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The Adventures of RoadKill - the not so flying Squirrel

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GeorgeO, Jun 26, 2016.

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    As mentioned in some other threads - went for a brisk 0.6 degree 'winter' ride with 69SIM69SIM, SibiSibi, MarmiteMarmite, GigittGigitt and Andrew WestAndrew West (who was not wearing his new jacket....:mad:). Started out at Pips Place (North Richmond), via Blaxland Ridge to Putty, Lower Sackville Ferry to Old Northern Road and on to Glenorie Bakery.

    Saw some interesting roadkill along the way - thanks to SibiSibi

    "She killed it"

    We could not just leave the poor old flying squirrel there. Tried to resus the poor bugger and managed to rescue him. He looks way more happy on an MV. I think you will agree. His condition improved noticeably when he felt the Italian leather against his skin. I saw him eyeing the Duke.


    A bit of sun even did him good. He looks way more happy here


    This pepped him up quite quickly and he was soon off exploring. Even managing to find the BIG PIE of Origin (I think he's trying to impress you ValvolineValvoline )


    I have an idea he'll be sticking around from now on. Here he is inspecting my rear Rosso II for adhesion. Damn they sure don't like the cold.


    He looks rather keen to come along....


    Who knows where he will pop up next?
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  2. A suitable mascot if there ever was one :D
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    Bloody P platers need to watch where their going!
    Looking forward to more adventures from RTNSFS
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  4. That's a fair bit of serendipity meeting a new mascot like that, GeorgeGeorge. :] I look forward to seeing him here and there from now on! =D
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  5. I'll set the RSPCA on you guys for killing innocent furries!!!

    How could you!? :mad::p

    Awesome day guys! :)
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  6. a ride mascot, great idea
  7. *No humans where injured in the making of this thread*
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  8. so does the newest NR carry the mascot?

    what are the mascot rules?
  9. We will have to have a get together to discuss the rules. There might be many.
  10. Im going to steal the mascot
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  11. Looks more like a beaver to me ...... just saying is all :whistle:
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  12. One does not simply 'steal' the mascot.

    The Mascot steals you....
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  13. Still upset about the jacket are we?
  14. :cry::cry: That beautiful jacket. Still looks like a beaver ;)
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  15. a round of coffees for the right to carry the mascot
  16. image.
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  17. Solid gold thread, folks!!!!!
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  18. So chilliman64chilliman64 - been giving the mascot rules some thought

    Here's a starting list

    1. RoadKill can only be handed over during a Netrider ride.
    2. A Netrider ride means more than one Netrider is present for the whole duration of the ride (ie a Carrier and eligible Recipient)
    3. You cannot hand RoadKill over to the same person that gave it to you.
    4. If there is more than one eligible Recipient, the oracle of all things is to be consulted to decide (Magic 8 Ball, Magic eight ball, Magic Ball, Magic Ball 8: get answers - simply type in the question "Should I hand RoadKill over to ........". Names cycled in reverse alphabetic order - first to receive YES wins).
    5. A picture to be taken upon handover.
    6. The new Carrier has to post this picture up immediately in this thread to confirm that he now has it.
    7. RoadKill HAS to accompany the Carrier on all rides, with multiple pictures, untill hand over to a new Recipient.

    Have I missed anything?
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  19. Well you'll need some system to deal with the aftermath of his theft by me. Maybe implement that in your "rules" :p
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  20. #20 chilliman64, Jun 28, 2016
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    mate I think that is pretty good. if I may suggest a few other mascot rules:

    8. at stops the mascot (aka 'Roadkill') must accompany the host/bearer until riding resumes, that is, Roadkill must not be left tethered to a m/cycle or held in a confined space at stops;
    9. roadkill may be handled by other NR members but must be returned to the host prior to departure (not sure if non-Netriders should have physical contact);
    10. all group pics taken on official NR rides must include Roadkill;
    11. suggest the host is also the ride leader for the day or their delegate (if the delegate is the mascot escort for the day then the host/ride leader must retain control of Roadkill at the end of the ride);
    12. Roadkill may travel in a saddlebag, pannier, backpack, pocket or as a fixture on the leader's m/cycle.
    13. any all mascot rules may be overridden ad hoc by majority vote on 'the ride' (only Netrider members may vote) - only the host/leader may call a vote.

    I could go on and on but I won't. maybe we could have a quick vote/virtual show of hands.

    the carrying of a mascot is not something to be taken lightly and to be treated respectfully at all times, like the national flag. penalties should exist for mascot abuse, injury or (gasp) loss!

    it would be nice if we could somehow get a little NR tshirt or something for the little fella!

    edit: spelling
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