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The Age: Biker critical after police chase

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, May 19, 2006.

  1. Biker critical after police chase
    By Dan Harrison, Vanessa Burrow
    May 18, 2006 - 4:14PM

    A man is in a critical condition in hospital after colliding with a truck while trying to evade police.

    The incident occurred after police tried to stop two motorcyclists on Forster Street, Norlane, near Geelong, about 11am, said police spokesman Senior Constable Michael Henry.

    One successfully avoided police, but the other, a 25-year-old man from Corio, collided with a southbound truck on the Princes Highway.

    Senior Constable Henry said there had been no police pursuit.

    A spokesman for Rural Ambulance Victoria said the man received serious head injuries and had been taken to Geelong Hospital.

    This afternoon he was airlifted to the Alfred Hospital. A hospital spokesman said the man's condition was critical but stable.

    The 47-year-old truck driver, from Geelong, was not hurt.

    The Major Collisions Investigation Unit is investigating.

    Police believe several vehicles were stopped at the intersection of Forster Street and the Princes Highway at the time of the incident. They are appealing for the occupants of these vehicles and the second motorcyclist to come forward.

    Witnesses are urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
  2. I'm not quite sure what to make of the whole story...
    There was no chase, but the riders were attempting to evade the police?

    Also... this ones a bit of a pearler...

    ... like a fly on an elephants backside.
  3. Seems easy to understand to me:

    Police try to pull him over, he decides to kick it down a gear or two and takes off at speed. Cops got the rego and decide to visit his place later instead of chasing. Rider crashes.

    Who's to blame?
  4. either that or the police were just "following" without lights/sirens hence no pursuit?
    Used to hear that alot on the police scanner in NSW but they seem to have cracked down on it. Police were being told to stop pursuits over the radio, so they turn the sirens off and "follow" the vehicle instead of pursuing it, keeping it "in sight"
  5. Or maybe the guy had something to hide, saw a police car and that spooked him enough to take off in a hurry? Kind of like that teenager on a bike who impaled himself on a fence in Redfern a couple of years ago... There was a bit of argument whether the cops chased him or not, and a bit of 'public outcry'. But the whole local community knew perfectly well he was a piece of shit. If the cops didn't actually chase him on that day, they should have.
  6. what is it with geelong riders this week??
  7. could be something in the water that make bikers go a little nuts when the sun goes down.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Not a good week at all. This morning there was something on the news about a "serious accident involving a motorcycle and a car" on the outskirts of Geelong :(
  9. That's the mail I've received about this one from my contacts down Geelong way, he did a runner & the thin blue line was following at a distance when he came unstuck.

    Although not mentioned in the press release I believe there was also a lack of helmet involved in this and possibly the reason for the Police attention & the reason for the runner :roll:

  10. if this is true then in my opinion it is the riders fault.

    dont get me wrong i love to play go fast and (try to) pull wheelies(not that these activities were mentioned) but we gotta take it easy out there guys and take responsibility for our actions

  11. I too read this week that THE RIDER WAS WEARING NO HELMET!!

    FFS! what an effwit!

    He gets no sympathy from me.
  12. The above article also fails to mention that he only held a learners permit, and was riding a 600cc bike. Gotta love the media!
  13. uh no i believe that was a seperate incident, where the guy only recieved minor head injuries, serious leg injuries, crashed into a concrete barrier, and was released from hospital friday.
  14. My err, too many accidents dwon Geelong way to keep up!
  15. Nah, same one Es.

    My spies also tell me that if he hadn't hit some wheelie bins after he fell off he would've been in bigger problems :roll: