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The Age - Article - 7 June - Motorcycle death toll climbs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by PGriz, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. I started a new thread in politics etc...but discovered this one so I'll move my comments here...

    Last week both Grant and I were approached by an Age reporter who was doing an indepth article on motorcycle safety and crashes.

    I can't speak for Grant, but I had a detailed phone conversation with him. I specifically brought up the growth in motorcycling and the fact that casualties had remained relatively steady which basically means that rather than decreasing they've declined when set against the amount of exposure.

    We also spoke about things like the levy and the fact that there is now no oversight of how it's spent since VMAC was abolished. We discussed the proposed parliamentary enquiry and how it's had nothing happen there - or with the new advisory body (which was supposed to have been running by now).

    I also sent him an email and gave him both Shaun Lennards and Prof Marcus Wigan's contact details.

    part of the email below.

    What we got was...

    full article
  2. Statistics need to be broken down even further..
    Need to show how many of those statistics is rider error or caused by other vehicles to see a definite trend..
  3. Article is pretty vague :(
  4. There's no point in talking to reporters. Nobody want's to publish a balanced news story any more - all they want is sensationalism. This is the kind of response I'd expect from the Hun. And TAC's preprogrammed response to anything is to blame somebody else.
  5. NOW do you understand what's going on? TAC are providing the story that THEY WANT PUBLISHED, and using their media spending (with Fairfax in this case) as the whip to make sure that their message is the only one published!
  6. I like the bit that said "and was for more than three years principal press secretary to two premiers of Victoria"
  7. What a piece of crap that article is. The only positive is the recognition that normal everyday riders are dying... which must have been made through gritted teeth since I'm sure he wanted to play the hoon card.

    The current motorcycle road toll in Vic is lower than last year. The number of motorcyclists in Victoria has doubled since 2000 and the number of fatalities has remained broadly the same which means a real terms reduction. It's high time the press started giving the big picture truth about motorcycling statistics. Marginalising a legitimate road user which has demonstrably positive benefits for the roads, congestion, environment and tax dollars, is myopic and counter productive.
  8. TonyE, why dont you email a link to this thread to him, see if you get any feedback?
  9. They already monitor these forums, they know how we feel about them, they don't give a flying fuck what we think
  10. Over the last ten years or so young rider fatalities have decreased as a proportion of all rider fatalities (in Victoria), so you can see where this kind of conclusion comes from.

    But I don't agree that it is due to older returning riders with limited skills. The reason is simpler: there are proportionately less young riders than there were ten years ago. It makes little sense to come up with the TACs conclusion based on fatality figures alone, since it ignores the changes in the underlying age population of riders.
  11. I've sent the age a letter.
  12. This means someone high up in government has orchestrated a negative publicity campaign to make motorcycles look dangerous.

    I don't understand why? I'm really struggling with why a government would want to get rid of motorcycles. Why do governments see motorcycles as such a bad thing?
  13. Because motorcyclists are (generally) independant and the Poli's cant stand to see people having fun just getting to work, when they should be stuck in gridlock like every other idiot in peakhour..
    Some of them may even think we need looking after for our own sake, after all if we had a decent amount of self preservation instinct, we wouldnt be on a noisy nasty motorbike, we'd be wrapped up tight in a tincan.
    Poli's may want to rule wisely, but they Want to rule. So sometimes they screw with people for no other reason than because they can.
  14. I'm not going quite that far. I'm saying people high up in TAC have taken it upon themselves to do this. I think it's a money thing. Fewer motorcyclists mean fewer payouts for TAC,
    We know for certain that they are pushing an exposure reduction agenda - they've as good as said so in the recent past.
  15. Good question E2W.

    No one dies in gridlock. That's a very safe speed... motorcycling is a solution to grid lock... which implies speed.

    The fastest growing sector of road transport is the PTW... even with recent down turns. This means more people motorcycling and given Australia's pathetic driver licencing scheme, quite possibly an increasing injury rate with two vehicle collisions.

    Motorcycling is already in the cross hair by the Department of Infrastructure statiticians and also in the National Road safety strategy. The statiticians argue that the last NRSS target wasn't met because of the popularity of motorcycling and the number of fatalities. The current NRSS has a less ambitious target but they want to manage the PTW aspect a lot harder this time.

    Myopia is driving departments to control the roads and make them safer - primarily by making cars less injurious and less crashable - congestion and health issues be damned.
  16. As someone (like most here) who rides & drives it always amazes me how on one hand motorcyclists are given such a bad rap, yet we are told how bad polution & road congestion are. If you drive/ride down a busy freeway, etc it is one car after another with ONE person in it. If more people rode instead of driving we would solve 2 problems at once......just a thought.
  17. Can anyone name names of the people in the government bodies that are anti bike? Who are the people driving the anti bike message? Is there one particular manager or press officer who pushes this message. Who is it that contacted Ian Munro and said "do us a favour mate, publish this for me"