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The Age: Helmetless biker flung 80m

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Trumpy, May 18, 2006.

  1. Idiots like this...

    Deserve what they get.

    A LEARNER motorcyclist without a helmet has survived a crash in Victoria that catapulted him 80 metre through the air, police said.

    The police spotted the 19 year-old from Geelong on his bike at an intersection but not wearing a helmet about 2.30am (AEST) today.
    When the police approached, asking him to pull over, he refused, made a quick turn and took off at high speed.

    Police did not pursue him and later found that he had crashed his motorcycle in Bell Post Hill, a Geelong suburb, about 5km from where he was first spotted.

    "It appears that his motorcycle collided with a steel railing on the side of the road, catapulting him 80 metres," a police spokeswoman said.

    The teenager, who suffered a serious leg injury and a minor head injury, was taken to Geelong Hospital.

    Police said he was riding a 600cc motorcycle. Learner riders cannot ride a motorcycle with an engine capacity greater than 260cc.
    Police are investigating, and expect to lay charges.

    from News.com.au
  2. he just lucky he didnt died...
  3. I also feel he's lucky he didn't died...
  4. Re: Idiots like this...

    I prefer "give us all a bad name".

    Why? I really don't worry / care about riders who I don't know and who are obviously being an idiot nor do I worry about what happens to them . However, I do worry about the impacts it will have on me and my riding (this sort of story can be used to paint all motorcyclists as hooligans). Even if this rider didn't crash / injure him(her?)self all of our reputations would be blackened just that little bit more.

    I know some will think that is harsh, but oh well.
  5. Helmetless biker flung 80m
    By Vanessa Burrow
    May 18, 2006 - 8:05AM

    A learner motorcyclist who was not wearing a helmet is lucky to be alive after he was thrown 80 metres after losing control of his bike near Geelong overnight.

    The 19-year-old Geelong man was signalled by police to pull over at the corner of Anakie and Ballarat Roads about 2.30am but did not stop.

    Because he was travelling at high speed, police decided not to pursue.

    But soon afterwards police came across the bike after an apparent collision with a steel railing at the intersection of Anakie Road and Braund Avenue. The rider had been thrown 80 metres, suffering a serious leg injury and a minor head injury.

    The man was believed to have been riding a 600cc motorcycle, even though the engine capacity limit for learner drivers is 260cc.

    Paramedics took the man to Geelong Hospital.

    Police said charges were pending.

  6. minor head injuries? that must be because his head is made of concrete!

    who the f rides without a helmet?

    darwinism in practise
  7. What a moron :shock: Gee there is some stupid fcukers out there.
  8. :jerk: not a smart fella by the sounds of it, thats just stupid! :mad:
  9. Doen't do our rep much good though. You wonder what it takes to get thru.
  10. He deserved it...
  11. darwins law at work... its not pretty but effective.
  12. what a tosser, cops even stopped pursuing! and he still fcuked it, definately darwinism in full swing! pity the end result did not come of, it would have been a finalist!
  13. Hmmm.......Hopefully to**ers like this stay off our roads and never ride again - I mean really, who the F rides with no helmet??

    Just another "good news" story for the media to hack at and increase the negativity that motorisits generally have towards motorcycle riders, like us good folk.

    Ride safely - RR
  14. Lucky to be alive, where the hell did my post go?...
  15. ahh to be 19 again :LOL:
  16. 80metres! OK, no helmet, but he's not the first to be guilty of that. But how many manage to launch themselves 80metres and survive? Am I right in thinking that's about 3 cricket pitches?

    Top effort. And proof that Darwin's law is fickle.
  17. Lucky he wasn't riding a pocket bike in a bunnings car park then.
  18. yeah fcuk 80 meters is a good jump! cannot have been airborne for all of it!
  19. fiew days ago I found my self in a company of a Original Triumph owner.... some thing from the 70's... any how after a chat he jumped on his bike... and put on an original Helmet FROM the 70's that thing was older than ME!!

    Any way my point... regularly change your helmet 4-5years less if you ware it every day!! 30yo helmet = no helmet at all!