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The Age article on sharing the road

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nous, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Today's cover story in the Drive section of The Age, with motorbike-related content highlighted.

    Couldn't find a link, so posted all 2,110-words. PM me if you'd like a PDF.

    This should be relevant to some current threads in this section re: cyclists, competing for roadspace and maintaining visibility.

    That, "What driver has not sighed in frustration as... a motorbike suddenly appears out of the blind spot?" sentence pissed me off on first read. But apart from the intro, the rest is a quick summary on the issues of road sharing and space delegation.

  2. "It's fine if they take their motors off"

    Motors have nothing to do with it, 99% of motorcyclists are very bicycle-aware and respect their right of way when using bike lanes. We're not asking to be able to overtake them in a bike lane or use that space at 60kmh - I can't see any good reason why we're prevented from doing this.
  3. After a VERY quick read through...30km/hr seems a bit tight with regard to travel in bike lanes. I do however like the idea of a "boxed lane" allowing bikes to get to the front of the lights without removing any mirrors. Not sure if trucks can be removed from any CBD though. All in all it is good to see some people are at least thinking about the non-cager (ie motorcycles and cycles) forms of transport and the various upgrade options available to cater for such.

    I will re-read the artical when I have time.

  4. interesting article... I think it nicely puts each groups view on the table, which is a refreshing change to some stinking editorial about this or that group...

    I would love to see safety boxes for motorbikes at every intersection, that would be great, I've seen one or two and they are a great idea.

    Nothing should be allowed to share with pedistrians. Pedistrians are too erractic and all vehicles are too fast and or heavy..

    Motorbikes and bicycles really shouldn't play in the same lanes. the speed and weight just make them too different. If the lanes are as wide as a regular car lane it might be fine but they don't sound that wide.

    getting rid of parked cars on some of those roads sounds like a great idea, but which large building/block are you going to level to build the new parking lot?

    thanks for posting, thats a good read
  5. Seemed like a fairly balanced article overall, from the authors point of view. We got the usual hysterical propaganda from Scruby, and the usual defensive attitude from Barber, but that's nothing new.
    Just to add some spice - heard on the radio this morning that some consultants to Vicroads are pushing for the lowering of all (that's ALL!) metropolitan speed limits to 30kmh! :shock:
    That's gonna cost a fortune, retrofitting speedos to bicycles!
  6. Love the idea of motorcycle lanes and safety boxes for filtering. Alot of other countries have them, so why not us. As for the 30kmh limit, I'd guess that would be because this person is talking about the lanes in reference to being as small as bike lanes are at the moment, so we'd only be using the lanes for filtering I guess. But fuller sized, full speed limit lanes should be there too..
  7. i hate scruby, that is all. rest of the article is very good.
  8. Scruby is an interesting chap. Apparently the entire "Pedestrian Council of Australia" comprises Harold Scruby and his fax machine.

    Still, you'd have to agree, he has the perfect name for a stuffy, cantankerous old misanthrope. I like to think he looks like this bloke:

  9. Nup if speeds are kept to a reasonable level then I see no issues at all with us sharing the bike lane, from a cyclists perspective. But it aint ever gunna happen. :mad:

    I reckon we should be allowed to use the tram tracks to scoot around traffic, I already do and its quicker than the bike lanes and safer, except for the slippery tracks in winter :shock: :shock:
  10. and yet while vicroads wants everyone to share the road, they happily admit that they create congestion to slow everyone down and make them so frustrated that they won't share the road with anyone.
  11. arn't drivers and riders allowed to use the tram lanes? obviously the trams have right of way, but I thought we could use them... or is this just an 'ignored violation'?
  12. i thought it depended on the yellow line marking

    solid = no go
    dash = can go but give way to tram
  13. Realistically you would only be using the bicycle lanes when the car/truck traffic is at a stand still so 30km/h would be reasonable as you queue jump along.

    As for the so called "European Bicycle Lanes" which are located between the parked cars & the kerb I can see lots of cyclists hitting passenger doors. At least a driver can use thier mirror to see what's coming up behind them but the passenger side of the vehicle doesn't have that option so how will they see a cycle barrelling down the cycle lane between then & the kerb??
  14. Spot on.
  15. Scruby is the world's most irrelevant human being. A toilet cleaner in a village in Pakistan has more relavance to the world than he does. After years of whining about the Australian flag, with not one single soul taking any notice, he is now the self-appointed spokesman for pedestrians. No pedestrian asked him to be, and no pedesrians care about him. But such is the power of the enviro-press that any time anything vaguely related is in the news, some idiot asks for his opinion, and he gives it.....

    What a walloper; his website's banner is Walking-Class heroes!! :roll:.
  16. He's a thin version of that bloke. Lucky me used to work at a PR consultancy that had to push his propaganda.