. Those with an interest would make the time to vote. Others who don't care won't. If that being the case, what does that tell you? Being a "specialist" question, you'll probably get either rabid anti-motorcyclists voting, or rabid motorcyclists voting.

    As for voting often to try and skew the results, how easy is this to do, what with fixed IP addresses, ADSL accounts that have the same address, and is often re-assigned after re-logging on? For dialup users, it soon becomes an expensive and time consuming (and probably wasting) exercise.
  13. True. Whist we'd all like to see better drivers, the issue here is not about that. It's about US.
    We live in an age where authorities prefer to take all responsibilty upon themselves rather than encourage individuals to do it for themselves. Every "rogue" that gets caught is playing into their hands.
    The less reason we give them to act, the better off we are.
  14. That option is in no way balanced... For example, in the age poll, "Immigration : Do we need a Royal Commission into wrongful detention?" The options 'Ban Immigration' or 'Ban Royal Commissions' do not appear, because they are not relevant... probably not the best example, but I'm doing my best. :D

    Banning motorcycles is as relevant as banning cars because a few 'youths' do illegal street races in Frankston. :?
  15. i know we're in the limelight here, but of these 'rogue' riders, how many have stacked and caused great injury to themselves or others? i know, they've broken the law, and some of the quite stupidly, but how many of them have actually done any real damage?

    the thing they're not looking at, is that this crap represents a pretty minor percentage of how motorcyclists are hurt/killed. i mean they can say that we have a very high crash rate for our group, but then 60% (pretty sure it was around this) of accidents involving bikes are not the riders fault! and this number doesn't even include instances where a driver has caused an accident without it registering, thats considered a single vehicle accident and put down as the riders own fault :?

    biatch, whine, moan, carry on about how we are a danger to ourselves and society but heaven forbid mentioning the REAL goddam problems. YES, there are dickhead riders out there, but i think that the car community has a percentage of them just as high, PLUS a much higher percentage of unobservant, obnoxious, apathetic farkheads that cause more accidents than hoons to boot.

    Driver/rider education IS a valid argument on the poll, cos it addresses the very real dangers that average, everyday riders face, not just the weekend racers. buuuuuut like we'll ever see that happen, most drivers spend way too much time with their heads up their own arses to agree that it might be beneficial to society......

    edit: just remembered the wheelie in the city stack, still doesn't change my argument tho.....
  16. Nope! Please feel free to explain to me how educate drivers is valid with the regard to the question of "What should be done about speeding motorbikes?" What exactly are we supposed to educate 'them' about in regards to this question?

  17. Using that same logic that the "knee jerkers" would use , we should ban Frankston...... :wink:

    cheers Michael

    P.S. education is the only possible way .
  18. Exactly - it is not a valid argument (perhaps we are to teach them that when lights get really close quickly they should move over???).

    If the question was "What should be done to reduce the motorcycle road toll?" then educating drivers would be relevant. We are not talking about riders in general - we are talking about speeding riders.
  19. Of course it doesn't. I'm looking at this purely in terms of spin.

    I'd rather see a poll result that presents driver education as a more effective solution than mandatory speed inhibitors, or limits on the use of more powerful bikes (which we have already, of course).
  20. <click> theres my vote :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: